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Women Love Football Too

Last week, we posted an article titled “Five Tips to Help Women Survive Football Season.” It was done to aid women who just don’t get, or understand, or just don’t like football season, and everything it encompasses. On the flip side, there’s a segment of women that truly love the gridiron, and the experience that comes with it. They know the game, understand the communal aspect, organize watch parties, wear jerseys, and will sit right up and debate the average football fan. In some cases, there are some ladies who know more about the game than some dudes who run around and masquerade as preaching the football gospel, and since we’re all about equal opportunity at Ed the Sports Fan, this piece here is all about women who love the game.

Believe me when I say this: there are more women who love football than we (men) have been led to believe. They’re not behind some glass-paneled, bullet-proof partition at your local museum either. They really do exist; from the time I started writing for ETSF, I’ve been fortunate enough to come across several of them, including The NFL Chick, Pigskinloving Lady (check out their new collaboration site called Gridiron Gals), and Lizz Robbins, who all have sites dedicated to football, and nothing but. On top of that, these women know their stuff!

It isn’t just limited to cyberspace, either. My older sister has been a TCU season-ticket holder for years, and a faithful traveler of the Horned Frogs. When kickoff is approaching, calls and texts come in from homegirls, blog buddies, and other female acquaintances, and it isn’t if me and my boys want lemon pepper or medium hot wings; it’s if we remembered to set our fantasy line-ups; there are some who are just as ready as men are to get to the stadium on game day, so we can tailgate, eat good, talk shit to the opposing teams’ fans, and just have fun. There are some who get utterly disgusted by hearing their phone ring, during any part of the game, just like men do. Yes indeed; there are women out there who are so into the game, that they don’t wanna be bothered by anyone, whatsoever...unless the person calling is watching the game (or another game that has implications) as well.

Also, there are women who have to deal with men who don’t understand their fascination with football. There could be a variety of reasons for this, but the ones that immediately come to mind are either (a) he likes the game too, but he’s intimidated by the fact that you know more than he does, or (b) he doesn’t like football, and if that’s the case, RUN IMMEDIATELY. It’s easier for a man to distance himself from a woman on game day if she doesn’t like football, but I can’t imagine (and don’t even wanna begin to) what a woman has to deal with when being with a dude who doesn’t understand or respect the fact that she’s into the game. All I can say about that is I hope your relationship, interaction, or whatever it is y’all call yourselves doing is strong, because if it ain't, run away from dude. The season’s too long to be dealing with someone who doesn’t get it. Just run, and run fast.

So for the women who love the game, such as the ones mentioned earlier, as well as Brittany, Channing, Ms.B with the Ph.D., Mrs. Fab, GelaTrish, Dawana (my partner-in-crime for Cowboys Training Camp), Susana, and the rest of the ladies who love the game and everything that comes with it, you’ve got a home with us at ETSF, and you’re always welcome to come to the crib, watch the games on the Hoshitoshi with us and the crew, and chop it up about all things football.


Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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