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The Big Red Machine Needs A Tuneup

**Quick Note: This is part 4 of the week-long series that covers the forgotten powerhouses of college football. On Monday, we covered the "Da U" aka the Miami Hurricanes, Tuesday we covered "Big Blue" aka Michigan, Wednesday's story was on Florida State. Today its Nebraska's turn. Stay tuned for the finale Friday as the fallen powerhouses keep on coming. -Ed.**

I can remember a day when the Oklahoma Sooners were not that good. Actually, I can remember a day when they were horrible. Even more fondly, I can remember when Texas wasn't good either. Back in the 90's with the end of the Big 8 conference and the formulation of the new Big 12 conference, no one was more dominant than the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

When you think about Nebraska, you obviously remember great running quarterbacks and, the option offense, and the "Blackshirts" defense. Lets be perfectly clear about who and what Nebraska was, The Big Red Machine was THE dominant force in college football in the mid 90's. This current Florida Gators squad is battling Nebraska's history, as they are the last team to win back-to-back national championships. NU is also one of just two teams to win at least a share of the national title three times in a four-year span (1994, 1995, 1997).

The thing is, you probably don't remember how many raw players the 'Huskers have actually had...

From back in the early 80's with All-American QB Turner Gill, who alongside Heisman winner RB Mike Rozier and #1 draft pick WR Irving Fryar, led Nebraska to one of the most dynamic offenses in college football history.

To the fantastic runningbacks of the 90's, like the widely fascinating (for good and bad reasons) tailback Lawrence Phillips, to Ahman Green, and Correll Buckhalter.

Not forgetting some of the most dynamic quarterbacks to have ever lived. Tommie Frazier and Eric Crouch have been spoken on here at ETSF recently in the greatest QBs of the last 25 years. However, don't forget Scott Frost who led Nebraska to the '97 championship.

Of course, remembering the old school (which old school for me is anything that happened before I was born, which in this case is 1983) and you remember that Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, and 1972 Heisman trophy winner Johnny Rodgers.

Oh yeah, big time shoutout to my boys from the hometown (Lawton, Oklahoma) and hometown stars and pro-bowlers Will Shields and Mike Minter, who unfortunately had to go to Nebraska because Oklahoma was on probation in the mid 90's for doing lines of cocaine, not going to class, and having relations with felonious, salacious women. Good times in Norman! BOOMER SOONER!

Plus, current NFL stars Ahman Green, Correll Buckhalter, Mike Brown, Barrett Ruud, Kyle Vanden Bosch, and Fabian Washington are still holding it down for Nebraska, however...with the desire to go to a spread offense and come like everyone else in the Big 12, and the blackshirts turning into forms of grey, yellow, and orangeshirts, or any color that would resemble soft...can Nebraska be good anymore? They are in Nebraska for goodness' sakes, who wants to go to Lincoln for fun? As an Oklahoma fan, they need to be good enough to face us in the Big 12 championship, no offense to Missouri, but that's Nebraska game. However, Nebraska should still lose to Oklahoma every single time.



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