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That's The Reason Why I Don't Write About Jacksonville...

Indianapolis 35, Jacksonville 31...

Let me tell you all a quick story. Back in the days when Ed was a very young man growing up in Oklahoma, he quickly grew a fond love for the game of football. Instinctively, he knew that seeing his home state Oklahoma Sooners & Oklahoma State Cowboys would be long-time favorites in his life. How could you not love the Sooners and the 'Pokes? This is how its supposed to be.

As for the NFL? That was a different story.

See, growing up in my hometown in Oklahoma (Lawton stand up!) you have young kids who are inundated in military life, so their families come from different parts of the country. Therefore you had fans from all over the country in my hometown. However, as kids we also made choices based on who we saw on television (and for who was good at the time) therefore a ton of people were Cowboys fans. All you folks from Oklahoma who read me, you know that I am telling the truth, hell you might be one of them. Moreover, there were a lot of 49ers fans and Packers fans as well, you know because they were the hot teams in the '90's.

Me? Well, I'm hard-headed and difficult. Even as a young man, I never liked the teams that everyone else liked, and its lead me to be the type of sports fan that I am. When it was announced that the city of Jacksonville would get a new team, calling themselves the "Jaguars" and I saw those cool colors...I was hooked. I figured, hey...they're brand new, I can claim them all for myself, and we can go against the world! This was me at 12 years old saying this. What the hell was I thinking? LOL...They went and got one of my favorite players in Natrone Means (business) and quickly became a great team in the AFC. Mark Brunell, James Stewart, Fred Taylor, Jimmy Smith, Keenan McCardell, Tony Boselli, Tony Brackens, Kevin Hardy, Carnell Lake, Donovin Darius...I'm just saying, this is my team.

With that being said, I've learned to be honest about what I see with my team, and it eludes me back to Indy 35, Jax 31. You know when your team isn't that good, and this Jaguars team isn't a good team. I'm sorry, but when you get beat by a horrendous Seattle Seahawks team FORTY-ONE to ZERO! Yes, all caps and spelled out. This is a team that cannot cover dirt when it comes to pass defense. Their run defense has holes like swiss cheese. For David Garrard as good of a QB he has become, he is woefully inefficient and makes the Jags offense highly unstable. I'm afraid for Maurice Jones-Drew, he might burn himself out in 3 more years and start breaking down. Jack Del Rio isn't a bad coach, he's actually pretty good. I think he's got a lot of square pegs he's trying to fit into round holes, and that's not his fault.

So seeing Jacksonville score 31 points on a now 14-0 Indianapolis Colts team, I was ecstatic...and I made the mistake that every fan makes when they have a team they root for that's as inconsistent as the Jaguars.

I bought in.

I started rooting and pleading for them to win against Indy, a team that we've played as tough as anyone in the NFL and 9 times out of 10 we've come up short time after time after time. One deep bomb to Reggie Wayne (and a missed tackle, the worst) and 4 bad throws by David Garrard in a 2 minute drill at the end of the game spelled the end of Jacksonville Thursday night, and maybe the playoffs.

I was more mad at myself for buying into Jacksonville one more time, but I guess that's what being a fan is all about, and truthfully there's no more torturous time to be a fan then for rooting for a team who can pull your heart out again and again and again.

That's why I don't write about the Jacksonville Jaguars, but please believe...I'll be back, hoping that we can pull out another miraculous victory against those dastardly Colts, those fiendish Titans, and those hooligan Texas...and don't bring up those goons aka the Steelers. I am a Jacksonville Jaguars fan, now leave me alone.


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