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All hail the gunslinger...

As we all know, yesterday marked the return to football of The Legendary Brett Favre. If anyone knows Ed, whether it’s on the Twitter, Facebook, or a personal level, whenever he talks about sports, the last thing person he wants to hear about is Brett Favre. As a matter of fact, Ed wrote a post last year called Sports Topics That Make Ed the Sports Fan Mad, and the overwhelming pick was Brett Favre. With that being said, I challenged Ed to write this story, especially since I love Favre, and if I do it, it wouldn’t be nearly as much a challenge for me. After he spewed a relentless barrage of profanity in my direction, he refused, so I (Ken) am writing the story (note from Ed - Ed doesn't hate Brett Favre, not at all. Ed just hates the ongoing media madness of Brett Favre. #4 killed about 38,000 brain cells of wasted thought for contemplating when/if he returned to the league, twice! He's here and its over, praise God.) With that being said…

…all hail Brett Favre.

I mean, really? Outside of Michael Strahan, I don’t know any other player who could pull off not going to training camp, and be given a starting spot right away. Now even I, as a staunch supporter of Favre, admit the way this has played out is beyond ridiculous, but why be mad at him? He knows he has more juice than Q from Juice ever had, so he’s just doing what he’s earned the right to do.

If anything, get mad at the Minnesota Vikings organization for courting this man so hard. It looks like his new teammates have wanted the man as well, because they know how close they are to winning a Super Bowl, so they don’t mind doing whatever is necessary to accomplish their goal.

On top of that, let’s be real here: Tarvaris Jackson is not the answer, at least not right now. Anyone who has watched the Vikings offense knows this. He makes poor decisions, throws the ball to the other team, and when he isn’t doing that, he can’t hold onto the damn thing, as evidenced by his ever-increasing case of fumble-itis. I want him to do well, but the Vikings are trying to WIN NOW.

Granted, they did sign Sage Rosenfels, and he hasn’t been given an opportunity to prove himself to the Vikings, but…it’s Sage Rosenfels for God sake! Who the hell is he?!?! If anyone is truly pissed that he wasn’t given an opportunity to show what he’s got, just look at some highlights from the Texans last year, and that will give you a good indication of what he’s made of. He might be good, but he aint no Favre, and that’s exactly why the Vikings made this move.

Minnesota was already the best team in the division anyway, and as long as Favre doesn’t make too many bone-head decisions, they should be able to remain right there. Detroit sucks, Chicago is rebuilding, and Green Bay is still very suspect. I still don’t see the Vikings coming out of the NFC, unless a lot of factors (circa Seattle Seahawks run a few years ago) fall into place.

With that said, they are better today than they were yesterday, and that is the most important thing. They have one of the best running backs in football, a monster defensive line, a solid offensive line, and now, at his absolute worst, a serviceable quarterback. After the signing of Vick last week, Favre going to the Vikings today, along with my anticipation for football season, I’m now looking into getting Sunday Ticket at the house. I don’t wanna miss a thing this year.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda


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