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Mark Buehrle, You Are THE Man

Ok, when Obama starts calling you from Air Force One to tell you congratulations...you've officially made it.

As stated in my last baseball post, I vowed to start paying more attention to the game, and right on time, I get a chance to see the 18th perfect game in MLB history. I tried to find an equivalent to a perfect game for basketball or football, but there’s nothing else that comes close to it. I’m sitting here looking at Mark Buehrle’s stats for the year, and he actually looks pretty solid. Then again, I haven’t actually seen him at length before today, so maybe Antone or The Rev can let me know how nice dude really is. One of the first ones to give him his props was President Obama, and since we all know he’s a true die-hard Sox fan, I got to admit that was pretty damn cool. Buehrle said his last no-hitter cost him some watches for everyone, and after Dewayne Wise saved his ass in the bottom of the ninth, it may cost him a new car. Hey, I think Franck Muller watches are fly too (J.E.E.Z.Y. from The Inspiration), but after a catch like that…yeah, I think a car will do the trick.

So I must say yes, in my re-dedication to baseball, I have been witness to this masterpiece, as well as Manny Ramirez showing the world that, once again, he can do no wrong. He gets hit by a pitch on the hand one day, and comes back and hits a grand slam the next. On top of that, he didn’t even go to batting practice! On top of THAT, his “it aint like I raped or killed nobody” attitude about the whole PED case is classic. I’m sorry, but that just makes me love the dude even more, because he keeps it 100. Ahh yes, here’s to more baseball…

Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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