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September Is The Greatest Month Of The Year

**Ed's note - LaGarrette Blount mollywhopping the Boise State defensive lineman has me more juiced about college football than ever. Trust me when I say, yes Boise State might've won the game, but that Boise player lost the war. You get folded on national television like that, that's a lifetime achievement. ITS TIME FOR FOOTBALL BABY!!! -Ed.**

September is now upon us, which means only one thing: the beginning of college and pro football season. I’m a Facebook man myself, and everywhere I turned, there were reminders (status updates) of what was awaiting us. They ranged from the sentimental…

Kenny Masenda has tears in his eyes…

…to the motivational…

Rickie Frazier says any man watching RHOA tonight instead of football should return your manhood to the nearest sports bar, so it may be properly used. Thank you, and good day. If all the men in the house agree, can I get a boom shakalaka?

…to the direct and confrontational, as taken from a thread last night, in regards to someone who violated said direct Man Law:

My brothers, a man has stepped forth on my wall and has deemed himself an RHOA supporter. I’m so hurt a man would do such things. I say hang him by his toenails, ‘til he sings the fight song for every college team.

Yes, my friends. This time of the year is that real. I don’t need to do numbers-based research to prove my point. A majority of sports-related blogs I read are based around football and its vast and expansive greatness. Even when there is no football being played, we talk about it anyway. Now that it’s here, it’s gonna continue to dominate all forums of discussion. Even though college football started last night, it truly gets going with College Gameday on Saturday. For any fan, you have to tune in, so you can get your dose of Kirk Fowler, Lee Corso, and Kirk Herbstreit. No matter what you have to do, you must be in front of your TV on Saturday morning from 9 AM – 11 AM CST. For a God-fearing, church-going man like myself, I have taken the unprecedented steps (for me anyway) of going to 8 AM service on Sundays, as opposed to my usual 11 AM time, so I can be back home in time for Sunday NFL Countdown. Yes indeed, as I said before, it’s that real.

So for all my fellow football fans, its simple: play fantasy football and head to your nearest sports bar and get full on wings and drank. Invite the homeboys over to watch a game on the Hoshitoshi, or sit in your designated room at the house, with the surround sound cranked up, while tuning out everything else around you. Watch Lee Corso take a mascot’s head and place it over his head as he picks his winner for the Game of the Week, and revel in Joe Buck and Troy Aikman or Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth give us the play-by-play of our gridiron heroes. Whatever it takes to enjoy the beginning of the greatest time of the year, do so with the utmost pride and joy. For the ladies who love football, feel free to join in. We don’t discriminate. It’s all out of love; it’s all in the name of football.


Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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