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Lamar Odom Says Eff The Lakers (Maybe...)

In a world where Lamar Odom was going to be paid over $8MM/year with the Los Angeles Lakers for the next 4 years and potentially be a key role player to a dynasty, Lamar could potentially be doing something that I would say no one sees coming.

Lamar Odom is stepping up to the plate, and wants to LEAD a team on a run to a championship. Lamar Odom just might, want to become a great player in this league.

Is this not the only reason why he would shun the Lakers' repeated offers to come back to the Lake Show and be a cog in the machine, Odom could potentially be the engine along DWade and Beasley in Miami. He instantly is slotted at the 4, and now become very formidable, with a flexible offense and a pretty good defensive unit with Jermaine O'Neal potentially anchoring the frontline. Now, do I believe that this team could win the East? Without a shadow of a doubt, no. However, they do become much improved and with O'Neal coming off the books, and potentially resigning DWade, they could be a factor in the next 2-4 years.

However, its got to be interesting to think what Lamar is leaving behind in L.A., where the stable is full, and Lamar would be probably the 4th option on the team. In all honesty, his role would be minimized, because there will also need to be flex-time for the gradual improvement of Andrew Bynum. I think we've all seen an unmotivated Odom in the past and the results have been very subpar, and I think Lamar recognizes this, he wants to be a lead dog now. He's learned how to do it playing under Phil and Kobe, and wants to shine some light on himself. Plus, if he plays well, he could probably get one more decent contract in 2013. If he stays in L.A., the money might come up a bit short.

The Lakers are in trouble if Odom doesn't sign with them. They will win the West, no doubt, but Boston, Cleveland, Orlando, and now maybe even Miami are going to be a problem for them in the Finals. Odom was the toughest low-post guy on their team, and now he could be back on the East coast. We'll see...




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