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Clash of The Titans...Fantasy Football Edition

You have no idea the amount of collaboration that Kenny and I go through on a consistent basis to put some of the articles you read on ETSF. Truth be told, we probably wouldn't be where we are right now as a blog without Ken. That's real talk. However, let me make this perfectly clear, regardless of anything else that goes on from here on out, when we class on the fantasy football gridiron, I got 2 phrases for you...

"Hey Kenny, tell me how my @$ taste!"


"Yo Kenny, I'm really happy for you and everything, and I'm gonna let you finish, but Ed is truly one of the greatest fantasy football players of all time."

Ok, now that we got the trash talk out the way, I am fortunate enough to be matched up against Ken in our fantasy football league, "The ETSF Online Fantasy Football Challenge", as Ken's team "YOU CAN'T WHOOP ME" goes against my team "The Sooner State Lions." Here are the starting lineups as of Friday morning...

QB - Jay Cutler
RB - Fred Jackson
RB - Ahmad Bradshaw
WR - Larry Fitzgerald
WR - Steve Smith
WR - Davone Bess
TE - Heath Miller
K - Jeff Reed
DEF - Washington
Bench - Chris Chambers, Donovan McNabb (McRib), Martellus Bennett, Jonathan Stewart, Nate Washington, Kevin Boss

Goodness that's a monstrosity of a team. I mean, Cutler's throwing picks like Ryan Leaf did in San Diego, and although he has a good WR duo in Steve Smith and Larry Fitzgerald, he's leaning on two #2 running backs in his starting lineup.

Now let's check out Ed's lineup and see what he's working with.

QB - Philip Rivers
RB - Chris Johnson
RB - Clinton Portis
WR - Terrell Owens
WR - Devin Hester
WR - Derrick Mason
TE - Dallas Clark
K - Adam Vinatieri
DEF - Atlanta
Bench - Julius Jones, Mark Sanchez, Jerious Norwood, Issac Bruce, Ben Watson, Michael Bush

So with my squad, I definitely have strong players at QB, RB, and TE. However, can I really depend on T.O. Devin Hester, and Derrick Mason to consistently contribute for an entire season? I'm already thinking about trading them mofo's.

Ken and I have a wager on this game, we'll reveal it later on in the week. The question to you the reader is...WHO'S GONNA WIN? KEN OR ED?



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