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Mediocre Football At Its Finest

Goodness gracious, have you ever seen a more putrid slate of football as you witnessed this past weekend? I was so bored watching the Dallas vs. Washington game that I almost passed out. Abominable coaching decisions, player miscues, bad refereeing, even the crowds stunk on Sunday. (Did you guys see the stands in Oakland? They looked like they had MAYBE 30,000 in attendance for that game.) I'm going to leave the college kids alone this Monday because they don't get paid (as much) as our professional footballers do on Sunday so they can begin their Thanksgiving break early. Lets point out the madness.

Dallas 7, Washington 6 - Both teams probably wanted to blow their collective brains out after this game, if from just watching it one the sidelines. The funny thing is I thought WASHINGTON actually played pretty well yet they squandered countless opportunities (including two Suisham field goals) to put the Cowboys away. Tony Romo hurt his back while making a tackle (QBs shouldn't be tackling, bad sign #1) and his performance took a hit in the process. Errant passes (Romo), dropped balls (Roy E. Williams), and missed tackles (entire Cowboys secondary) made this very unappealing to watch. The simple fact that Dallas actually WON the game made it even worse, because they had no business winning that game.

Oakland 20, Cincinnati 17 - Ah, the spirit of the city of Cincinnati has been set ablaze by the dumpsterfire that took place in Oakland yesterday afternoon. You had the 2nd best team in the AFC taking on the 2-7 Raiders, and true to Bengal form they found a way to lose the game. Carson Palmer's 2 rushing TD's don't offset the fact that the Bengals were unable to make enough plays in the air to beat up on the Raiders (credit to Dame on calling out Palmer). Plus, they wasted a phenomenal effort from their rookie tailback Bernard Scott. Which leads me to this...if you have Bernard Scott going off, a nice change-of-pace back in Brian Leonard, then the newly signed Larry Johnson as the #3 back...why is JEREMI JOHNSON GETTING CARRIES WITHIN THE REDZONE? One fumble later, the Raiders go and score. Let me say this, it is a truly remarkable and sad thing to watch the sheer improvement of the Raiders offense with BRUCE GRADKOWSKI in at QB. The same Bruce Gradkowski that was benched for the Tampa Bay Bucs last season. Let's be clear, Bruce is not a great QB, not good, barely mediocre. However, compared to Jamarcus Russell (who after seeing him on the sidelines, you can't convince me that he wasn't listening to a personalized GUCCI MANE/JEEZY/OJ DA JUICEMAN mix on his crystallized iPod) Gradkowski looked like a franchise QB...which is what Russell was supposed to be. Gradkowski led the Raiders back to 17 all with a phenomenal throw to Louis Murphy for a TD, and all signs pointed to OT. Unfortunately, former hero turned goat Andre Caldwell couldn't hang on to the ball, and fumbled at the 17 as the Raiders recovered. One Polish toe later, the Raiders walk away with a 20-17 victory.

Detroit 38, Cleveland 37 - You know your team is bad when Matthew Stafford and Brady Quinn throw for a combined 9 touchdowns, you obviously aren't that good. Yet, it was by far the most entertaining game of the day. Especially the ending, with a banged up Stafford basically yanking out Daunte Culpepper by himself while his left arm was dangling like linguini, yet pulling off a miraculous TD to former Oklahoma State great Brandon Pettigrew for the winning score. However, lets not forget the dastardly deed committed by Hank Poteat as he committed a pass interference on a hail mary. Yes, a hail mary. I'm pretty sure BOTH coaches got liquored up something nice after the game. Congratulations Detroit, you just lost the #1 pick in the 2010 NFL draft...that honor goes to Cleveland! Woo-hoo!

Jacksonville 18, Buffalo 15 - Some quick love to my favorite team, the Jaguars as they pulled out another atrocious victory over another horrible team in the Bills. Ken called me out about the lack of support from me of my favorite team. Let me tell you something, when you see your stadium covered with an entire level of tarp, that will sadden a person. Plus, I've watched Jacksonville play and I honestly don't think they are as good as their 6-4 record shows. Look who they've beaten: Houston, Tennesee, St. Louis, Kansas City, New York Jets, and Buffalo. Not really the cream of the crop at all. Plus, after a valiant effort against Indy in week one, they got destroyed by Arizona (31-17), lambasted by Seattle (41-0), and waxed by Tennessee (30-13). Moreover, T.O. had a career day against us, dude went off for 9 catches and 197 yards with a TD. That's insulting. If you would've told me we would be 6-4 going into week 12, I would've taken it no doubt, but I'm not going to fool myself into thinking we're great. I'd rather keep a low expectation and be pleasantly surprised like I am now.




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