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Michael Vick Will Re-Revolutionize the Quarterback Position

If there’s one thing we take pride in at ETSF, it’s that we make a statement and stick by it. Granted, some of the statements and articles are pretty bold, but we honestly believe we know what we’re saying, even when it may seem like we have no idea what the hell we’re talking about. With that said, I’ve tossed around some scenarios and facts in my head and came to this startling revelation:

Michael Vick is still an athletic monster, and he will revolutionize the quarterback position in the NFL.

(Before people get angry and send hate mail, I’m simply saying he will change the position, not become the best that’s ever lived. He’ll be able to change how it’s viewed, and add another dimension to it, okay? Thanks).

Now here is what we do know. Vick went through three different systems while he was in Atlanta, and that my friends, is no cop-out. If you’re constantly trying to learn a new offense and new terminology, there isn’t much room to get a hold of something and master it, because it’s always changing. Now I won’t completely take all responsibility off of Vick. By his own admission, he was lazy. We also know he was trifling, because he would be the last one in, but the first one out. Simply put, he survived on being a freak-of-nature athlete, which is something we have seen plenty of athletes guilty of. Now that he’s in Philadelphia, that will change, which brings me to my next reason, The Great Donovan McNabb.

When Donovan McNabb came into the league, he was applauded by many, but also was criticized for relying too much on his athletic ability, aka running too much. It took some time, but after Andy Reid and the Philly staff got him to calm down, he became one of the top quarterbacks in all of football, and still is. McNabb is a great athlete, but he’ll probably even admit he’s nowhere near the athlete Vick is. People don’t accuse Vick of not being able to throw; they accuse him of having poor decision-making. In the past, if his primary targets weren’t open, then he’d be off to the races. I honestly think that can be reigned in, especially in the right situation, which I happen to think he is in. Besides that, it makes more sense for Vick to be able to have an example of someone who was once him: a great athlete and a good quarterback, who put in the work to become a great quarterback who can also use his great athleticism, when the situation arises. Hell, some folks get mad at Donovan for not running enough anymore, but it’s a good luxury to have.

Here’s my point: after taking all of the factors into consideration, this is the best fit for him. I still don’t know how they are going to fully use Vick, but what I do know is the Philadelphia Eagles are going to develop a quarterback. On top of that, I’m tired of seeing great athletes get to a certain level, and all of a sudden, they “aren’t skilled and competent” enough to be a quarterback. We could go all the way back to the high school level, when coaches put the best athletes under center, and tell them to go win a game. In high school, it’s so commonplace that it’s damn near the norm to put your best athlete at quarterback, and that’s just in Texas. If the kid is good enough, then he’ll go to college, and if he so happens to be the best athlete at that level, then he may be asked to do the same again, if he’s not converted to a wide receiver, or a defensive back first (insert Eric Crouch, Antwan Randle El, or any other collegiate athletic monster here). If he’s good enough to do THAT, then he may make the league, but since he’s not “prototypical,” then he can forget about being a quarterback (see Missouri’s Brad Smith; Tim Tebow remains to be seen). Michael Vick is lucky enough to be that one freak-of-nature athlete that came along, and may still have a chance to change the game. He’s in the perfect scenario to do so, and if he’s willing to flip the script and not fall into the old adage of “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” then he will indeed revolutionize the position.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda

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