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We'll Be Back (Bradford, McCoy, Tebow)

**Today's article is from Blitz Magazine's Justin Haley, thanks and enjoy!**

The 2008-09 NCAA Football season had as many twists and turns as a VH1 reality show gone bad.

One of the most intriguing stories comes from this off-season with the nation’s top three Heisman candidates all staying for another year at their respective schools. 2008 Heisman Trophy winner Sam Bradford from Oklahoma, 2007’s winner Tim Tebow from Florida and last but not least, the Texas Longhorn gun slinger Colt McCoy.

The battle for the Heisman was one of the closest races the NCAA has seen in years; all three candidates had great years. With projections of all three being NFL-bound, one could pose the question of, “Why did they stay?”

McCoy - Since the beginning of this season in October, McCoy stated he’d like to stay next year in Austin, Texas. Frankly out of all three, he may have the best chance at being the top NFL prospect due to his huge arm. NFL scouts love quarterbacks who can throw the long ball. Staying in college was the best fit for him to sharpen his accuracy and run through his progressions as a pocket passer in order to get to the next level. McCoy may also have a chip on his shoulder feeling as if he may have been slighted this year for the Heisman. McCoy also wants to get a shot at the BCS National Championship, a task that both his peers have conquered. Expect him to be hungry for next year.

Bradford - At 6’4” with a calm collectiveness and accuracy to put a football to a receiver’s breadbasket, Sam Bradford had NFL scouts drooling this season. Bradford played in a pro-style hurry up offense and read defenses easier than a Dr. Seuss book, which is why he could have been heralded as the number one draft pick. The Florida Gator defense exposed him in his final game. It made scouts wonder if he couldn’t handle the pressure without a good offensive line protecting Bradford. Honestly, his O-Line kept him off his back all year until the loss to the Gators. While Bradford has the Heisman hardware for this year, he’d rather have the crystal football. Expect him to want to end his career holding a National Championship.

Tebow - This man quite possibly could finish his NCAA career as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game. He’s got all the heart in the world and the will to make anyone a believer, however, scouts believe that even with all his credentials, he’s the worst pick out of the three to become great in the next level. He doesn’t have the arm of McCoy, or the accuracy of Bradford but Tebow’s got intangibles. Who holds a press conference and promises to the world no one will play harder than himself and his team until the end of the season? Tebow. With his arm or legs, he can win any game he puts his heart, mind and soul into. Although he didn’t play in a pro-style setting, he has accuracy, mobility and size. Tebow should have left to play in the NFL to prove doubters wrong, however Florida is glad to have him back to defend their title. This year, he should prove everyone he can stay calm in the pocket and deliver so teams won’t shy away from Tebow come 2010.

All three of these quarterbacks have great potential to be special in the league. I believe their draft stock can’t drop significantly unless the unforeseeable happens. These three have solidified their slots in the NFL with their attributes and acclamations.

We’ll just have to settle for them on Saturdays, but be sure Sundays are right around the corner for all of these men.




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