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Leave Tony Romo Alone...

Yeah, I said it. Leave the man alone.

Now, its been made perfectly clear that if you've read this site enough times to know that Ed is not a fan of the Dallas Cowboys, at all. The simple reason is that of overkill, as in growing up in Oklahoma and all of your friends being Dallas Cowboys fans, its gets real old.

You know what else gets old? Hearing folks complain and whine about #9 on Dallas. Tony Romo should be considered a God-send to all Cowboys fans, because lets be perfectly clear about who Tony Romo is and where he came from....

He was an undrafted QB out of Eastern Illinois, a Division 1-AA school, in 2003 and didn't play until the middle of the '06 season while he was a 3rd or 4th string backup behind the likes of former Cowboys' quarterbacks such as Chad Hutchinson, Quincy Carter, Drew Henson, 58-year old Vinny Testaverde. Finally, at halftime of that fateful game against the New York Giants, Tony Romo secured the starting gig for the world's most famous football franchise.

What I'm trying to say here is this, understand what you really have here at QB. You have a diamond in the rough, someone like Romo hardly ever slips through the cracks nowadays, with recruiting services, youtube, and 7-10 scouts per college team and pro team. So give blessings to the scout who pegged Romo as a sleeper, Coach Parcells for the courage to put him on the field, and to Sean Payton (former offensive coordinator of Dallas) for getting him ready to perform on the center stage. Remember Sean Payton wanted to trade for Romo once he secured the Saints job, he offered a 3rd rounder, Jerry Jones said he wouldn't take less than a 2nd. Smart move Jerry.

So when I see the ridicule (Tony Dorsett) hate (Emmitt Smith) and utter arrogance (Troy Aikman) from former Cowboys legends talk about #9, I need them to all fall back for a second. If I was a Cowboys fan, I'd pray for a much more competent coach than who he has now (Wade Phillips). Think about who Dorsett played for (Tom Landry) or who Smith and Aikman played for (Jimmy Johnson) and realize that Romo's going against the grain on this one. You should've never let Parcells go. I blame the supposed wunderkind offensive coordinator in Jason Garrett and his dream to stretch the field. I understand why you would want to do that and Romo's damned good at it, but I see Romo make more mistakes forcing balls to players who aren't open. He does it too much. This team's best strength are its backs out the backfield (how about some screens for Barber/Jones/Choice) and receivers who would work better running slants and drags, because their o-line can't hold up for longer than 2-3 seconds.

Plus, I'm sorry, but the Cowboys' defense isn't that great either. They got some athletes, but other than DeMarcus Ware, I don't fear anyone on that D. Terrence Newman is not a #1 corner, been saying it for years, yet you all won't get him any help. You aren't the Patriots either, so stop bringing in old and crusty linebackers (Zach Thomas, Keith Brooking) and get some playmakers (passed on Rey Maualuga) or something.

Let me say this too, Cowboys fans...stop using Terrell Owens as a scapegoat for previous' seasons failures. Just stop. Look, Tony Romo is a really good QB, but take a step back for a second. The 'Boys are 1-1. They lost to the '07 Super Bowl Champions by a field goal. The Cowboys are relevant because of Romo, let's be clear. I'm gonna say it again, you all should've never let Parcells go. So Romo is your guy, and honestly I'm not sure he'll ever be great, but he can make great plays from time to time and is a top 7 QB in this league. Quit expecting him to be the next Roger Staubach and just let him be Tony Romo, otherwise you will all be mad, upset, and carrying ulcers while looking at him throw another interception forcing the ball into triple coverage on that Green Mile of a flat screen TV in Texas Stadium.




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