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Mike Singletary Is A Football Coach

Let it be known that I cannot stand the San Francisco 49ers; never have, never will. As a Cowboys fan, it’s not genetically possible for me to like them, and for years, I’ve wished nothing but despair upon them. Now though, that hate has been quelled, and it’s all because of one man. A man that has come in, taken a team with decent talent, but with a losing mentality, and has instilled a sense of pride and self-respect. That man is none other than Mike Singletary.

It would be easy to say Singletary is a real man, since he’s Texas Made (Houston, STAND UP), but it’s deeper than that. For whatever reason, it took an eternity for the man to finally get an opportunity to be a head coach in the league, and once he did, he instantly showed people why he was long overdue. In his first game, he sent Vernon Davis to the locker room in the second half, and launched a memorable and inspirational tirade that immediately became an instant classic.

Now that right there is a real man; that’s a real football coach. He charged Davis up, challenged his manhood, and what has Davis done in response? He caught a touchdown in the next game, and Singletary was right there to show him love. On top of that, Singletary made him a team captain this season. He has finally started showing the potential everyone talked about when he was drafted, and I honestly don’t know if it would have ever happened, had Singletary not charged his ass up.

The man has a sense of discipline and knows how to motivate and empower his players. The Niners are off to a great start this season, and were one Brett Favre comeback away from being undefeated, but even in that, Singletary finds ways to keep his squad motivated. After the loss, he made sure his players kept their heads up (courtesy of The San Francisco Chronicle):

"I don't want to see you looking at the floor! You didn't steal nothing! You didn't do anything wrong! We will see them again! In the playoffs! Hold your heads up! Don't you look down at the floor for nobody! You have nothing to be looking down at the floor about! Pick your heads up, put your shoulders back and let's rock!"

On top of that, I love the way he’s handling this whole Michael Crabtree foolishness. Anytime someone tries to bring it up, he shoots the nonsense down, and turns the focus back on his team. I’m honestly convinced that the day Crabtree decides to join the team, Singletary will break him down so bad, he’ll wish he was never born.

His team believes in him, and from what I’ve seen, the fans believe in the man as well. I never thought I would say this, but…I want the San Francisco 49ers to succeed. I honestly want them to win; of course, I’ll never, ever cheer for them, but I can’t hate them as long as Singletary is running the show. Earlier this season, I picked them to win the NFC West, and with this man calling the shots, it looks like they are well on their way.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda aka "Soul On Ice"


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