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2009-10 NBA Predictions - The Real Picks

Thanks for everyone giving me flack for not posting this earlier, due to the World Series, College and Pro Football, and uh...other stuff, I got behind. Sue me. Anyway, this might be one of the most exciting NBA seasons we've had in a long time. Lets get into it.

Rookie Of The Year: Blake Griffin, LA Clippers - Easiest choice in the world, except for one thing...he plays for the Clippers. What does that mean? Well, he hasn't even played in his first game yet and he has a hairline fracture in his kneecap. Yeah...good luck Blake. I do think he'll overcome this and evidence of this in the preseason has shown me that his game will translate into an NBA-ready game. A beast. There's nothing else to say about "No Emotions" Griffin. That's his new name by the way, "No Emotions" because he could dunk on you or break his kneecap and have the same blank gaze into nothingness. Just for safety purposes, if Blake's unable to return this season, my alternate choice for Rookie of the Year is Tyreke Evans in Sacramento. You've got no other options at the PG, its his show. If he wants it, but he can get it.

Defensive Player Of The Year: Rajon Rondo, Boston Celtics - I know that the obvious and probably logical choice for DPOY is Dwight Howard, but I'm sorry what is the true definition of defense? Jumping up and swatting shots into the 5th row? Ok, well then Dwight isn't the only person qualified for this award. LeBron and Dwyane Wade both fit this bill. To be perfectly honestly, the folks who vote for these awards are lazy, they look up and see some electrifying blocks on SportsCenter and see Dwight flex and think, "Ooooh, he's got to be the best defender in the league" and its just not the case. Evidence? Pau Gasol was taking him to school in the finals, Gasol was doing anything he wanted. Now, I'm not knocking Gasol because he's really good...but if you are that type of athlete and have been dubbed as DPOY then you've got to at least SLOW DOWN Gasol, hell I think Gasol's best numbers were in the finals. My choice for DPOY is Rondo, dude has become a lockdown defender for all PG's in the league and is an absolute beast in reading passing lanes. Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Jason Kidd all struggle mightily against the Celtics, and Rondo's the reason. He's only 23 and actually putting on some weight, dude weighs like 155 pounds soaking wet in a wet jean suit with timbalands and a bottle of Grey Goose in his back pocket.

Most Improved Player: Michael Beasley, Miami Heat - I was THIS close in choosing Anthony Randolph from GState for this award, but I just don't trust what's going on in Oakland right now especially with Don Nelson coaching over there. Lets not forget how nice Beasley was in college, basically taking aim (and taking some down) at Kevin Durant's record set the year previous. I've got to believe that with the team Miami has right now, Beasley's going to have EVERY SINGLE OPPORTUNITY in the world to make an impact for the Heat. Dwyane Wade is in his final year of his contract, and he's playing for his freedom trying to get paid. If the Miami Heat have any chance of keeping Wade in South Beach, Beasley's got to step up and prove that he can be a cornerstone member of the franchise.

Sixth Man Of The Year: Rasheed Wallace, Boston Celtics - I already know that the media's love affair with Manu Ginobili will hand this award to him as long as he plays the full season. If not him, Jason Terry should get the award. However, if you ask who is the most vital, most impactful 6th man in the league, its got to be Rasheed Wallace. Rasheed Wallace is not only a major insurance policy for KG, but there is not a more dynamic bench player in the NBA that can do more than Rasheed. Now we all know that this mofo is crazy, but guess what? He's on a team with SuperCrazy KG! It becomes a balance. I bet they randomly just get into slapboxing matches for fun. If Rasheed can give them a full 82 + 16...the C's just might...wait, I'll save that till the end.

Most Valuable Player: Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics - I honestly believe that you will see the difference between the 2008-09 Celtics vs. 2009-10 Celtics with the re-installation of Garnett into that team. From an offensive perspective, getting that low-post option threat back on the block and providing space for Jesus and Truth will make things a ton easier for the Gang Green. Defensively...this team will be supremely tough to deal with. Just KG's tribal war cries and menacing scowls will scare 58% of the NBA off jump. It will take a team in Boston who was respected coming into the playoffs to a team that was once feared in 2007-08. If having the ability to strike fear into an opponent isn't valuable, then the award isn't worth making.

Finals Prediction - Los Angeles Lakers vs. Boston Celtics (Celtics in 6) Nuff said.




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