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Life Is Like Going Over Middle....

Yeah I said it. I think I had an epiphany last night while doing some reading at 2am while having SportsCenter blaring in the background. From where I currently stand in my life, there's definitely going to be some rocky choices in my life. I'm 26, an upstanding & (somewhat) handsome gentleman, with a gregarious personality and a pure sucker for a Jack & Ginger. Please write me off-line if you need a description of what that is.

Anyway, I realized that there are certain ways to deal with situations, and I'm taking the wide receiver mentaility. Don't get it? Let me explain...Let's think about three instances of three different wide receivers and three signature moments for each of them.

Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts - Peyton Manning's go-to receiver, Reggie Wayne lives over the middle. #87 has been doing it for years, and the reason he can continue to go over the middle is because he picks his fights, get the hell down and don't let Brian Urlacher give you a kill shot. Take 8 yards and live to play another down. Sometimes in life you need to learn when to pick your fights, it can drain you.

Chad Ocho Cinco, Cincinnati Bengals - Lets flashback to the Cincinnati vs. Baltimore and the Bengals driving to win the game. Chad's been killing over the middle, slicing and dicing the Ravens defense (sorry @TheNFLChick) like Vince with the slap chop. Well Ray-Ray's (Lewis) has had enough of that. Chad comes over the middle, Carson sails the pass...and Ray destroys Chad's life. Helmet flies off, hit was clearly late, and Chad popped up like a spring chicken talking sh*t and looking crazy. I loved it. Hell, sometimes you're gonna get smacked in the mouth, that's how life is. Pick yourself up and get back at it again.

Larry Fitzgerald, Arizona Cardinals - Super Bowl, the new America's team, the Pittsburgh Steelers (yeah I said it Cowboys fans) and the newly prominent Arizona Cardinals. In a game of games with miraculous plays and unforgettable moments, sometimes you've got to take a chance at glory. Now me personally, I can't remember too many times Fitz taking a route over the middle, that's usually Anquan's job. But in the Super Bowl, you go for broke. Larry ran a 15-slant over the middle, and broke it up the middle for glory. Touchdown Cardinals. (Yeah I know that they didn't win the game, that ain't the point right now!) Fact of the matter is, if you don't try then you can't win. YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME! YOU LIVE LIFE TO LIVE IT UP!

Its just how I'm feeling right now, I'm feeling good. How are ya'll feeling this Friday? Think about it when you enjoy the weekend. Easy.



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