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Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State Should Boycott the BCS

I am about to be called a homer on so many levels here that it will be ridiculous so lets get a few things out the way. I am born and raised in Oklahoma (BOOMER SOONER) and I currently reside in Cincinnati. Take those two facts for what it is and realize that I'm going to attempt to be as fair and neutral for what I'm about to say. Because after watching this thing we call NCAA Football over the course of the weekend I realized that we have as big a sham in college football as I've ever witnessed in my life.

There's no way in the world that Texas should have the right to play in the BCS National Championship and its not even close. Yeah I said it.

The reason I'm writing this article is because the media and other national writers have kind of just glazed over this issue. The fact is that if you look at the resumes of the 3 other undefeated teams you can make a case that they should be in ahead of Texas and have the right to play for a national championship. Do we really want to see TCU play Boise State? We just saw that last year! Cincinnati vs. Florida is intriguing, but its not a national title at stake. Lets look at it for who these 4 teams truly are.

Texas' Resume: 13-0 undefeated season, plus a Big 12 conference championship win over #22 Nebraska. Non-Conference wins over Louisiana-Monroe, Wyoming, UTEP, UCF. 2 ranked wins in their conference schedule against #20 Oklahoma (minus Sam Bradford, Jermaine Gresham) and #14 Oklahoma State (minus Dez Bryant, Kendall Hunter).

Certainly a phenomenal season amongst other phenomenal seasons by Texas, no doubt. However, although there is an added boost by playing in and winning a conference championship game, take a look at their non-conference schedule and the lack of overall strength in the Big 12 this year and their resume will pale in comparison to others I will mention shortly.

Boise State's Resume: 13-0 undefeated season, WAC champions. Non-conference wins over #16 Oregon (Pac-10 champs, headed to the Rose Bowl), Miami (OH), Bowling Green, UC Davis. Their only ranked win was against #16 Oregon as the WAC didn't produce another significant foe better than an 8-4 Nevada and 8-4 Fresno State team.

Boise's performance is featured in early season brilliance and mired in conference play mediocrity. Its not totally their fault, but in future years Boise will need to almost load up their non-conference to make up for their lack of star power in the WAC. Not good enough to get major consideration, but the victory over Oregon is better than any win Texas has.

TCU's Resume: 12-0 undefeated season, Moutain West Conference champions. Non-conference wins over ACC runner-up Clemson, Virginia, SMU, Texas State. 2 ranked wins in their conference schedule against #16 BYU and #16 Utah (2009 Sugar Bowl Champs over Alabama).

The Horned Frogs have impressive wins over Clemson, BYU, and Utah plus wins in a stronger conference in the MWC than most folks realize. Some say that this TCU team might be the best team in Texas, the problem is that we will never get an opportunity to find out.

Cincinnati's Resume: 12-0 undefeated season, Big East Conference champions. Non-conference wins over Pac-10 runner-up Oregon State, SE Missouri State, Fresno State, Miami (OH), Illinois. 3 ranked wins in their conference schedule against #21 South Florida, #25 West Virginia, and #15 Pittsburgh.

People in the Queen City should be rioting. Fact of the matter is this, along with UC's win over Oregon State, the defeat of 3 ranked opponents in the disrespected Big East, who happens to be a BCS conference last time I checked, should count for something major in this whole process. Their resume is head and shoulders' above the Longhorns schedule and Texas is benefiting of having "TEXAS" on their nameplates.

The funny thing is no one's been able to give a definitive reason on why Texas should be in the title game. I've heard some cockamamie excuses like:

"Well, they've been up in the top of the BCS standings all year so they should go."

That makes no sense and it sounds lazy, there's no authority in preseason polls, however pollsters use these polls to make their decisions week-to-week. Shame on the voters.

"The Big 12 Conference is better than the Big East, Mountain West, or WAC."

Yes to the WAC, not so sure on the MWC or the Big East. TCU, BYU, and Utah are as formidable threesome of schools as there is in any other conference. Oklahoma knows all about TCU & BYU, Alabama knows all about Utah. Schools have waged war and lost to them. The Big East has laid the wood on several other foes outside of their conference as well: Cincy defeating Oregon State, Pitt & UConn beating Notre Dame, South Florida beating Florida State, etc. Just food for thought.

"No one wants to see Cincinnati/TCU/Boise State in the National Championship."

Well trust me when I say that there are people that don't want to see Texas in the national championship either (ME) but that's for selfish reasons. Truth is, I can somewhat agree with this sentiment, because sometimes 2 powerhouses full of tradition makes for a fabulous title game. However, if the smaller name school doesn't get an opportunity then the system isn't working. In this case, there is plenty of evidence that would suggest for a different opponent for Alabama, and I honestly think no one cares. They would all rather see Texas play Alabama.

That, my friends, is a major problem by all those involved in college football. The AD's, the conference chairmen, the coaches, the players, and even us the fans. So I challenge Cincinnati, TCU, and Boise State...boycott the game. Don't show up and play. What's the worst thing that could happen? $17 Million for your school to play in a game? Yeah that is a lot of money. However, can you honestly tell me what is the real benefit of playing in a BCS Bowl Game? I know for some its a good time, great goodie bags, warm weather and what not but...its not for the ultimate prize.

Take a stand fellas, otherwise the ultimate prize might never come your way again.




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