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ETSF Thanksgiving List

Ever since the first post on ETSF, the idea for this website was clear: to speak about sports, lifestyle, culture, and everything that comprises the games we love, and do it in a unique and original way. From the first post on February 21, 2008, and since, we feel like we’ve never strayed away from the purpose of the site. We catch hell from time-to-time for not providing content that some readers would feel would be more beneficial for the site, and that’s all good. The simple response for that is there’s ESPN for stats, ESPN Insider and SI’s Truth and Rumors if you’re looking for breaking news, and other blogs if you’re looking for gossip. That’s not what we do here, and we’ll never do it. We’ve found our voice, and we have our own way of enhancing and furthering it, so there are some things we’ll never do, simply because we don’t have to, nor do we want to. Cool? Cool.

With that being said, we’ve been given the pleasure of being exposed to many people who share a passion of sports as well. Their voices have become a daily fixture in our sports-experience, and we’re more than thankful of the relationships we’ve built with these folks over time. In honor of the holiday season, ETSF will show love to some of the blogs that serve as a healthy dose of food for our sports jones.

The NFL Chick and The Pigskinlovinglady

I’ve talked in the past about the pedestal that women who love football are placed on by us at ETSF. In all seriousness, a woman who knows the game is one of the greatest sights our eyes have ever seen, and these two certainly put it down. The NFL Chick is a die-hard Ravens fan, while Pigskinlovinglady is a die-hard Buffalo Bills fan (bless her heart…LOL). They even joined forces over the off-season to create
Gridiron Gals, a site that gives a voice to the female football fan, which has grown all season long. Hell, The NFL Chick even helped convince me to join Twitter, so that deserves a shout-out in itself.

The House That Glanville Built

The Reverend Paul Revere runs this site, and I’ll say this right now: I don’t think I’ve ever met a fan who is as loyal and as critical to his teams as this man right here. When I need my fix of anything Philly-related in the sports scene, this is where I go. Like I said, he supports all things Philly, but he does it in an intelligent, original, hilarious, and profanity-littered way. It’s certainly possible for me, a Dallas Cowboys fan, to be cool with him, a die-hard Eagles fan.

Phillip Barnett, a feature contributor for
Talk Hoops, is one of the few Lakers fans I can sit down and have a conversation with and not tell him to go kill himself. In his own words,

“Yes, I am a Lakers fan, but no, I’m not THAT Lakers fan. Yes, I’m a USC fan, but I’m not THAT USC fan.”

Simply put, he’s a real sports fan. He’s loyal to his teams and personnel, but also acknowledges the greatness of other teams and personnel without straying away. We’ve had classic debates for well over a year, and will continue to do so.

Hip to the Game, I.AM.KING.PHIL, and The Stankoniforous Files
Antone has been at it for quite some time, and is always down to give us a guest post, another voice to break a debate, or contributing his insight in his own unique way. I gotta say “PRAISE GOD” for Phil starting a blog. He’s a die-hard Bengals fan (no seriously, he was screaming “Who Dey,” before the Bengals Renaissance this season), so it’s nice to see him bringing his perspective to the table. Stank-0 has been at it for a while as well, and is a regular commenter on the website. We’ve had many a battle over time, especially when it comes to all things NFL and NBA.

ETSF would also like to thank all the other folks who stop by, chime in, curse us out, and anything else that has contributed to the movement of ETSF. We’re truly humbled and thankful that we’ve been able to do this as long as we have, and we’ll do nothing but continue to bring it the best way we know how.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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