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Ed's Christmas Wish List (YOU GONNA PAY WHAT YOU OWE SANTA!)

As we bring a close to another awesome year, I want to first say thanks to everyone who has supported ETSF for the year, you guys are truly the blessing. With that being said, there are some things that Ed wants to see under the tree delivered from Santa. Please oblige me while I get this off my chest...

#1. Santa, please let the NBA's free agency-palooza of 2010 be as great as its been pronounced to be.

Because I recognize the fact that the NBA's elite players in basketball probably have no chance in hell to win an NBA title this year means that there has to be a shakeup in the NBA hierarchy in the next 12 months. Its been rumored that there was a monumental conversation in a hotel room in Beijing in 2008 where members of the Redeem Team got into a room at 3am and staked their claim to create superteams in the NBA. Could you imagine? LeBron, DWade, and Bosh all sacrificing and going large onto one squad? Maybe...Miami? New York? New Jersey (Brooklyn)? What about Amare, Joe Johnson, Carlos Boozer? What about Chris Paul and Carmelo in 2011? If players decided to work together instead of totally looking out for themselves, could magic really happen in the NBA? Could we see the diluted talent pool in the NBA take the massive shift into 4-6 powerhouse teams? Could you imagine L.A., Boston, Orlando, Miami, New York, and maybe a Houston creating 6 ultimate squads? Who wouldn't be captured by this?

Let's hope that 3am conversation in Beijing really happened.

#2. Santa, please make the Mountain West add 4 new teams and create a 7th BCS Conference.

You know, in the past I've penned that we need a new playoff system for college football. The simple fact that college football is the only collegiate sport that does NOT have a playoff bracket system is truly astonishing. However, what's more astonishing is seeing a region of the nation that has been truly disrespected over the last 5 years. The Rocky Mountains. See...after watching BYU run wind sprints all over Oregon State, and watching Utah run wind sprints up and down on Cal, and even seeing a Wyoming team beat up on a previous world beater Fresno State...an idea came to my head.

Create the next super conference, the Super Mountain West Conference. Sounds crazy, but hear me out.

See, in the Mountain West, you already have great teams. TCU, Utah, and BYU have all been elite teams in the decade, plus when you factor in the success seen at Air Force and Wyoming over the years, the conference is already pretty strong. Plus San Diego State, Colorado State, New Mexico, and UNLV have seen successful seasons in the past. Yet, this conference isn't a BCS conference. Hell, you could say that this conference is better than the ACC and the Big East RIGHT NOW! Yet the Mountain West can continue to hope and pray that one of their teams will backdoor a way into a national title shot, or they can play the game just like the other 6 conferences. Get a conference title game and get 4 more teams in the conference. Which 4 teams you say? Well...

Bring in Boise State, Fresno State, Nevada, and Tulsa. 4 strong teams which would add even more strength to a conference. You could have a conference championship game in Denver, Las Vegas, Dallas, and San Diego, which is also a win, plus you could then create a MWC network and more money to go to the schools. Who wouldn't want to watch some of these games? Make it happen Santa.

#3. Santa, please relocate the Jacksonville Jaguars to Los Angeles.

This is a personal one, because if you don't know the Jaguars are my favorite football team, and I'll be damned if I can sit here any longer and let a team who's overachieved into a 7-7 season when their talent level is about as low as any team in the leagues, the Jaguars have frequent TV blackouts and never sell out their games, which has led them to the top of the relocation list. There are cities that would die to have a pro football team and its clear that although I love the people of Jacksonville, that Paul Tagliabue and the NFL leadership made a mistake in putting a team there. Its just the truth. Now, there are some cities that would make a fine destination for the Jags, hell Orlando is the 19th biggest market in the US (Jacksonville's #47) and they could take on a squad. Portland is the #22 market, San Antonio is #37, and Las Vegas (#43) is always an intriguing option, minus that whole "betting" thing. However, the one city that could make this thing turn is Los Angeles. They are the #2 market in the U.S. and could turn the Jaguars into a star attraction. Maurice Jones-Drew was a superstar there in UCLA, and the added revenue could bring more promising free-agents to the squad.

If God is a football fan, he'll figure out a way to make the Jaguars a successful franchise moving forward, this needs to happen.

#4. Santa, please let Christmas day be filled with quality games.

Because I know Mrs. Claus is a basketball fan, and Mr. Claus is a football fan...I know that LeBron vs. Kobe will be as good as we've dreamed it to be, and that San Diego and Tennessee can play out to be a matchup of two teams streaking towards their own personal destinies. I have faith in you Mr. Cringle. Make it happen Santa. Or else...





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