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We Have Nothing To Lose

Come on now, you really thought that I would let two UT fans talk crazy about Oklahoma and not say anything about it? You all should know me better right now. But I digress...

My emotions in this college football season for Oklahoma have been emotionally draining. I'm not sure that 97% of college football fans really have the same expectation as what Sooner fans had coming into this season. There was only one goal in mind, and my brother Kenny stated it so eloquently a couple of weeks ago. That goal is...

To win the BCS National Championship.

Period. You don't have 3 consensus top-10 projected picks in the 2009 NFL Draft COMEBACK to Norman, Oklahoma to just win 10 games. To just win a Big 12 championship. To just win a BCS Bowl game. No, you don't do that if you are Sam Bradford, Jermain Gresham, and Gerald McCoy. Your eye has to be on the prize, which is going to Pasadena in the Rose Bowl to play for all the marbles.

Sadly, before the first game was over in Dallas, Texas...the season seemed dashed. Gresham was already done before the game, Bradford went down in the 2nd half, and the defense couldn't get one more stop against a very good BYU team. The Miami loss didn't help, but the writing was on the wall prior to that loss...OU was in a no-win situation.

So the season which started in Dallas for BYU, is now at a climax in Dallas...from Texas Stadium to the Cotton Bowl. Their biggest rival sitting there across the field with all the title implications that OU had right in front of their face. The national championship. Texas can taste it, they know if they can beat the Sooners on Saturday at high noon...not only are they almost assured of the Rose Bowl, but probably a Heisman for Colt McCoy, who in my own personal opinion...is a phenomenal QB, period. Texas has everything to play for, Oklahoma doesn't. Sounds like to me all the pressure in the world are on those boys from Austin, and they get to play a team who has nothing to lose, in Oklahoma.

That sounds like a dangerous proposition my friends. Nothing to lose? Do you know how dangerous some folks can be when they have nothing on the line? They can literally do whatever the hell they want to, with no remorse. I truly believe that you'll see Oklahoma come out loose, and firing on all pistons. I truly believe that Mack Brown will realize that he has not faced a defense all season like he will in Oklahoma. I truly believe that if Bob Stoops values his job security and his intent on bringing in the top notch football player into Norman, that he will coach like his hair is on fire Saturday at high noon. I truly believe that Oklahoma has the ultimate chip on their shoulder, and you will see it Saturday at high noon.

I also truly believe, that I will be an emotional train wreck Saturday at high noon. But you know what? That's what football is, highs and lows. What makes folks great is in how you deal with both and learn from it. Has Oklahoma learned anything from the start of this season? Has Texas learned anything about relying on a "tie-breaker"? We'll find out won't we? I'll see you Saturday at high noon.

Oklahoma 38, Texas 34

Boomer Sooner



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