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Unsportsmanlike Conduct - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

On a special Tuesday edition of Unsportsmanlike Conduct, Ed The Sports Fan brings you the biggest names over the past weekend so that you can be thoroughly entertained like when you heard Shawne Merriman received a restraining order for suspected assault on his girlfriend Tila Tequila and you were mad not because he might've hit a woman, but mad that he was dating Tila Tequila. LMAO.

Down Goes Bradford
- Definitely the story of my weekend, I want to say thanks to all of my many friends who notified me to let me know of the shoulder sprain Bradford sustained against BYU, and to the untimely demise of Oklahoma in week 1 of the season. You guys are truly great, I love getting 37 text messages in a 30-minute period talking about "BOOMER SOONER...NOPE!" and "DOWN GOES BRADFORD, DOWN GOES BRADFORD!" and my personal favorite "YOU GOT BEAT BY SOME MORMONS!" Hey, stay classy Jonathan, thanks.

In all honesty, here's how I feel about Oklahoma right now. I'm salty, but if we were going to lose, better it be to a fast-rising, already ranked, potential top-10 finishing BYU team who we were (un)fortunate to lose to in week 1. We still got 12-13 games left, and the defense looked really good against the Cougars. Bradford's injury is not as serious as first believed (And please, lets kill all this talk about Sam's draft stock falling, its week 1! Let him at least recover 1st before we crucify his shoulder) and the schedule gives Landry Jones a chance to get in a groove before a big game against Jacory Harris and Miami (more on them in a minute). Give OU credit for playing very good teams in week 1, but in this instance, this is why many teams DON'T play tougher schedules, for what? To already be out of the championship picture? You know if you had a playoff...

They Are Back! Miami vs. Florida State = Instant Classic - Unless you actually are a student/alumni/fan of Florida State, I think everyone went to bed happy last night. Even FSU fans had to at least appreciate the big time effort of their team. Miami's 38-34 victory over the 'Noles reminded us why we loved/hated the 'Canes and the 'Noles. I just like shortening teams nicknames with apostrophes. Now, don't go crowning these two teams just yet, I watched that game and both teams still make some dumb mistakes, and still have some things to work on. (Can FSU run the ball? Can Miami pass block?) Jacory Harris and Christian Ponder let the world know that there were other up and coming elite QB's in the state besides that guy who wears #15 in Florida, and its a beautiful thang to see these two schools competing in a great game.

Shawne Merriman arrested & accused of choking his girlfriend Tila Tequila - WTF? Why is Shawne Merriman dating Tila Tequila? You can do better Shawne, trust me, you can do better. By the way, this photo is hilarious, just read the subject matter for the GGW magazine.

The Patriots trade 5-time Pro Bowler Richard Seymour to Oakland
- And folks wonder why the Patriots have sustained success...they have a perennial pro-bowler who's getting up in age in Seymour and they just flipped it to Oakland for a potential top-10 1st round pick in 2011. Seymour was only going to make $3.7 million (only? WTF am I saying) in '09 and would be looking for a big payday in a potentially uncapped 2010. The Patriots will replace Seymour, trust me on that one, and will have cap room to get another playmaker in their system soon enough.

A Quick Note about Weddings - If you're fortunate to attend or be in a wedding, make sure you enjoy those weddings in particular where there is an open bar. Just trust me on this one.

The 2009 Shock The World Tour - Coming to a High School Stadium Near You
- Kenny has been known to attend high school football games in Texas with regularity. I did as well when I was living in Oklahoma, however, now that I live in Ohio I haven't had the same type of gumption that Ken does. However, in 3 weeks that will all change as I will be attending the St. Xavier (where @JeremyKSmith is an alum) vs. the #3 ranked team in the nation Elder Panthers here in Cincinnati, check out Ken's most recent excursion to Longview, Texas with his patnas watching a game in the grass!

First One, Now Two Big Games featuring the Big 10 - Consider this judgement week for the powerhouses of the Big 10. Ohio State has glowing task of facing USC this Saturday in the 'Shoe, while the Notre Dame vs. Michigan game is lining up to be a good one as well. If the Big 10 wins these games, are they back? Also, be on the lookout for an upcoming double-feature from viewpoints from both USC and Ohio State...should be interesting.

We Are The People's Fan - There are a lot of conversations, thoughts, debates, and most notably, arguments that are sparked here at this website. That's something that Ken and I take pride in, the fact that at any given moment you feel the need to spew venom because of something you agree/disagree with from reading this site. What we are proud of more than anything is that everyone here respects what we do, and that is we try to be as original as possible. Period. We don't want to be ESPN, we don't want to be anyone else but ourselves. Because of the support of readers like yourself, we are proud to announce our selection as winners of the 2009 Best Black Sports Blog by the Black Weblog Awards Association! The Pop Bottles Tour will be cranked up soon, so get your popcorn ready!





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