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"I am the straw that stirs the drink." -- Reggie Jackson

This is my portfolio page. Please look around and check out my work. Afterwards, I encourage you to reach out and connect for a conversation! (Hopefully over drinks!)



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Eduardo (Eddie) Maisonet, III

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Birthday: July 28
Phone number: 213.537.3873
Website: www.thesportsfanjournal.com
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  • 2014-future

    Fox Sports Digital @ Yardbarker Editorial Producer

    Editorial and digital strategist for FOX Sports interactive media team, focusing on Yardbarker's social media engagement, publisher relations and new media verticals.

  • 2010-2015

    SB Nation @ Senior Writer

    Contributed to the news desk and editorial direction for NBA and college football.

  • 2013-2014

    Google @ Operations Coordinator

    Led onboarding of small and medium-sized businesses onto Google My Business platform.

  • 2009-2011

    Nielsen @ Retail Consultant

    Served as a retail consultant and consumer market researcher with a focus on Kroger and Safeway.


  • 2016

    University of San Francisco San Francisco, CA

    Sport Management Masters Program

  • 2005

    Langston University Langston, OK

    Bachelors in Organization Management

  • 2010

    Media Bridges Cincinnati, OH

    Radio and Broadcasting Certification

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300!!! (5 Bold Football Predictions and GO VOTE!)

300!!! (5 Bold Football Predictions and GO VOTE!)

In baseball, if a hitter hits over .300 then he is considered a phenomenal success. Think about it, baseball is the only sport where being successful 3 out of 10 times is a great thing. As a pitcher if you amass 300 wins, you are considered to be an all-time great, with longevity and willpower being main reasons for your success.

Here at ETSF, I realize that my articles are great about 3 of every 10 times and that my 300th post doesn't reflect any longevity and willpower that I have.
My 300th post just means that, like the movie, I'm a savage with my appreciation for sports and competition. How else do you think that I'm able to write 3-5 posts a week? LOL...that's why 3 out of 10 are only good.

With that being said, September is coming right around the corner and that means football is literally right around the corner. Call me nuts, but I have a 5 bold predictions for this pro football season...most of these will be wrong, but maybe it'll make you think...and no it won't be 300 of 'em lol...

1. The Seattle Seahawks will win 10+ games in 2009 and win the NFC West. From 2003-07, the Seahawks went 51-29, made 5 straight playoff appearances, 4 straight NFC West titles, and a super bowl appearance. Historically, Seattle was one of the most ravaged teams by injury in football history. The Seahawks got one of the top WR free-agents in '09 (Houshmandzadeh) and the top defensive player in the draft (Aaron Curry). Plus, Matt Hasselbeck is back, and when you can get a 3-time pro-bowler healthy and back in your lineup, your team is vastly improved. Seattle goes 11-5 in '09...

2. Maurice Jones-Drew will gain 1000+ yards rushing and 1000+ yards receiving this season. After looking at their schedule (paired with the NFC West), the loss of Fred Taylor to the Patriots, and the lack of big-time playmakers on the Jaguars offense, MJD is about to be running wild in '09. The 1,000 yards rushing will come easy, the 1,000 receiving? Well, he averages about 500/season...but again with being the only real featureback in Jax, that number should go up in '09...

3. The New England Patriots will go 15-1 in '09...and I'm probably being lenient with the Patriots. They have pretty much the same team that they had in '07, and they've added Shawn Springs, Joey Galloway, and Fred Taylor? WTF...their defense has gotten faster, and Brady comes back healthy from his knee injury in early '08. 16-0 could be a reality, but I have a feeling Belichek pulls off the dogs in week 17 and lets the loss sting a bit.

4. This season will be the end of Jake Delhomme. I'm not saying that the Panthers will fall in the tank, because they won't. They have a great rushing attack, decent playmakers on the outside, and a stout defense. However, in witnessing Carolina's self-destruction against Arizona was the writing on the wall that I personally have seen coming for a couple of years. Jake Delhomme is done. He threw like 37 interceptions in that playoff game and he looked horrible. How long has Steve Smith and that running game bailed him out? I can guarantee that in the 2010 draft, the Panthers will be looking closely at Sam Bradford, Jevan Sneed, or Colt McCoy.

5. The Washington Redskins will go 5-11 in 2009. Yeah I said it, The $100 million dollar investment known as Albert Haynesworth will not make a difference in this football team. Jason Campbell is an average QB at best. Clinton Portis still has about 2 years left but that o-line hasn't improved, and God bless Santana Moss but he needs some help, can Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas step up to the plate? Can Campbell even get it to 'em? Also, who do you fear on that defense? RIP to Sean Taylor but I'm not afraid of anyone on that team. I have no faith in Washington's coach Jim Zorn, I mean he was a SPECIAL TEAMS coach! 5-11 might be a nice suggestion, since they gotta go thru Dallas, Philadelphia, and New York this season.

BONUS - T.O. will have another great season in Buffalo. He's done it in Dallas and Philadelphia in his first year and he'll do it again in Buffalo. Sign him up for 80 catches, 1100 yards, and 8 TDs. Put it on the boooooooooooooooooard, YES!

Now...with that being said, today is the last day for voting for the Best Sports Blog on the net by the Black Weblog Awards Association. As you should know, Ed is a finalist. Please show your support of ETSF by voting for us as the Best Sports Blog on the net!
CLICK HERE to vote for Ed The Sports Fan today! The revolution will not be televised, but its sho' gon' be live!

So I say all of this to say, thank you for all of your support. 300th post down, 3,000,000 to go. Big thanks to the big homie Kenny Masenda, check out his other speciality, his spoken word/poetry game is on point. Stay tuned for some upgrades to the site and big things popping for 2010. G's up get ya cheese up!



Its A Damn Shame What Happened To Notre Dame...

Its A Damn Shame What Happened To Notre Dame...

**Quick Note: This is part 5 of the week-long series that covers the forgotten powerhouses of college football. On Monday, we covered the "Da U" aka the Miami Hurricanes, Tuesday we covered "Big Blue" aka Michigan, Wednesday's story was on Florida State, Thursday wall about "The Big Red Machine" aka Nebraska. In today's finale we focus on the powerhouse of all powerhouses, once-mighty Notre Dame. -Ed.**

The title of this post should really say it all, but for some of you young boys out there then know this...at no point in the history of college football, has there ever been a more dominant college football team in the land than the team in South Bend, Indiana. That team, is Notre Dame. Notre Dame is the Yankees, Celtics, or Packers, of this thing we call college football. That in being the historical lynchpin of powerhouses. I honestly don't have enough time in the day to go through the prolific history that Notre Dame has, but I can give you a couple.

The Fighting Irish have won the most consensus national championships (11) and produced more All-Americans (176) than any other Football Bowl Subdivision school. In addition, seven Fighting Irish football players have won the Heisman Trophy.

Yep, The Irish were pretty good.

However, lets be clear...I said were, pretty good.

Notre Dame hasn't had a skill position 1st-round draft pick out of their program in over 15 years...and for a program that had players like Joe Theismann, Joe Montana, Tim Brown, Jerome Bettis, and Rocket Ismail coming out of ND...

That's a big deal. Especially when every kid in America has dreams of playing in the NFL. Fact of the matter is, the only reason Notre Dame is relevant is because the media MAKES them relevant. They haven't been good our father Lou Holtz was coaching over 20 years ago, the years they have been decent have been sporadic as former coach Tyrone Willingham pieced together a 10-2 rookie season with yarn, barbwire, chicken string, and scotch tape. Everything went downhill from there. Then Charlie Weis came in and put together a couple of good seasons with Willingham's recruiting and went 19-5 in his first two seasons, in his last two seasons he's went 9-15.

So what do we make of Notre Dame? They've quietly got some killers in the league that fell in the later rounds...Justin Tuck, Ryan Grant, Julius Jones, Bertrand Berry, John Carlson, and the ever mercurial Brady Quinn are sitting nice on some rosters right now, so they are still getting talent...but are they capable enough to really be a powerhouse again?

I personally have never liked Notre Dame my entire life, but I swear more than Miami, FSU, USC, Oklahoma, Ohio State, Texas, Florida, Nebraska, Penn State...any team you can name out there in college football, EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WORLD has an opinion on Notre Dame. Go ask your co-worker, your mama, your best friend, your child, girlfriend, ask anyone about how they feel about Notre Dame and I guarantee they will have something to say. Doesn't matter if its hate in their blood or pure love, the feelings will be there. What are people's feelings about ND in '09?

We're about to find out in 2 weeks....



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The Big Red Machine Needs A Tuneup

The Big Red Machine Needs A Tuneup

**Quick Note: This is part 4 of the week-long series that covers the forgotten powerhouses of college football. On Monday, we covered the "Da U" aka the Miami Hurricanes, Tuesday we covered "Big Blue" aka Michigan, Wednesday's story was on Florida State. Today its Nebraska's turn. Stay tuned for the finale Friday as the fallen powerhouses keep on coming. -Ed.**

I can remember a day when the Oklahoma Sooners were not that good. Actually, I can remember a day when they were horrible. Even more fondly, I can remember when Texas wasn't good either. Back in the 90's with the end of the Big 8 conference and the formulation of the new Big 12 conference, no one was more dominant than the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

When you think about Nebraska, you obviously remember great running quarterbacks and, the option offense, and the "Blackshirts" defense. Lets be perfectly clear about who and what Nebraska was, The Big Red Machine was THE dominant force in college football in the mid 90's. This current Florida Gators squad is battling Nebraska's history, as they are the last team to win back-to-back national championships. NU is also one of just two teams to win at least a share of the national title three times in a four-year span (1994, 1995, 1997).

The thing is, you probably don't remember how many raw players the 'Huskers have actually had...

From back in the early 80's with All-American QB Turner Gill, who alongside Heisman winner RB Mike Rozier and #1 draft pick WR Irving Fryar, led Nebraska to one of the most dynamic offenses in college football history.

To the fantastic runningbacks of the 90's, like the widely fascinating (for good and bad reasons) tailback Lawrence Phillips, to Ahman Green, and Correll Buckhalter.

Not forgetting some of the most dynamic quarterbacks to have ever lived. Tommie Frazier and Eric Crouch have been spoken on here at ETSF recently in the greatest QBs of the last 25 years. However, don't forget Scott Frost who led Nebraska to the '97 championship.

Of course, remembering the old school (which old school for me is anything that happened before I was born, which in this case is 1983) and you remember that Roger Craig, Tom Rathman, and 1972 Heisman trophy winner Johnny Rodgers.

Oh yeah, big time shoutout to my boys from the hometown (Lawton, Oklahoma) and hometown stars and pro-bowlers Will Shields and Mike Minter, who unfortunately had to go to Nebraska because Oklahoma was on probation in the mid 90's for doing lines of cocaine, not going to class, and having relations with felonious, salacious women. Good times in Norman! BOOMER SOONER!

Plus, current NFL stars Ahman Green, Correll Buckhalter, Mike Brown, Barrett Ruud, Kyle Vanden Bosch, and Fabian Washington are still holding it down for Nebraska, however...with the desire to go to a spread offense and come like everyone else in the Big 12, and the blackshirts turning into forms of grey, yellow, and orangeshirts, or any color that would resemble soft...can Nebraska be good anymore? They are in Nebraska for goodness' sakes, who wants to go to Lincoln for fun? As an Oklahoma fan, they need to be good enough to face us in the Big 12 championship, no offense to Missouri, but that's Nebraska game. However, Nebraska should still lose to Oklahoma every single time.



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It’s Time For Florida State To Return to Glory

It’s Time For Florida State To Return to Glory

**Quick Note: This is part 3 of the week-long series that covers the forgotten powerhouses of college football. On Monday, we covered the "Da U" aka the Miami Hurricanes, yesterday we covered "Big Blue" aka Michigan, and today we bring you Ken's story on Florida State. Stay tuned for Thursday and Friday as the fallen powerhouses keep on coming. -Ed.**

7-6, 7-6, 9-4.

Those are the records for the past three seasons of the Florida State Seminoles. For some schools, that’s pretty solid, but they aren't just “some school.” When you are Florida State, and one of the most dominant programs in recent memory, that simply isn't good enough. In their defense, they have won two of their last three bowl games, but none of them were BCS-caliber. Their last BCS appearance was in 2005, when they matched up against Penn State, in the Orange Bowl. In a battle of storied programs, along with two coaching legends, Penn State came out the victor.

While they haven't experienced a complete fall from grace, they haven't won an ACC championship since 2005. They have the pool of talent available, in regards to recruiting in their state, but one problem could be there are so many schools in Florida, that the talent is being spread all over the place. Ed and I had this discussion recently, and it’s not even about Florida or Miami getting five-star talent; they are also competing against South Florida, Central Florida, FAMU, and other in-state schools. We all know recruiting is a huge tool in building your program, and if they can find a way to not only keep their talent in the state, but get them to come to Florida State, then they will be one step closer to returning to dominance.

This is a program that has produced one of the most well-known urban legends in college football history: The Great Charlie Ward. They also produced another Heisman trophy winner, in Chris Weinke. We can’t forget about Peter Warrick, and how raw he was. Folks would also be crazy to sleep on the fact that one of the greatest athletes of all-time, Deion Sanders, is a Seminole. LeRoy Butler, Terrell Buckley, and Marvin "Hitman" Jones were all Seminoles. On top of that, Ron Simmons, former All-American D-lineman/WCW World Champ/leader of The Nation of Domination/and one-half of the Acolytes went there! Lets look at the list of some of the absolutely sick and raw talent that has come out of Florida State in the past 15 years.

Offense – Chris Weinke, Warrick Dunn, Greg Jones, Lorenzo Booker, Leon Washington, Anquan Boldin, Peter Warrick, Laveranues Coles, Javon Walker, Tra Thomas, Alex Barron

Defense – Derrick Brooks, Everett Brown, Antonio Cromartie, Darnell Dockett, Chris Hope, Dexter Jackson, Bryant McFadden, Peter Boulware, Michael Boulware, Samari Rolle, Ernie Sims, Pat Watkins

Something you might not have known about with Florida State, Fred Biletnikoff played for the Seminoles and put in major work. For that work, he got an award named after him for the country's best collegiate wide receiver. Respect due.

Also know that at one point, Florida State was known for having the...well, really salacious looking women. Especially in the stands...

And if you don't know the story of Myron Rolle, the All-ACC safety who decided to give up a year of playing pro football to become a Rhodes' Scholar, then you need to catch up on his amazing achievement.

Of course, I can't talk about Florida State and not mention of the true legends of college football, The Great Bobby Bowden. I won't even front; Bobby Bowden is, and always has been, my dude. I’ve always thought he was a great coach, and just a damn cool dude. He's one of those old men I would sit down, and shoot the breeze with all day long. A lot of people wish he would just go away, but if he wants to coach the Seminoles forever (and it seems like it may happen), I have no problem with that. The NCAA's throwing their weight around, and attempting to tarnish his legacy (as well as his unofficial chase of all-time wins against Joe Paterno), but even they can't change the fact he's one of the best that’s ever done it. For pure selfish reasons, I want to see them be raw again, and there is no reason they can't.

What's it gonna take for the boys of Tallahassee (sorry FAMU) to turn it around? Let us know!

-K. Masenda

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Believe It or Not...The Michigan Wolverines Used To Be Raw

Believe It or Not...The Michigan Wolverines Used To Be Raw

**Quick Note: This is part 2 of the week-long series that covers the forgotten powerhouses of college football. On Monday, we covered the "Da U" aka the Miami Hurricanes, today we cover "Big Blue" aka Michigan. Stay tuned for Wednesday thru Friday as the fallen powerhouses keep on coming. -Ed.**

I was sitting at home, watching ESPN News one day, when something came across the ticker that made me sick. It simply read:

“Michigan plans on using three different quarterbacks in the season opener against Western Michigan.”

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Once upon a time, the Michigan Wolverines were the class of the Big Ten, and one of the best teams in college football. Maybe Lloyd Carr saw the writing on the wall, and got out of there at the perfect time, because they are the complete opposite of what they once were. Opponents would come to The Big House, and know they not only had to deal with a great team, but also had to deal with 100,000+ fans in the stadium.

Back in those days, there were monsters at every position. To give you an idea, since 1994, Michigan has produced Ty Law, Tom Brady, Jon Jansen, Charles Woodson, Braylon Edwards, Amani Toomer, Tim Biakabutuka, John Runyan, Dhani Jones, Tyrone Wheatley, Steve Hutchinson, Jake Long, Lamar Woodley, and many more. They have produced a League MVP and the best quarterback in the decade (Brady), the ONLY Heisman trophy winner on defense (Woodson), and all-pro linemen (Jansen and Runyan), and more Super Bowl winners as well (Cato June and Lamar Woodley). That’s why last season’s 3-9 season was so hurtful for fans, former players, and alumni of the Wolverines, and exactly why they must improve from last season.

I know Michigan is rebuilding, and I have faith that Rich Rodriguez and staff can make them contenders again, but My God: last season was a disaster; it was pathetic, deplorable, disgusting, and just absolutely terrible. Their schedule isn’t completely murderous, so it should help them do well, especially since they are a young team, and still are getting used to the Rodriguez Regime. If nothing else, just get to a bowl game, even if it’s one of the ones played in mid-December. Hopefully they will make all the right steps this season to improve, and if so, the Big Ten and college football will be better for it.

What else can Michigan do to improve? Will the Rodriguez Regime = success??

Be easy.

-K. Masenda

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I Miss The Miami Hurricanes aka "Da U"

I Miss The Miami Hurricanes aka "Da U"

**Quick Note: This is part 1 of the week-long series that covers the forgotten powerhouses of college football. Stay tuned for Tuesday thru Friday as the fallen powerhouses keep on coming. -Ed.**

Being a man from Oklahoma (I'm a Sooner Born, I'm a Sooner Bred...I'll be a Sooner till I'm dead), the title alone could come across as absurd. However, for a stretch in the late 90's to the early 00's, I really did like the Miami Hurricanes aka "Da U".

As with all the great teams that we've grown up with, juggernaut Cornhuskers, the fiery Seminoles, the overwhelming Sooners, the arrogant bastards of USC, and the current top dogs of these Gators, there's something about those Hurricanes that made me appreciate them a bit more than everyone else.

Miami had swagger before the word was ever invented. I mean, its got to take something to make the colors of Orange and Green look that raw right? As Butch Davis, coach of Miami from 1995-2000, soon realized...he had two goals, one to sell any player that stepped on that field that he would do whatever it took to make them great...and two that when you step on that field you have no mercy on your opponent.

Check and check.

Now, I don't need to go through the laundry list of players that are in the league right now from Miami. They are the gold standard of sending elite players to the league. There isn't a program that's done it like Miami. USC is the only program that's come close, but even then, when you start looking at all-pro players no one is close. The simple fact that I could make an entire team of pro Hurricanes in the league right now is scary. Don't believe me? Let me try real quick...

QB - Ken Dorsey, Brock Berlin, Kyle Wright (Ok, were bringing Vinny Testaverde back)
RB - Clinton Portis, Frank Gore, Willis McGahee, Edgerrin James
WR - Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Santana Moss, Sinorice Moss, Roscoe Parrish
TE - Kellen Winslow, Jeremy Shockey, Greg Olsen
OL - Vernon Carey, Bryant McKinnie, Eric Winston, Brett Romberg, Chris Myers
DL - Vince Wilfork, Jerome McDougle, William Joseph, Damione Lewis
LB - Ray Lewis, Jonathan Vilma, Jon Beason, Dan Morgan
DB - Ed Reed, Antrel Rolle, Brandon Merriweather, Kenny Phillips, Kelly Jennings, Sean Taylor (RIP)
KR/PR - Devin Hester

Ok, so Miami needs a QB in the worst way, and I think this is the first thing that current 'Canes coach Randy Shannon has got to address. They haven't had a legitimate QB there since Dorsey, and until they do...da U is in trouble. For the life of me, i wish that more football programs were like Miami in one sense, the players that went there actually give a damn about the program. They REP the program like none other. Not just because of a catchy nickname, or the "U" hand sign that you can make, but have you heard anyone from Miami talk about the program? It will fire you up.

So as much of a rival that Miami is to Oklahoma, I want to see Miami be good again, not just mediocre. Its not right, we miss you Miami, we miss you.

Anyone got any suggestions for Miami? Let it be heard...


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Football Players Who Do Dumb $#!t

Football Players Who Do Dumb $#!t

**Quick note: Thanks for the motivation to write this, Celia. Keep doin’ your thing, and make sure not to forget about the little people at ETSF, once you make it to Bristol. We want to be the first ones you give your exclusive interview to!**

If there’s one thing I cannot stand, it’s someone who just engages in stupidity. I mean, maybe they think their shit don’t stink, or maybe they just enjoy always being in the mix. Either way it goes, it gets on my nerves. With that being said, my tolerance for athletes who get in trouble is even thinner. They are earning millions of dollars, have the means to support their families, and are doing something they love; yet, they continue to get in situations they cannot get out of. What makes it worse is a majority of them look like me, and if you do not know what I, or Ed, look like, feel free to click here (the light-skinned cat with the Iron Sheik rag on his head is Ed, and the man in the video is me).

For the sole reason of wanting to keep this in blog-form and not to turn it into a dissertation, I will only speak about some of the football players who find themselves in trouble. I am actually a fan of a majority of them on the field, but off-the-field is an entirely different story, and their collective foolishness and overall stupidity has finally driven me to my wits end.

Plaxico Burress – The fact he was carrying a gun he didn’t have a license for, and shooting himself was beyond stupid. Of course, he didn’t mean to shoot himself, but he did it. Two years in prison may be excessive, but this crime was so ridiculous and so incredibly asinine, that I don’t have the energy to print up “Free Plax” shirts, or anything like that. On top of that, the man turned down a plea to do three months in jail, because he did not want to go to jail at all. I understand not wanting to go at all, but he had no juice, no leverage, and no say-so in this situation. I cannot describe any further how much his behavior baffles me. Simply put, it’s just hard for me to have any sympathy for this dummy.

Michael Vick – we are all familiar with what Vick did, so there’s no need in resurrecting it. The one angle that rarely gets discussed is the role of his boys in all this. Once everything hit the fan, his own boys were the ones who dropped a dime on him. If you’re going to be doing stuff that could potentially get yourself in trouble, then you should know who you’re dealing with.

Donte Stallworth – by all accounts, Stallworth seems like a cool dude. He certainly did something numerous people have been guilty of (driving while high and on that drank), but once he hit a man with his car, and the man died, it changed everything. Hindsight may be 20-20 in this case, but now he won’t be able to earn a living for the 2009 NFL season, and it all could have been avoided.

Adam Jones – some of the stuff he’s been arrested for seems ridiculous, but once again; when you’re a lightning rod for trouble, this can easily happen. He may not have even been looking for trouble, but just being in the elements of trouble is enough, especially when you’ve been in enough crap over the years. He was suspended for the entire 2007 season, and when he was brought back, he was never the same, while STILL getting his name caught up in foolishness. At 25 years old, he should be in someone’s camp, and getting ready for the season. Instead, it’s a strong possibility his NFL playing days are indeed over.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda

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How To Dominate Your Draft & Win Your Fantasy Football League

How To Dominate Your Draft & Win Your Fantasy Football League

One of the saddest sights to see is being in a fantasy draft and watching your boy go down in flames because he was picking off of a whim, or off emotion, or just plain hate. Ken, I'm sorry buddy, but I'm talking to you. LOL.

Seriously, ever since college I've always had folks asking me how I was successful in fantasy football, how to play, and what not. First off, I'm not the greatest fantasy sports player (Yes, I said sports. I'll play fantasy football, basketball, baseball, hockey, college pick'em, hell...I've played in a golf league before. Ok I'm embarrassing myself.) in the world. However, I know how to be successful, and at the end of the day you don't want to be that dude in last place and everyone says, "WTF are they thinking?" (looking at you Ken)

Here are some tips for you to be successful, take it with a grain of salt.

#1. COME PROPERLY EQUIPPED TO THE DRAFT - There's a reason why in July and August you see the magazine racks fill up with fantasy football guides with up-to-date rankings, profiles, and depth charts. They will help you. Trust me, just because you know sports and you love football does not make you a dunce by any means, however it makes you prepared. Too many times I've done drafts with people and they just show up. No paperwork, no guide, nothing. Also, if you're doing a live draft, don't eat until AFTER the draft. Drinks are fine (in moderation, don't be slid and be the one try and draft Mike Vick in round 3) but no food. If you have the Internet, go to a sports site where you can quickly access depth charts, knowing that the Saints #2 WR is still on the board (Lance Moore) in the 9th round would be a great add to your team.

#2. THE BEST STRATEGY FOR THE FANTASY DRAFT IS THE SAME AS A REAL DRAFT - As in, take the best player available on the board, at least for the first 4-5 picks. For as long as I can remember, the best way to win your league was to draft RB-RB in the first two rounds. They got the ball the most, and were the biggest points producers. NOT SO FAST My Friend! (Lee Corso what up) In recent years, passing plays has increased, time-share backfields have increased, and have you seen defensive backs try to cover anyone anymore, its impossible. So, if you have a chance to get an elite WR in round 1, go for it. If you just look at running backs and wide receivers, only 10 of the top 30 scorers last year were wideouts. (source ESPN) If you have a chance early, there's about 10 guys I would target at WR: Larry Fitzgerald, Randy Moss, Andre Johnson, Calvin Johnson, Greg Jennings, Steve Smith (CAR), Reggie Wayne, Roddy White, Anquan Boldin, and Terrell Owens. That's it, everyone else is similar after those 10. Do the math, there will be RBs still available later in the draft. Regardless, your first 5 picks need to be nothing but RBs, WRs, and a QB. That's it.

#3. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER - This may be the biggest thing that can help you, but for the love of God, learn the rules of your league! How many positions are allowed? Is there a flex position? Find out if the league is a Points-Per-Reception (PPR) league, if so, there's a premium on RBs who catch the ball a ton (see Stephen Jackson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Brian Westbrook, Matt Forte, and Reggie Bush). Also, don't watch SportsCenter to get an idea of how good players are, actually watch some games. Did Beanie Wells break a long run or did he methodically get his 100 yards?

#4. NEVER SHOW WEAKNESS AT YOUR DRAFT - I don't know how many times I've been a draft and someone will be waiting on their pick, they've got a player in mind, and they're hoping the person in front of them doesn't pick their guy. Then that person doesn't pick 'em and they go, "WHHHHHHHHHEW" or "Praise God!" or some craziness like that. Be confident and be prepared, yes if you have the #4 pick and you really want Matt Forte and he gets picked at #3, just know that you've got Maurice Jones-Drew or Clinton Portis ready to go as an alternative pick.

Also, if you are at the back-end of the draft and you don't think you'll be able to get great positional choices at RB for example, don't be afraid to load up at QB or WR. Trust, if you have the 12th pick in Rd. 1 and the 13th pick in Rd. 2 (back-to-back) in the draft and all the RBs are gone, don't be afraid to say, "I'll take Drew Brees and Tom Brady" because someone will be willing to pay for an elite QB.

Oh yeah, for you beginners, go do a Mock Draft. Trust me, this all sounds good until your under the gun and got 90 seconds to make a pick. Go practice.

#5. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, PICK A KICKER OR A DEFENSE UNTIL THE LAST TWO ROUNDS - Seriously, there will be some idiot that will pick a kicker in the 8th round, don't be this person. You will be either laughed at to no end mercilessly AND be talked about behind your back repeatedly. If you picked the #1 kicker last year (Stephen Gostkowski, Patriots) then he scored you 155 points. The #10 kicker last year (Matt Bryant, Bucs) scores 130 points. Over the course of a 16 game fantasy season, that's a 1.5 points/game difference. That's if you could predict the future! The same rule applies for defense. I don't care if you are a Ravens fan (looking at NFL Chick) do not take the Ravens defense in the 7th round. I will ridicule you to no end.

At the end of the day, fantasy football is just what it implies, its a chance to be a fantasy general manager of your own team. So have fun with it, talk sh*t, ridicule other owners, and generally try to make every inconceivable trade you can. Trust this, watching a game of football will never be the same.



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All hail the gunslinger...

All hail the gunslinger...

As we all know, yesterday marked the return to football of The Legendary Brett Favre. If anyone knows Ed, whether it’s on the Twitter, Facebook, or a personal level, whenever he talks about sports, the last thing person he wants to hear about is Brett Favre. As a matter of fact, Ed wrote a post last year called Sports Topics That Make Ed the Sports Fan Mad, and the overwhelming pick was Brett Favre. With that being said, I challenged Ed to write this story, especially since I love Favre, and if I do it, it wouldn’t be nearly as much a challenge for me. After he spewed a relentless barrage of profanity in my direction, he refused, so I (Ken) am writing the story (note from Ed - Ed doesn't hate Brett Favre, not at all. Ed just hates the ongoing media madness of Brett Favre. #4 killed about 38,000 brain cells of wasted thought for contemplating when/if he returned to the league, twice! He's here and its over, praise God.) With that being said…

…all hail Brett Favre.

Michael Vick Will Re-Revolutionize the Quarterback Position

Michael Vick Will Re-Revolutionize the Quarterback Position

If there’s one thing we take pride in at ETSF, it’s that we make a statement and stick by it. Granted, some of the statements and articles are pretty bold, but we honestly believe we know what we’re saying, even when it may seem like we have no idea what the hell we’re talking about. With that said, I’ve tossed around some scenarios and facts in my head and came to this startling revelation:

Michael Vick is still an athletic monster, and he will revolutionize the quarterback position in the NFL.

(Before people get angry and send hate mail, I’m simply saying he will change the position, not become the best that’s ever lived. He’ll be able to change how it’s viewed, and add another dimension to it, okay? Thanks).

Now here is what we do know. Vick went through three different systems while he was in Atlanta, and that my friends, is no cop-out. If you’re constantly trying to learn a new offense and new terminology, there isn’t much room to get a hold of something and master it, because it’s always changing. Now I won’t completely take all responsibility off of Vick. By his own admission, he was lazy. We also know he was trifling, because he would be the last one in, but the first one out. Simply put, he survived on being a freak-of-nature athlete, which is something we have seen plenty of athletes guilty of. Now that he’s in Philadelphia, that will change, which brings me to my next reason, The Great Donovan McNabb.

When Donovan McNabb came into the league, he was applauded by many, but also was criticized for relying too much on his athletic ability, aka running too much. It took some time, but after Andy Reid and the Philly staff got him to calm down, he became one of the top quarterbacks in all of football, and still is. McNabb is a great athlete, but he’ll probably even admit he’s nowhere near the athlete Vick is. People don’t accuse Vick of not being able to throw; they accuse him of having poor decision-making. In the past, if his primary targets weren’t open, then he’d be off to the races. I honestly think that can be reigned in, especially in the right situation, which I happen to think he is in. Besides that, it makes more sense for Vick to be able to have an example of someone who was once him: a great athlete and a good quarterback, who put in the work to become a great quarterback who can also use his great athleticism, when the situation arises. Hell, some folks get mad at Donovan for not running enough anymore, but it’s a good luxury to have.

Here’s my point: after taking all of the factors into consideration, this is the best fit for him. I still don’t know how they are going to fully use Vick, but what I do know is the Philadelphia Eagles are going to develop a quarterback. On top of that, I’m tired of seeing great athletes get to a certain level, and all of a sudden, they “aren’t skilled and competent” enough to be a quarterback. We could go all the way back to the high school level, when coaches put the best athletes under center, and tell them to go win a game. In high school, it’s so commonplace that it’s damn near the norm to put your best athlete at quarterback, and that’s just in Texas. If the kid is good enough, then he’ll go to college, and if he so happens to be the best athlete at that level, then he may be asked to do the same again, if he’s not converted to a wide receiver, or a defensive back first (insert Eric Crouch, Antwan Randle El, or any other collegiate athletic monster here). If he’s good enough to do THAT, then he may make the league, but since he’s not “prototypical,” then he can forget about being a quarterback (see Missouri’s Brad Smith; Tim Tebow remains to be seen). Michael Vick is lucky enough to be that one freak-of-nature athlete that came along, and may still have a chance to change the game. He’s in the perfect scenario to do so, and if he’s willing to flip the script and not fall into the old adage of “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” then he will indeed revolutionize the position.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda

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Eagle #7 Has Landed in Philadelphia

Eagle #7 Has Landed in Philadelphia

Being a sports fan is really strange sometimes...

I was listening to something on ESPN the other day, and the thing about sports is sometimes you really hate the players that play sports. You'll always love sports, but sometimes you hate the players because of the way some of the athletes act above the law, above the fans, and above any type of standard.

However, its not their fault. Its ours.

So for the life of me, I can't understand why I felt kinda bogus for Donte Stallworth for getting suspended for one whole year for hitting a pedestrian while intoxicated. With more of the evidence coming out, and the way that Stallworth handled the situation, I didn't think he'd get a whole year. However, do that same thing in your regular job and see what happens.

Just as in the case of Stallworth, I felt the exact opposite form of emotion when I heard that yesterday evening Michael Vick signed a two year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles. I can tell you that I was just finishing up my kickball game (we won 15-3, yessir) and was headed to get some food and drinks, and all of the sudden my phone just started going off..."VICK GOT SIGNED!!!" "McNABB to VICK!!" "EFF PHILLY BUT GO VICK!!" (Cowboys fans) "REDEMPTION IS IN PHILLY!!"

I myself, was totally elated. I mean mad scientist thoughts started creeping in my head...could you imagine the Wildcat offense with Michael Vick?

For example...you have Donovan McNabb at QB, Brian Westbrook at RB, DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Jeremy Maclin, and Mike Vick at WR. McNabb puts Vick in motion, playactions to Westbrook, Gives it to Vick on an end around...yet he looks up to pass!!?!? He's got Jackson & Curtis downfield, he's got Westbrook and Maclin streaking over the middle, & McNabb's in the flat (who could run or throw again) & you got one of the fastest men in football with a cannon arm...what the hell do you do?

Pray, that's what you do...pray.

The real football fact of the matter is this, Vick might've landed in one of the few "perfect" situations in the NFL. Philly's got a ton of veterans, a great front office, and a coach who has dealt with some heinous situations in the past as well. (see his kids, and T.O.) Really, I'm mad that I didn't see this coming to some degree. He knows the offense, knows some folks on the squad, and most importantly...there are no real expectations for him when he comes onboard. The simple fact that he didn't even have to work out for Andy Reid tells you how much they believe in Vick.

How is this going to play out? I have no idea. I do know this, Vick is going to put away any other relevant news that's out there. That means less of the "death panels" and Obama's health care plans. (Which is a good thing) Just realize that I never want to encourage anything that Vick did, hell...I don't want to encourage what about half of all athletes do, because I don't want to come off contradictory. I just want you to love sports, love football, and love what competition can do...it can bring out the best of us, and sometimes the worst of us.



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The Most Underappreciated Heisman Winner in My Lifetime - Charles Woodson

The Most Underappreciated Heisman Winner in My Lifetime - Charles Woodson

**Quick Note from Ken: Make sure to watch The Return of the Curl, Pedro Martinez, for the Phillies tonight. Also, my quest to reclaim my throne as King of Fantasy Football starts tonight, with the ETSF Fantasy Football Draft. It may even be televised, so stay tuned.**

The Heisman is the one award I have a true love/hate relationship with. Most of the time, I feel they do an excellent job of picking the best player in college football. Rarely have there been times when I thought they missed the mark. However, the pick in 1997 marks my favorite Heisman Winner of all-time. It also marks the only time a defensive player won this prestigious honor. I’m talking about none other than Michigan Wolverine Legend, Charles Woodson.

To really understand why it drives me crazy that this man’s name isn’t mentioned immediately when the word “Heisman” comes up is simple: since 1935, this award has been offense-dominated, especially quarterback-dominated. Before 1997, there were some cats that had placed in the Heisman voting, but there have only been three that ever finished in the top-two. One was The University of Penn’s Bob Odell, and that was back in 1943 (oh yes, your boy did the research)! The others were Iowa’s Alex Karras in 1957, and Pittsburgh’s Hugh Green in 1980.The finalists in 1997 included Woodson, Peyton Manning, Ryan Leaf, and Randall Moss. Manning was GREAT back in college, and Leaf wasn’t too shabby himself. Moss recently set the NCAA record for touchdown catches in a season, and on top of that, they all played offense. It’s safe to say the odds were stacked against Woodson, even with all of his exploits on the field.

When Charles Woodson was on the field, you could pretty much forget about whichever side of the field he was on. Receivers were terrified by him, and quarterbacks were mortified by him. If a quarterback threw to his side, the pass was either knocked down, or picked off. The man could cover; the man could hit; the man could catch, and he could tackle. Plus, he rocked Deion’s college number back in those days, and did it to the fullest.

No disrespect to Troy Smith, Sam Bradford, Ricky Williams, Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush, Ron Dayne (wait, all disrespect to that dude), or any other players who have won it, but when I hear the word “Heisman,” I think of Charles Woodson. All of these dudes were great, and I like most of them, but what Charles Woodson did was nothing short of remarkable. There are some cats that have made a tremendous impact from the defensive side of the ball for years, and hopefully more will come along. When they do, my only hope is voters recognize their brilliance, and give them a puncher’s chance to win the Heisman. Ed went with an atypical typical pick with Cal RB Jahvid Best for Heisman, but I think a DB (Eric Berry, Taylor Mays) could make a run at the Heisman this year. We’ll see how the year plays out, but for now, consider this a trip down memory lane of the most underappreciated Heisman winner of our lifetime.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda

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The 5 Greatest College QBs In The Last 25 Years

The 5 Greatest College QBs In The Last 25 Years

This debate started on twitter, had some vile conversations with Cephas from WTFMoments.org, and had some Blackberry Messenger debates with Kenny.

So this list will be highly inconclusive, inspiring, inaccurate, mind-blowing, hateful, and truly awesome all at the same time.
This "greatest" list will be qualified as the most dynamic, do-it-all, big-game winning QB in my generation. Please note that no professional success will be factored into this, so just like Christian Laettener was lame in the NBA, he was awesome in college. Same rules apply here.

With all that being said, here's the best of the rest.
QB's that didn't make the top 5.

Eric Crouch, Nebraska - Probably was #6 on the list of QBs, was the dream-killer of Oklahoma in the early '00's. Crouch is the all-time record holder for total offense in the Big 12 with 7,915. He is the 13th player in NCAA Division 1-A history to run and throw for more than 1,000 yards in a season.

Josh Heupel, Oklahoma
- QB of the 2000 National Champion Oklahoma Sooners. Made every big throw for the Sooners and got big time wins against Nebraska, Texas, and Florida State.

Tee Martin, Tennessee
- Peyton Manning might've been the better overall QB, but Tee Martin made every big play to get Tennessee a national championship.

Carson Palmer, Southern California - Carson owns seven Pac-10 career records and such USC player records as: total offense (a Pac 10 record 11,621), plays (a Pac-10 record 1,824), passing yardage (a Pac-10 record 11, 818), passing touchdowns (72, third on the Pac-10 ladder), completions (a Pac-10 record 927), attempts (a Pac-10 record 1,569). Palmer finished his USC season with a win at the 2003 Orange Bowl where he was selected bowl MVP.

Troy Smith, Ohio State
- During Smith's senior year campaign, he threw for a school-record thirty (30) touchdowns while securing a spot for his Buckeyes in the BCS National Championship Game. Following his senior season, he was also awarded the Walter Camp Award, Davey O'Brien Award, AP Player of the Year, Sporting News Player of the Year, and Big Ten Offensive Player of the year.


#5. Matt Leinart, Southern California - Matt is just the third quarterback in more than thirty years to lead his team to back-to-back national championships. In the process he led USC to three championship appearances and made every big throw the Trojans needed. The prototypical pocket passer to come out of the '05 draft, he was loaded with stars (Mike Williams, Dewayne Jarrett, LenDale White, Reggie Bush) however he was the lynchpin. Will go down as maybe the greatest USC QB of all-time.

#4. Vince Young, Texas - VY10 put together maybe the single-greatest game performance in the history of college football. The 38-35 Texas victory over USC in the Rose Bowl was truly magical. After the game, former USC and NFL safety Ronnie Lott said "Vince Young is the greatest quarterback to ever play college football." That gets you in the pantheon by itself. In his career he finished with a 30-2 record, and finished #7 on UT's rushing list with 3,127 yards. In his final year Young finished the season with 3,036 yards passing and 1,050 yards rushing earning him the Davey O'Brien Award.

#3. Charlie Ward, Florida State
- Ward won the 1993 Heisman Trophy and Davey O'Brien Award as a quarterback for FSU, and subsequently led the Seminoles to their first-ever National Championship when FSU defeated Nebraska 18–16 in the 1993 Orange Bowl. Charlie was a phenomenal athlete, and was the anchor on a phenomenal Seminole team that was loaded with stars like Warrick Dunn and Derrick Brooks. The simple fact that Ward never played pro football almost adds to his mystique, and his senior year he finished with a 70% completion percentage while throwing for over 3,000 yards with 27 TDs and just 4 interceptions.

#2. Tim Tebow, Florida
- God's 2nd favorite quarterback (behind Kurt Warner) is truly a talent from the heavens. Heisman trophy winner, 2-time Maxwell Award Winner, 2-time All-American, and more importantly 2-time national champion winner. #15 is the first Quarterback I've seen who was much more fullback/linebacker than the tall, lean or stiff, QBs that you usually see. Trust me, there is a huge chance that if I ever do this list again, he will be #1. If he wins another title this year, or wins a 2nd Heisman...I gotta put him #1.

#1. Tommie Frazier, Nebraska
- Tommie Frazier is widely regarded as the greatest option quarterback in college football history. Frazier led the Cornhuskers to the Sunshine State Triumvirate aka 3 consecutive national championship games ('93-'95) against Florida, Miami, and Florida State. Frazier quarterbacked the Big Red Machine to back-to-back national championship in '94-95, the last team to do such a feat. Frazier was maybe the best big-game QB of our generation as he is the only player ever to win MVP of three national championship games. He finished with a career 33-3 record, and maybe pulled off one of the most back-breaking plays of all-time against the Gators...

The man had blood clots in his legs, and never got to showcase what he could do in pro football, and as much as I hate to crown a Cornhusker...he's #1 on this list.




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The Weekend That Was (Bengals, NFC East, Using Kids as Autograph Bait)

The Weekend That Was (Bengals, NFC East, Using Kids as Autograph Bait)

Never underestimate the power of a kid when trying to acquire an autograph from an extremely fatigued pro football player.

See, there's a reason I'm called Ed The Sports "Fan" because trust me, as much as I think I know about sports and think that I should be an analyst, 5th member of Around The Horn, special guest on PTI, or just replace Chris Rose on The Best Damn Sports Show, Period...I'm still a fan at heart.

So when me and the boys went to the Cincinnati Bengals training camp this Saturday in Georgetown, Kentucky and I had a chance to get them autographs...you know your boy had to come up!

Don't mind the towel on my head, it was hot as hell outside and I was trying my best to imitate the Iron Shiek. Anyway, big shoutout to my boy @jeremyksmith and his son Ameer for riding with us to camp. Who knew Ameer would be the bait for getting the Bengals to sign whatever we wanted.

So, while getting numerous autographs from the team (Roy Williams, Leon Hall, among others...plus big time shout out to Tom Nelson #43 of the Bengals for shouting out ETSF at camp. Hope he makes that final 53.) We realized that my dude Chad "Ocho Cinco" Johnson don't have time to do autographs. Not in a bad way, just that he literally had about 6,000 folks lined up trying to get autographs and we saw parents trampling kids to get they "Who Dey" Beer from 1974 signed by him so that they could immediately go on EBay and sell it. So pretty much we saw #85 sprint across the field to the locker room once the horn went off. Ameer cashed in though, Roy gave little man an autograph even though I yelled BOOMER SOONER loud as hell and he didn't even turn and look. (Lame moment) However, we threw Ameer literally in his face, and he was like "Damn" and signed the paper for ya boy.

FACT: Always bring a cute kid with you to any sporting event as this will heighten your chances for autographs by 43,792%.

Moreover, we were able to score a brief interview with WR Andre Caldwell (get at him on twitter @Caldwell87, big ups to Zeke for the connect) and get his thoughts on camp, his performance in the black and orange scrimmage, and his "plans" for the evening.

ETSF - "What's up fam, how you feeling after the game?"

Andre Caldwell - "I'm cool, I'm just so tired though man."

ETSF - "Damn, yeah it is hot out here. How you think you did in the scrimmage."

Caldwell - "Did well, got 3 catches, made a couple of nice plays. Receivers holding it down. Tired as hell though."

ETSF - "That's whats up, what Coach got you all doing rest of the week?"

Caldwell - "Off Sunday, going in pads for a couple of days, then we travel down to play the Saints in our 1st preseason game."

ETSF - "Ok cool, well...any plans for tonight?"

Caldwell - "Yeah, we gonna cool out and then the receivers are going to get it in at Mixx (club here in Cincy) tonight. Hard Knocks gonna be there filming. Its going down."

So from that brief interview I gathered the following: #1. Andre was tired as hell. #2. The "Receivers" must have a super tight knit relationship. Good sign. #3. Your boy Ed was definitely gonna be at Mixx trying to get on Hard Knocks. LOL

Anyway, so this was another stop on the "Shock The World" Tour coming to a city near you, where Kenny and I go to different sporting events around the world to encompass the true spirit of the fan. Earlier, Kenny brought us a recap of Cowboys camp down in San Antonio, and here's the youtube clip.

Big shoutouts to all the bloggers in the clip, because ETSF does appreciate yyou all because you all keep it 100. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Oh, by the way, did you all see UFC 101 on Saturday? If you ain't up on game with my dude Anderson "Spider" Silva than you need to get some new hobbies.

Also, just got some communication over the weekend to anyone who's gonna be in Chicago on Tuesday...ETSF has been given an opportunity to attend the exclusive Sprite Green Invitation to LeBron James' "More Than a Game" Screening. It’s anticipated that LeBron James will be in there to officially welcome everyone with a special introduction, so if you want to hang out with King James and drink some free Sprite Green, then I got 10 spots lined up for the readers. Click on this exclusive ETSF link to sign up.


Finally, while watching the first preseason game of the year last night, a very interesting conversation came up on Twitter while we watched the highs and lows of Vince Young on display against the Bills.

Who was the best college quarterback of our generation, that probably aren't the prototypical QB's for the NFL. We broke it down to 4 QB's, Tommie Frazier, Charlie Ward, Vince Young, and Tim Tebow. I personally think that the greatest QB performance of all-time might've came from Vince with his performance against USC, however I would say at this point that Tebow might be the best QB of our generation. Better than Tommie Frazier, better than Charlie Ward, and better than Vince Young. Trust me, this might be a post coming up soon...stay tuned.



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Message To All Pro Athletes, "Go Get Yo' Money!"

Message To All Pro Athletes, "Go Get Yo' Money!"

While having a breakfast conversation one morning with a few of my co-workers and a couple of clients, we discussed the recent chain of events that's going on in San Francisco and their 1st-round draft pick, Michael Crabtree.

If you're not aware, Crabtree is potentially threatening to holdout from signing a deal that the 49ers put on the table because he doesn't think its fair-market value. He sees what Darius Heyward-Bey just got ($38 Million) and yet knows that he was the more highly rated wide receiver coming into the draft. Negotiations are at a standstill and Crabtree's posing the question that he might just not play and wait till 2010. (Which would be nucking futs.)

So the sentiment from my coworkers and clients are that he needs to shut up, sign the contract, and just play. Which for any hard-working, middle-class, family-oriented person who is struggling just to make ends meet, pay bills, and worrying that his job will be cut due to the struggling economy this makes a ton of sense. You are about to make millions of dollars and live a life that 99% of the world would love to live.

However, lets understand one thing about playing a pro sport, especially playing in the NFL. If you've heard the statistic, you would know that the average tenure in the NFL is about 3 seasons. You also know that you will leave the NFL more banged up health wise than when you came in. (Just read a story about WR/KR Dexter Jackson from Tampa Bay saying that he had to stop returning kicks because he wasn't used to getting hit that hard, that many times in a given game.) The NFL is a rough game, and just like freshman classes in college, it will chew you up and spit you out. Go ask Tim Couch, Napoleon Kaufmann, or Ryan Leaf.

Plus, understand this, if you're Crabtree, and you got Patrick Willis, Frank Gore, Issac Bruce, and other high-paid players on the squad, they are trying to keep up with the status quo. Now, I'm not saying that this excuses athletes from being fiscally responsible with their income, but when you see Frank pull up in his custom Mercedes Maybach Benz with the custom leather seats with "FG21" in the headrest talking about, "I'm gonna be in DUB Magazine with this one", Crabtree's gonna say, "I gotta get me one of those." LOL...

A sad fact I read recently was that at least 50-60% of pro athletes live paycheck to paycheck. Like, I know right now, I live paycheck to paycheck and I make good money, and when I move into my new place next week (who wants to help me move) I know that I'll get my savings back up and be cool. However, my salary (not ya business lol) is like one-quarter of a game check that Crabtree might get. So, its tough to consider feeling remorseful for the man's situation. So lets look at it another way.

Darius Heyward-Bey signed a contract for $38 Million ($23M guaranteed) over 5 years.

Immediately cut that in half for taxes (about 45-48%). $20 Million remaining.

Give $1-2 Million of that to your agent. $18 Million remaining.

He's in the bay area, so he's going to buy at least 2 houses (probably about $750K per house. Get one for mama, one for him), 2-3 cars ($25K one for mama, $80-100K, two for him), and at least $100,000 to furnish the houses (that's probably a low number), plus let's say $50,000 just to get his wardrobe right. That's another $2 Million right there. $16 Million remaining.

If he's got a girlfriend, take away another $1 Million. If he's got a wife, take away $2 Million. Plus groupies and old-flames he was busting down in high school and college, so that's another $250-500K. So we'll settle on $1.5 Million. So that's $14.5 Million remaining.

We haven't even talked about ANY extended family, or the entourage of homies. That's another $1 Million. $13.5 Million remaining.

Keeping lawyers, attorneys, and consultants on deck for all legal purposes, that's $500K. $13 Million remaining.

So the man went from signing a $38M deal over 5 years, roughly a little of $7M/year, to now an actual number of about $13M over 5 years, or roughly about $2.5M/year.

He ain't bought any groceries, bought flat screens for the bathroom, hired the personal chef and cleaning crew, flew on any vacations, child support, insurance, utilities, went and made it rain at any strip clubs, get a connect to the weed man, did Vegas, or anything like that yet. And we all know that they WILL do a majority if not all this stuff plus more.

So live the life, and get the money to afford it. Because living paycheck to paycheck sucks, be smart and get that money.


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Natural Born Killaz: The NFL Edition

Natural Born Killaz: The NFL Edition

One of the things I love the most about football is the physical nature of it all. It’s truly a man’s game, and anyone who isn’t man enough to go out there and lay it on the line may as well stay at the house. The following list is a group of players who put the fear of God into the hearts of every opposing team they play against. Hell, they may even scare some of their teammates. I have love for all of them, and can’t wait to see them get it goin’ once the season starts. There are plenty more who fit the bill; these are simply the five that immediately come to mind as of right now.

MLB Ray Lewis, Baltimore Ravens – I’m convinced Ray Lewis will be the scariest man in the NFL until the day he decides to retire. The man has been in the league over a decade, and still puts fear in anyone who totes the rock. Ask Rashad Mendenhall, Kellen Winslow and Ahmard Hall, and they’ll tell you. This man will hit you, talk s*it, dance, and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.

FS Ryan Clark, Pittsburgh Steelers – The Wes Welker annihilation woke me up, but when damn near killed Willis McGahee in last season’s AFC Championship Game, I became a believer. There was also the time he was about to send Todd Pinkston to an early grave, but Pinkston weaseled his way out of getting decapitated (Redskins v. Eagles on ESPN). We’ll see if he’s someone who’s a one-year wonder on this list or not, but he definitely belongs at the moment.

RB Marion Barber, Dallas Cowboys – You have to include this dude as a true natural born killa, once the NFL came in, and re-emphasized the legality of stiff-arming people in the face. Of course, others have done it over the years, but I can’t remember the last time someone’s face looked like it was about to pop off, and that’s the impact Marion the Barbarian has with his stiff-arm. If you think he’s undeserving, ask Rodney Harrison, someone who rarely (if ever) got punked in his career or anyone else fool enough to tackle him one-on-one.

WR Hines Ward, Pittsburgh Steelers – Keith Rivers, check. Ed Reed, check. Bart Scott, check. Nick Ferguson, check. We could go on all day about how Hines Ward has been the best blocking wide receiver in years, but all you have to do is check the tape. He’s as dangerous without the ball in his hands, as he is with it. The dude does with all with a smile on his face, which adds even more insult to injury. Oh wait, you said you wanted to see that bone-crushing block from last year? Well here you go...

DE Jared Allen, Minnesota Vikings – You could put more than one person from the Vikings front line on here and you wouldn’t go wrong, but I’m going to give the nod to Jared Allen. Dude’s been a beast since he came into the league, and there’s no doubt in my mind he’s not only one of the best at his position, he’s solidified his rep as a grown-ass man and a natural born killa.


Be easy.

-K. Masenda

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Four-Point Play: Training Camp Edition

Four-Point Play: Training Camp Edition

**Quick note - if some of you didn't know, Kenny Masenda is the other contributor to this thing we call ETSF, he's currently at the Dallas Cowboys' training camp in San Antonio and will be reporting key insights from camp. Without further ado, here's the Four-Point Play.**

ONE - Why The *bleep* is Michael Vick STILL Without a Team?

Some people are not surprised that Vick is without a team, but I’m certainly one of them. There are some teams that have come right out and said they’re not interested (shame on you, Dallas). Others talk about how he’s an exceptional athlete, and leave it at that. Here’s my thing; there are teams in dire need of depth at the QB position (I’m talking to you, Minnesota). Why haven’t they made the move? Are they waiting on #4 to change his mind? Sure he’s rusty, but once he gets that out, I’m sure it won’t be anytime before he’s back to being the Vick people love, and defenses are terrified of.

TWO - Has the T.O. Show Changed Your Perception of Terrell Owens?

I won’t lie; before this show, I strongly disliked (damn near hated) the mere sight of Terrell Owens. Yes, he’s an accomplished receiver and a hard-worker, but he’s also been a thorn in the ass of many a team (no need to reflect on his history), but after watching this last episode of the T.O. Show, it’s changed my opinion of the dude. Seeing his interaction with his grandmother and watching him finally have a “come to Jesus” talk with his old man gave me an understanding of why the dude is the way he is. I won’t lie; it hit close to home. It doesn’t excuse all of his foolery, but I definitely understand now.

THREE - Is Twitter The Devil or is the NFL Trippin’?

I (Ken) don’t have Twitter, despite the urging of my homeboys (I’m looking at you, Ed), but I see why people dig it so much. Besides, why do I need it when I can always go to Ed’s Twitter page, and live vicariously through him? Anyway, I’m seeing the league crack down on Twitter, fining Antonio Cromartie for using it, and even talking about outlawing Twitter during games. Is it REALLY that serious, or is this more proof the NFL really is the No Fun League? In my opinion, it’s more of the latter.

AND ONE - Which Player is Going to Come Back from the Dead This Season?

I’m going with one of my favorite players in the league: none other than Chad Ocho Cinco. He looks to be motivated more than ever this season, and has finally stopped worrying about things he can’t control. Not only is he going to have a monster season, he’s gonna be an All-Pro.

Be easy.

-K. Masenda

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The ETSF College Football 2009-10 Preseason All-Americans

The ETSF College Football 2009-10 Preseason All-Americans

You know I had to do it. I'm pretty sure I'm going to make a ton of folks real mad on this list, so I'm going to do my best (yeah right) to be as fair as possible. Oh yeah, if you have a problem with this list, well...you can come see me about it, I'm in Cincinnati...that's all you need to know. Just ask for the nicest light-skinned dude in the game and they'll point you in my direction. With that being said, let's get this thang rolling.

QB: Colt McCoy, Texas - Look, I hate Texas, and they probably hate me, but I can't hate on Colt McCoy. When you go through a season in which you complete 77% of your passes in a season (NCAA Record) then you'll get some love from me. Pause. This award could have gone to two other QB's just in the Big 12 (Bradford, Robinson) and that guy that wears #15 in the SEC (God's 2nd favorite QB behind Kurt Warner), but McCoy gets his respect here and will prove it all season. (Hopefully except against Oklahoma)

Honorable Mention: Florida QB Tim Tebow, Ole Miss QB Jevan Snead, Oklahoma QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma State QB Zac Robinson

RB: Jahvid Best, California - I honestly really wanted to put "The Quizz Show" aka Jacquizz Rodgers here just on the performance he put up on USC, however I'm going to say it right now...Jahvid Best might be the best runningback to come out of Cal ever. Don't believe me?

Best was utterly dominant force against all Pac-10 foes last season as he went for 1580 yards on 194 carries with a conference high 15 TDs. Cal's been putting out tailbacks lately, and Best might be THE best. YouTube him.

RB: Jonathan Dwyer, Georgia Tech - The dominant force in maybe the coolest offense in college football, GTech runs what they call the "spread option" and they run the ball about 30 times a game. Good luck stopping him.

Honorable Mention: Oregon State RB Jacquizz Rodgers, Oklahoma State RB Kendall Hunter, West Virginia RB Noel Devine

WR: Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State - Probably the beasty-est WR in college football, he can do it all, beat you deep, go up and get it, or run you over. Being the focal point in the Pokes' offense, he might go for 2,000 yards this year. Seriously.

WR: Dez Briscoe, Kansas - Oh, you didn't know that you had to be named "Dez" to be on my All-American team? LOL, Briscoe is ill, period. The favorite target of Kansas QB Todd Reesing, he finds a way to find #80 as many times as possible. More in the mold of Brandon Marshall or Anquan Boldin, supremely physical. Oklahoma and Texas will have game plans specifically created to stop Bryant and Briscoe, should call it the "Dez Defense."

TE: Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma - Come on now, you know I was going to have a Sooner on here, but he is fully deserving. I remember a story my buddy Dave told me about Jermaine when they were in high school together in Ardmore, Oklahoma. He said that one time Ardmore was playing Ada and they had a receiver that was giving them fits all day, Jermaine said, "Let me get him." So they threw this 6'6" 250-pound monster on this wideout and he shut him down for the remainder of the game. Oh yeah, now he's the best tight end in football and guaranteed top-10 pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. Good luck Big 12.

OL: Russell Okung, Oklahoma State
OL: Ciron Black, LSU
OL: Trent Williams, Oklahoma
OL: Sam Young, Notre Dame
OL: Kristofer O'Dowd, USC

DL: Terrence Cody, Alabama
DL: Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
DL: Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska - Cody, McCoy, and Suh are all three defensive tackles and they know how to clog the lane. By brute strength and cunning quickness, these 3 find a way to dictate what the offensive line does and takes 2 linemen with 'em. They are what you would call, a linebackers' best friend.

DL: George Selvie, South Florida - The best defensive end in college football resides at USF, Selvie made our 2008-09 All-American team last year and will look to terrorize Big East QB's again this year. At 6'4" 250, he's rounded himself off as a total end, being able to use speed and power to get to the QB and snuff out run plays.

Honorable Mention: Florida DE Jermaine Cunningham, TCU DE Jerry Hughes, Syracuse DT Arthur Jones

LB: Brandon Spikes, Florida - The best linebacker on the best team in college football will get you on this list alone, but Spikes has been snuffing out big plays for the Gators for 3 years now and he could be a major reason why the Gators go 3 for 4 in titles come January.

LB: Sean Witherspoon, Missouri - Led nation in tackles with 156, enough said.

LB: Navorro Bowman, Penn State - When you start to be compared with legendary 'backer Lavar Arrington, you can make my list.

Honorable Mention: Oklahoma LB Travis Lewis, Baylor LB Joe Pawalek, Boston College LB Mark Herzlich

CB: Joe Haden, Florida - Haden has good speed and even better quickness, and he does what you love to have most from a cornerback, he makes plays. He'll be locking up other teams best wideouts, should be fun to watch.

CB: Trevard Lindley, Kentucky - One of the most underrated players in college football, his name will be widespread by January. Now a senior and 4-year starter in the SEC, he'll look to continue to build on last season's success of 4 picks and 15 passes defended last season.

FS: Eric Berry, Tennessee - Ok, when you start being considered a HEISMAN candidate on the defensive side of the ball, you're going to make my list. However, when you play safety makes it all the more interesting. #14 is getting some lofty projections on his potential, and when you lead the league in interceptions (7) as a sophomore, that's going to open up some eyes. Lets see how many plays he makes in '09 as QBs will be weary of where he is, should be fun to watch.

SS: Taylor Mays, USC - There have been some great safeties who have come out of USC...Ronnie Lott and Troy Polamalu immediately come to mind, and I'm sure that when its all said and done Taylor Mays will ascend to their status. Funny thing is, he plays like neither of them. His favorite player to watch has always been the immortal Sean Taylor (RIP) and I will go out on a limb and say that he does remind us of "The Hitstick King". He's got work to do, but there's no doubt he's the hardest hitting safety in college football, something that Lott, Polamalu, and Taylor would all be proud of.

Honorable Mention: Cal CB Syd'Quan Thompson, UCLA, CB Alterraun Verner, Georgia Tech FS Morgan Burnett

KR/PR: Mardy Gilyard, Cincinnati - Quite possibly could've made this list at WR, but he's guaranteed to make it as a return man. The work he did against Oklahoma was ridiculous. Trust, everyone here in Cincinnati let me know that they didn't care that they lost, just that Gilyard pretty much ran wind sprints up and down the field in Norman.

K: Kai Forbath, UCLA

P: Zoltan Mesko, Notre Dame

Let the debate begin...who'd I leave off? Who's going to win the Heisman in 2010? Let us know!


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