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Stupid Fans are the Devil

Lord knows I can’t stand stupidity on any level. When it comes to sports, it’s even worse. Being a sports fan exposes you to a whole new level of people that you may never meet elsewhere. Your sole link to them is the fact you both love the Dallas Cowboys, the Eagles, Steelers, Ravens, etc. The same can be said for basketball, and the fact the two of you are simply linked to the game by your collective fandom. For the most part, you can talk to other fans, and even if you disagree, you do so with good reason, but this can’t be done with a dumb-ass fan. It’s impossible.

One of my partners-in-crime, The NFL Chick, wrote a piece a while back about the four types of fans you don't want to be, speaking pure gospel and truth the entire time. In my opinion, the worst type of fan, the one I want to feed to the wolves, the one I want to see just go away, is the stupid fan. You know; the ones who just say the dumbest garbage known to man. You see, it’s impossible to be civil with this type of fan, because anything they say makes absolutely no sense. For example, I live in Dallas and am a die-hard Dallas Cowboy fan. Tony Romo is arguably under the biggest microscope of any quarterback in the NFL. That comes with the territory, but when he has a bad game, I hear ridiculous nonsense such as:

“Jerry Jones needs to bench Romo, or trade him, because he can’t play.”

First off, lets state the obvious; Romo is not going to get benched, and just the fact that a fan would even suggest such foolishness is beyond me. Secondly, the Cowboys have invested $60+ million in Romo, so they’re not going to trade him either. Third, the back-ups are Jon Kitna and Stephen McGee. Have you happened to see either of them play? Kitna is an insurance policy in case Romo gets hurt, and McGee is nowhere near ready to play. I honestly wish stupid fans like this could be banished from stadiums, radio stations, forums, blogging, commenting, and anything else associated with football. Just go away.

It’s even worse in basketball. Now if anyone knows me, they know I hate Kobe Bryant, and have since the 1997 Rookie Game, when he tried to hog his way to glory. I make no apologies about the fact that I think he’s a mark-ass buster, but I also admire and respect his game, and recognize the fact that he’s a terrific basketball player. He adds something new to his arsenal every season, and his basketball IQ is impeccable. When people say “Kobe sucks,” it just…it just bothers me. I mean, say anything else about him; say he’s a bad teammate, call him an adulterer, tell him he has ugly-ass shoes, call him anything you want, but don’t ever, under any circumstances, insinuate that the man can’t play basketball. Your entire credibility goes to hell in a hand basket by even suggesting such absurdity.

It’s only Week Four of the NFL, so there’s plenty of time left to be subjected to this tomfoolery and disease known as The Stupid Fan. With basketball starting next month, it’s only going to get worse. Hopefully, the rest of the season will be completed without incident, or you may hear plenty of stories about your boy channeling his inner-Martin Payne, and spending a significant amount of time in The Angry Corner.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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