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The Weekend That Was (Bengals, NFC East, Using Kids as Autograph Bait)

Never underestimate the power of a kid when trying to acquire an autograph from an extremely fatigued pro football player.

See, there's a reason I'm called Ed The Sports "Fan" because trust me, as much as I think I know about sports and think that I should be an analyst, 5th member of Around The Horn, special guest on PTI, or just replace Chris Rose on The Best Damn Sports Show, Period...I'm still a fan at heart.

So when me and the boys went to the Cincinnati Bengals training camp this Saturday in Georgetown, Kentucky and I had a chance to get them autographs...you know your boy had to come up!

Don't mind the towel on my head, it was hot as hell outside and I was trying my best to imitate the Iron Shiek. Anyway, big shoutout to my boy @jeremyksmith and his son Ameer for riding with us to camp. Who knew Ameer would be the bait for getting the Bengals to sign whatever we wanted.

So, while getting numerous autographs from the team (Roy Williams, Leon Hall, among others...plus big time shout out to Tom Nelson #43 of the Bengals for shouting out ETSF at camp. Hope he makes that final 53.) We realized that my dude Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson don't have time to do autographs. Not in a bad way, just that he literally had about 6,000 folks lined up trying to get autographs and we saw parents trampling kids to get they "Who Dey" Beer from 1974 signed by him so that they could immediately go on EBay and sell it. So pretty much we saw #85 sprint across the field to the locker room once the horn went off. Ameer cashed in though, Roy gave little man an autograph even though I yelled BOOMER SOONER loud as hell and he didn't even turn and look. (Lame moment) However, we threw Ameer literally in his face, and he was like "Damn" and signed the paper for ya boy.

FACT: Always bring a cute kid with you to any sporting event as this will heighten your chances for autographs by 43,792%.

Moreover, we were able to score a brief interview with WR Andre Caldwell (get at him on twitter @Caldwell87, big ups to Zeke for the connect) and get his thoughts on camp, his performance in the black and orange scrimmage, and his "plans" for the evening.

ETSF - "What's up fam, how you feeling after the game?"

Andre Caldwell - "I'm cool, I'm just so tired though man."

ETSF - "Damn, yeah it is hot out here. How you think you did in the scrimmage."

Caldwell - "Did well, got 3 catches, made a couple of nice plays. Receivers holding it down. Tired as hell though."

ETSF - "That's whats up, what Coach got you all doing rest of the week?"

Caldwell - "Off Sunday, going in pads for a couple of days, then we travel down to play the Saints in our 1st preseason game."

ETSF - "Ok cool, well...any plans for tonight?"

Caldwell - "Yeah, we gonna cool out and then the receivers are going to get it in at Mixx (club here in Cincy) tonight. Hard Knocks gonna be there filming. Its going down."

So from that brief interview I gathered the following: #1. Andre was tired as hell. #2. The "Receivers" must have a super tight knit relationship. Good sign. #3. Your boy Ed was definitely gonna be at Mixx trying to get on Hard Knocks. LOL

Anyway, so this was another stop on the "Shock The World" Tour coming to a city near you, where Kenny and I go to different sporting events around the world to encompass the true spirit of the fan. Earlier, Kenny brought us a recap of Cowboys camp down in San Antonio, and here's the youtube clip.

Big shoutouts to all the bloggers in the clip, because ETSF does appreciate yyou all because you all keep it 100. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh, by the way, did you all see UFC 101 on Saturday? If you ain't up on game with my dude Anderson "Spider" Silva than you need to get some new hobbies.

Also, just got some communication over the weekend to anyone who's gonna be in Chicago on Tuesday...ETSF has been given an opportunity to attend the exclusive Sprite Green Invitation to LeBron James' "More Than a Game" Screening. It’s anticipated that LeBron James will be in there to officially welcome everyone with a special introduction, so if you want to hang out with King James and drink some free Sprite Green, then I got 10 spots lined up for the readers. Click on this exclusive ETSF link to sign up.


Finally, while watching the first preseason game of the year last night, a very interesting conversation came up on Twitter while we watched the highs and lows of Vince Young on display against the Bills.

Who was the best college quarterback of our generation, that probably aren't the prototypical QB's for the NFL. We broke it down to 4 QB's, Tommie Frazier, Charlie Ward, Vince Young, and Tim Tebow. I personally think that the greatest QB performance of all-time might've came from Vince with his performance against USC, however I would say at this point that Tebow might be the best QB of our generation. Better than Tommie Frazier, better than Charlie Ward, and better than Vince Young. Trust me, this might be a post coming up soon...stay tuned.



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