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Some Topics Aren't Worth Talking About...

There are some things I've learned while writing a sports blog for over a year and a half now that will forever change who I am as an individual, there are people that I have met from this site that will be life long friends, and more importantly this site has helped me define the type of "sports fan" that I truly am. With that being said, I am positive that there will (hardly) ever be a time where I will join into the banter and ridicule that most modern media deals in when it comes to athletes. More importantly, things that are truly unimportant when it comes to putting the ball in the hole, scoring a touchdown, hitting a homerun, or hitting a game-winning jumper.

So why do we CARE so much about Tiger? Steroids? Kobe? Notre Dame? Lets find out...

Tiger-cide - I've personally never seen anyone try so hard to tear down a person quicker than how the media, the public, and just plain evil people who in 2 weeks have made Eldrick Woods seem like the scum of the Earth. Because he had a couple (hundred) chicks on the side? Seriously? Problem #1 - Whenever it becomes cool to degrade yourself to the national public so that you can profit and gain fame from it, that's a serious issue. You had salacious hussies coming out saying, "Tiger was REALLY GOOD..." Another chick came out and made the claim and she quickly got $15,000 to tell her story. $15K? The porn star who came out is probably going to make a porno called, "Tiger's Trap" or "Where's my 69-Wood?" or something. LOL...ok that was funny just typing it. The man on December 15th is no different than the man on November 15th, yet he's probably lost half of his endorsement money and tons of people literally hate him. Leave the man alone, and I hope he gives up wearing the red and just starts wearing all black on the golf course and replaces his caddy with other high-yellow mulatto jezebel hussies.

Oh by the way...Tiger Woods has just been named Athlete of the Decade.

Brett Favre Is Brett Favre - This goes out to all the people at ESPN...you all have the biggest man-crush on #4 that I've ever seen in my entire life. The males at ESPN gush about Brett Favre like freshman high school girls giggle when the starting QB speaks to them. They gush like when a young man sees their first pair of "melons". I'm just saying...the work that #4 has put up this year has been truly phenomenal. He's 40 freaking years old, his performance between the lines is enough by itself. However, the constant updating on Favre-Watch was like watching OJ back in the 90's in the Bronco...but like, everday for 3 months. If Favre and the Vikings win the Super Bowl this year then I might go into seclusion for a week.

By the way, Minnesota's coming out of the NFC. San Diego's winning the AFC. There's my Super Bowl pick, we'll talk more about this later.

Notre Dame - I can officially say that Notre Dame football is now the #4 most hated team on my most hated team list. (Behind the Yankees, Cowboys, and Lakers) Why? Because like the Dallas Cowboys, maybe more so than the Cowboys, I have to hear about EVERYTHING that goes on with their football team on a daily basis. I think living in Ohio where the heavily Catholic-populated region just loves everything involved with Notre Dame, yet for the life of me they've never been really good since I was 5 years old. (1988 National Championship under Lou Holtz) There's no way in life Jimmy Claussen should've ever been considered for the Heisman trophy, I'm sorry but when you finish with a 6-6 record, you can't be a Heisman contender. Jimmy's a good QB, but no Heisman. Charlie Weis was ill-prepared to take that job, and honestly that's the AD's fault, not his. The Irish hasn't sent a 1st-round draft pick to the NFL in the last 15-plus years (I'm not counting Brady Quinn, because he shouldn't have went at #22) and their defense is putrid.

Maybe its the baby boomer generation who grew up idolizing the Notre Dame program, and to that I can understand to the fullest. As a matter of fact, I actually WANT Notre Dame to be good, it makes college football a better place. However, get good first then holla at me.

ESPN, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, and all you other sports bloggers...do me a favor, and miss me with some of that BS. What I do need is insight on why John Wall might be the best PG Calipari's ever had. What I need is insight on Roy Halladay's impact to Philly. What I need is insight on why Alabama's Mark Ingram's gonna run wind sprints up and down Texas' defense on January 7th (lol). That's what I need.



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