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Reality Check - Its Gonna Be Okay

I thought it couldn't get any worse for me, my Heisman trophy winning QB was down for the count. The #1 TE in college football was out for the season. The loss to a non-BCS school would just fan the waves of hate on Oklahoma like never before. Then, I had to realize something...

Its going to be okay.

Its some people across these United States of America who are down and out right now. I'm looking at you Ohio State fan and Notre Dame fan. There's no lower point that where we are at now. I'm looking at you Oklahoma State fan. Because at the end of the day sometimes a win is still a loss and a loss is...well, a loss. I'm looking at you Cincinnati Bengals and Denver Broncos fan. Take one thing from all of this, and I promise it will be okay.

Its a long, tumultuous season. Pick up your face, dust yourself off, go cry in car when no one sees you, and get back at it.

There were a lot of big wins this weekend, but I believe the losses that were assessed were even bigger. On the college side there was no bigger set of 2 games I can remember in a long time as ND-Michigan and USC-Ohio State, and for the Irish where do you go from here? In the span of seven days you went from Claussen for Heisman and ND making a run for a national championship to being out the Top 25. Its going to be okay, take away the fact that Notre Dame's offense looks really good, and the defense is improving. You weren't going to go undefeated anyway, go play hard and get 8-9 victories and build for 2010.

Ohio State...well, I can't say the same for you. If anyone out there claims that this is a moral victory for the Buckeyes then you need to be shot. That was the most vulnerable USC team I've ever seen in about 7 years. It wasn't that USC wasn't good, they were very good, but they were very beatable on this day. The simple fact that Coach Jim Tressel coached not to lose, instead of coaching to win, makes it hard for me to believe that OSU can sustainably win big games. The Bucks defense looked phenomenal, it was unreal. However, Terrelle Pryor aka Chris Brown's taller twin brother couldn't make a play after the 1st quarter, and the offense as a whole looked lethargic. Again, its a long season, its going to be okay. Remember, you can still win the Big 10+1, so keep your sights in order.

As far as the pro game, after watching the Cincinnati vs. Denver game, I've come to the following conclusion...it might not be okay, and its a long season.




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