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Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Here We Go Again

If you all read ETSF on the regular then you know I don't bring out the Unsportsmanlike Conduct post that often, but this weekend made it all possible. Unsportsmanlike Conduct is an ongoing series in which Ed The Sports Fan brings you the important events, haps, people, and other shenanigans over the past weekend so that you can be thoroughly entertained like when you heard that a young boy named Falcon Heene could captivate and humiliate a nation by flying away in a balloon, hiding in an attic, telling the world on national television his dad "planned" this hoax, and finally throwing up everywhere. LMAO.

#1. Texas 16, Oklahoma 13 - In what might truly be one of the most agonizing seasons in Oklahoma history (and for my heart) the Sooners valiant attempt to "Shock The World" in Dallas this past Saturday went by the wayside as a lack of experience, costly turnovers, and a little luck led Texas to pull of the 16-13 victory in the Cotton Bowl. Let me say a couple of things really quickly, Texas played a hell of a game and the defense made every play they had to. Colt did enough for them to win, gutsy performance especially with the flu bug catching a hold of his larynx. However, I am one to not believe in moral victories. None whatsoever. Yet, the simple fact that that might've been the best defensive performance I've ever seen against an elite team made me really proud as a Sooner fan. There's no doubt in my mind that Oklahoma beats Texas (or BYU and Miami for that matter) if Sam Bradford is in that game. Period. Colt McCoy looked dreadful, Texas couldn't run, Shipley was bottled up, and by in large the offensive line was in shambles. Texas better tighten up their offense for the rest of the season or they will fall sooner rather than later.

#2. USC 34, Notre Dame 27 - See what happened for Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl, I could sorta call it a moral victory. However, I can't call what I saw from Notre Dame a moral victory, because like I've said before...if you were ever in life going to beat USC, this had to be the year to do it. True freshman QB, replaced 9 of 11 starters on defense, and have issues on the offensive line. Yet, Ohio State (which suffered an abomination of their own against Purdue) and now Notre Dame both fell short of toppling the Trojans. Matt Barkley right now is already as good as Jimmy Claussen, period. Pete Carroll is a magician as the head ball coach and his defense hasn't missed a beat. USC can't continue to drop games to fledgling Pac-10 foes, but if they stay the course...BCS bowl bid is almost a lock.

#3. Separation Sunday - The performance Drew Brees put on Sunday afternoon against the NFC East powerhouse NY Giants was nothing short of amazing, throwing for 368 yards and 4 TDs. The amazing part was the fact that Brees and the Saints offense made it look so easy and the defense did a great job of stifling the Giants offensive scheme. Eli looked like Eli in '06 when he'd just close his eyes and throw. Brett Favre (AHHHHHHHHHHH) is launching footballs down the field like Mike Vick did back in his old Powerade commercials. Does Brett still have the best arm in the league? Is there any doubt? Man. Oh, and the Patriots officially went back into eff you mode (courtesy Bill Simmons) as they took the Titans behind the woodshed and put up a 59 spot on Tennessee. First off, Brady threw FIVE TDs in 2nd quarter alone, then came back on the field after a 45-0 halftime score and goes and throws a 6th TD. So disrespectful. As we sit here at the end of week 6, can we say that 5 of the 8 division are already locked up barring some unforeseen circumstance? New England's going to win the AFC East, Indy's locked up the AFC South, Denver's about ready to lock up the AFC West. Minnesota's head and shoulders ahead of everyone in the NFC North, and New Orleans is cruising in the NFC South. Off the chain.

#4. UConn DB Jasper Howard dead at 20 - I'm going to say this once more, just because I've said it so many times in the past. All young (black) men in college, stop trying to be hood, thug, hard, goon, etc. in a collegiate setting. The act in itself is an oxymoron. There's nothing hood about college, you can't be a goon and a student, and no one cares about you being thugged out. That ish is played. Now I don't know the particulars of this fight and stabbing but I can figure it out to a degree, and that fight was brought on by 2 forces the football player, Jasper Howard, and his attacker. One could've walked away, but we know that ain't happening. We've got to make better decisions for ourselves, and now his decision is made more tragic because Howard was going to be a father in the coming months. We've got to do better people.

#5. The Yankees and Phillies Are Clubbing Their Way To The World Series - If them boys out west (Dodgers and Angels) don't figure out how to pitch, the series are going to end quickly. A-Rod is either on another cycle or he's locked in. The Phillies are getting run support from the top to the bottom of their lineup and their pitching has been phenomenal. I'm going to say it now that neither series goes 7 games.

#6. Please Fire Jim Zorn - Just put the man to sleep already, why go through this agony? Stripping him of his play-calling duties? WTF...I'd just quit if I were him, I couldn't deal with it.

#7. Florida You Lucky Bastards - If that Arkansas kicker could actually kick worth a damn...it would've been a long night in Gainesville. What do really think about Florida? Are they just struggling because of the ok play of Tebow? How good is Florida's defense? Gave up huge plays against a powerful offense in Ryan Mallett and the Razorbacks. Are they vulnerable to a defeat before the SEC Championship? We definitely have more questions than answers with UF right now, we'll see...

#8. The BCS Rankings Are Fraudulent - Ok, after seeing the BCS rankings unveiled for the first time this season, I just have a major problem with a couple of things. #1. How is Boise State ranked higher than Cincinnati or Iowa? How the hell is Florida so drastically ahead of Alabama when Alabama's now ahead of Florida in the ACTUAL voter rankings? Can TCU get any love, they should be higher than Boise too. Man, I hate the BCS lol...

Unsportsmanlike Conduct - Lack of Attention for the true leader of the Heisman Race - Mark Ingram, Alabama. Now, I know I came out a couple of months ago and told you all that Jahvid Best is the best runningback in college football and was an ETSF Preseason All-American. You know what, he still is. However, the best football player in college football by far is Mark Ingram. Dude has been running like he's running for his freedom in Alabama. Nick Saban has shifted his running attack from a stable of 3-4 really good tailbacks to just giving it to one, Ingram. He's now running more plays out of the wildcat formation, and is constantly getting big plays either out of the backfield or on passing routes. Dude is averaging 6.7 yards/carry and has 11 TDs on the season. Alabama is #1 because of #22, and at their current pace...they look like the FAVORITE (yeah I said it) to win the national championship.




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