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Oklahoma vs. Oklahoma State - The 2010 National Championship

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Ok, so as you know I'm a big time Oklahoma homer. Born and raised in the state my whole life. BOOMER SOONER is something you grow up with being raised in the Sooner State. However, most folks also understand that there is another school in the state of Oklahoma. No, I'm not talking about my alma mater Langston University (not this time at least) I'm talking about that school in Stillwater, THE (get everyone from Ohio State mad when you say THE in front of a school other than OSU) Oklahoma State Cowboys. They have maybe the best runningback in NFL history as a graduate (Barry Sanders, the best booster maybe in college football history (T. Boone Pickens, gave $165 million dollars of his own money to JUST the athletic program), and maybe the greatest post-game rant in sports history from Coach Mike "I'M A MAN, I'M 40!" Gundy.

I say all that to say that it is possible that the 2 best teams at the end of the season could be from the same state. In fact, you could argue that the best quarterback, runningback, wide receiver, and offensive lineman all come from Stillwater. OSU's QB Zac Robinson, RB Kendall Hunter, WR Dez Bryant, and OL Russell Okung are all 1st-round picks in the 2010 draft.

Of course, Oklahoma ain't no hoe either, QB Sam Bradford (HEISMAN!), RBs DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown, WRs Ryan Broyles and Adron Tennell, and OL Trent Williams are all going to be 1st day selections. Coach Bob Stoops is up for his ultimate test this year, and he's got a hell of a schedule to plow thru. BYU, Miami, Texas, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, and Nebraska are all huge.

So its conceivable that the two best teams come out of Oklahoma. What happens if Oklahoma and Oklahoma State go 11-0 and both beat Texas and remain undefeated when they meet up on November 28th? Forget USC, forget Florida, forget Ohio State...the national championship could just very well be, BEDLAM.


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