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Four-Point Play: Training Camp Edition

**Quick note - if some of you didn't know, Kenny Masenda is the other contributor to this thing we call ETSF, he's currently at the Dallas Cowboys' training camp in San Antonio and will be reporting key insights from camp. Without further ado, here's the Four-Point Play.**

ONE - Why The *bleep* is Michael Vick STILL Without a Team?

Some people are not surprised that Vick is without a team, but I’m certainly one of them. There are some teams that have come right out and said they’re not interested (shame on you, Dallas). Others talk about how he’s an exceptional athlete, and leave it at that. Here’s my thing; there are teams in dire need of depth at the QB position (I’m talking to you, Minnesota). Why haven’t they made the move? Are they waiting on #4 to change his mind? Sure he’s rusty, but once he gets that out, I’m sure it won’t be anytime before he’s back to being the Vick people love, and defenses are terrified of.

TWO - Has the T.O. Show Changed Your Perception of Terrell Owens?

I won’t lie; before this show, I strongly disliked (damn near hated) the mere sight of Terrell Owens. Yes, he’s an accomplished receiver and a hard-worker, but he’s also been a thorn in the ass of many a team (no need to reflect on his history), but after watching this last episode of the T.O. Show, it’s changed my opinion of the dude. Seeing his interaction with his grandmother and watching him finally have a “come to Jesus” talk with his old man gave me an understanding of why the dude is the way he is. I won’t lie; it hit close to home. It doesn’t excuse all of his foolery, but I definitely understand now.

THREE - Is Twitter The Devil or is the NFL Trippin’?

I (Ken) don’t have Twitter, despite the urging of my homeboys (I’m looking at you, Ed), but I see why people dig it so much. Besides, why do I need it when I can always go to Ed’s Twitter page, and live vicariously through him? Anyway, I’m seeing the league crack down on Twitter, fining Antonio Cromartie for using it, and even talking about outlawing Twitter during games. Is it REALLY that serious, or is this more proof the NFL really is the No Fun League? In my opinion, it’s more of the latter.

AND ONE - Which Player is Going to Come Back from the Dead This Season?

I’m going with one of my favorite players in the league: none other than Chad Ocho Cinco. He looks to be motivated more than ever this season, and has finally stopped worrying about things he can’t control. Not only is he going to have a monster season, he’s gonna be an All-Pro.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda

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