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Eagle #7 Has Landed in Philadelphia

Being a sports fan is really strange sometimes...

I was listening to something on ESPN the other day, and the thing about sports is sometimes you really hate the players that play sports. You'll always love sports, but sometimes you hate the players because of the way some of the athletes act above the law, above the fans, and above any type of standard.

However, its not their fault. Its ours.

So for the life of me, I can't understand why I felt kinda bogus for Donte Stallworth for getting suspended for one whole year for hitting a pedestrian while intoxicated. With more of the evidence coming out, and the way that Stallworth handled the situation, I didn't think he'd get a whole year. However, do that same thing in your regular job and see what happens.

Just as in the case of Stallworth, I felt the exact opposite form of emotion when I heard that yesterday evening Michael Vick signed a two year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. I can tell you that I was just finishing up my kickball game (we won 15-3, yessir) and was headed to get some food and drinks, and all of the sudden my phone just started going off..."VICK GOT SIGNED!!!" "McNABB to VICK!!" "EFF PHILLY BUT GO VICK!!" (Cowboys fans) "REDEMPTION IS IN PHILLY!!"

I myself, was totally elated. I mean mad scientist thoughts started creeping in my head...could you imagine the Wildcat offense with Michael Vick?

For example...you have Donovan McNabb at QB, Brian Westbrook at RB, DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Jeremy Maclin, and Mike Vick at WR. McNabb puts Vick in motion, playactions to Westbrook, Gives it to Vick on an end around...yet he looks up to pass!!?!? He's got Jackson & Curtis downfield, he's got Westbrook and Maclin streaking over the middle, & McNabb's in the flat (who could run or throw again) & you got one of the fastest men in football with a cannon arm...what the hell do you do?

Pray, that's what you do...pray.

The real football fact of the matter is this, Vick might've landed in one of the few "perfect" situations in the NFL. Philly's got a ton of veterans, a great front office, and a coach who has dealt with some heinous situations in the past as well. (see his kids, and T.O.) Really, I'm mad that I didn't see this coming to some degree. He knows the offense, knows some folks on the squad, and most importantly...there are no real expectations for him when he comes onboard. The simple fact that he didn't even have to work out for Andy Reid tells you how much they believe in Vick.

How is this going to play out? I have no idea. I do know this, Vick is going to put away any other relevant news that's out there. That means less of the "death panels" and Obama's health care plans. (Which is a good thing) Just realize that I never want to encourage anything that Vick did, hell...I don't want to encourage what about half of all athletes do, because I don't want to come off contradictory. I just want you to love sports, love football, and love what competition can do...it can bring out the best of us, and sometimes the worst of us.



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