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The Benedict Arnold Chronicles: Brian Kelly

If there’s one thing I can’t stand in sports, it’s when someone either (a) flat-out lies, or (b) leads someone, or their team, astray. Last season, I wrote something similar to this last summer, in regards to Elton Brand fleeing the Clippers, and signing with the Philadelphia 76ers, after persuading Baron Davis to sign with them. He’s been in basketball hell since then, which makes me do nothing but smile inside. Lets be for real; we all know The Baron wouldn’t have signed with the Clippers, if he knew that traitor was leaving for the East Coast. Sorry for getting off-track, because this ain't about that. The latest Benedict Arnold is Brian Kelly, the former head coach of the Cincinnati Bearcats, who‘s chasing dollars (and a dream) over to South Bend, as the next head coach of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

This whole situation pisses me off to no end, and the same way Brand was labeled, so shall Brian Kelly. Simply put, Coach Kelly is a disgrace to the college football race. He just coached his team to a Sugar Bowl berth against the Florida Gators, so why the hell is he not focused on getting his team prepared for that game, and instead is carousing and caboodaling (I made that word up) across the country, tryna get the Notre Dame gig? Don’t get me wrong; Notre Dame is Notre Dame, and it’s pretty much understood they can get pretty much anyone they want, by throwing money, prestige, and all that other bullshit to woo somebody, but he’s still wrong for taking it, at least right now.

His players feel betrayed, and to be honest, no one should blame them one bit. Mardy Gilyard (Ed’s pre-season ETSF All-America special teams pick, and new favorite player) went in on Kelly after he got the news, pretty much saying he went for the money. I, for one, ain't mad at Gilyard one bit for being angry, and if anyone else is angry at him, they are certainly justified in feeling that way. Why not make Cincinnati what Notre Dame, despite the past 15 years, claims to be? A powerhouse, and a legitimate program, where players will flock by-the-pound to come play at; why leave? Ohio is a hot-bed for high school football, and he certainly could continue to pry five-star talent to campus, as well as get more players from all over the country to come, but no. He tells his players, and anyone who would listen for weeks, how much he loves Cincinnati, but then he turns around, and leaves for greener pastures. Don’t piss on their heads, and tell ‘em it’s raining outside, but that’s what Kelly did. As far as I’m concerned, he knew all along he was gonna leave Cincy, but waited until they won the Big East championship, and now he can bounce, and leave his players to figure out how they’re going to beat Florida on their own. Sorry, but that’s a Benedict Arnold to me.

Then again, why should anyone even be surprised? He coached at Central Michigan for three years, coached Cincinnati for three years, so maybe the writing was on the wall all along. Granted, he was at Grand Valley State for 13 years before that, so he isn’t a complete job-hopper, like that piece of crap over at Arkansas. Also, there will be no wishes of a coaching demise or anything like that. Besides, Notre Dame’s problems are bigger than coaching, but that’s another post altogether. For all I know, he may be a great guy, so this isn’t necessarily him being labeled a Benedict Arnold for being a bad dude. Simply, it’s because he didn’t do his former team any justice by leading them astray. It’s a shame, because it didn’t have to be this way.

Be easy.


-K. Masenda


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