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Ramblings of a Disgruntled Fan

Well, where do I start? I’m applying The William Forrester Philosophy as I write this post. It will be about as raw as can be, but will remain grammatically-correct, since I hate misspelled words, and bad punctuation. Also, I apologize for the amount of cursing that will be in the post. All I can tell you is…put the children to bed when you read this one.

This is the most frustrated I have been in quite some time as a fan of the Oklahoma Sooners and the Dallas Cowboys. The last two days have been an absolute nightmare; not just because we lost, but how we went about our losing. I don’t know what to make of OU right now. Regardless of what people have been led to believe, there are only SIX programs in the entire country who can truly measure their season by the “National Championship or Bust” mantra, and those programs are Florida, Texas, LSU, Ohio State, USC, and us. Of course, if any other school gets there, it will be good, but their season won’t be considered a failure if they don’t make it. Now that my Sooners have two losses, our season is effectively fucked. We can’t get into The National Championship, and even though we win Big XII titles by the pound, we don’t measure our success on collecting conference championships.

The last three games we lost were by one point, one point, and ten points, so it’s not like we’re getting killed. At this rate, we can only try to make it tough on anyone else, namely Texas, to make the championship. I don’t know what we did to piss the football gods off, but when you lose your Heisman-winning quarterback, the best tight end in college football, and your number one receiver, you’re doomed; it doesn’t matter who you are.

As for my Cowboys, I’m going to say this right now: I still believe in Tony Romo. Contrary to his confidence looking to be completely shot yesterday, I still believe in him. Right now, it’s only me and Kevin Jiles (one of my frat brothers, as well as a fellow Cowboy fan). The rest of the Cowboy fan base has jumped off the Romo bandwagon and is heading for higher ground. See, I’m well aware of who is backing Romo up, and even as bad as he played, I’d still rather have him over Jon Kitna and Stephen McGee. When Romo is on, he’s fantastic, but when he’s off, he’s pathetic. I’m not gonna go any further into Romo talk, simply because it’ll dominate the airwaves, blogs, newspapers, and any other media for the rest of the week.

As for the defense, it’s somewhat fixed, but I am SICK AND TIRED OF BUM-ASS TERENCE NEWMAN! I’ve never liked that mark-ass buster, and he gave me yet another reason when I say he has never been an elite corner. Not only did he get abused for the game-winning touchdown by Brandon Marshall, he makes excuses by saying Marshall grabbed his jersey! Whether his jersey got grabbed or not is irrelevant; you still got to play it out, because that’s what the other team is doing. Good grief, I can’t stand that fuck boy. We’re 2-2, so I won’t panic yet, but losing games like this is absolutely pathetic. I still believe in my teams, and will never jump ship. The only thing we can do is learn from this weekend, get back to work, and try to get better.


Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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