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2009 New York Jets = 2000 Baltimore Ravens???

As soon as you read the title, I would bet $100 that you nodded your head in agreement.

Watching the performance the New York Jets have put on in this postseason has been a revelation on what "true" defense can do to a football game. Defense wins championships is a moniker that every football fan can understand, but elite defense is probably the coolest thing in the world to watch about football. Don't believe me? Let me send this safety blitz to your cerebral cortex real quick.

When everyone starts to reflect on the greatest Super Bowl dynasties and teams of all time, who do most people bring up? Some folks with a recent memory will say the Patriots' teams of the 2000's, or the Cowboys teams of the 1990's. Those with a historical perspective will mention the 49ers' teams of the 1980's and the Packers + Colts dominance of the 1960's.

However, the greatest dynasty of all-time is without a doubt the 1970's Steelers teams...and everyone's favorite Super Bowl Champion team of all-time is the 1985 Chicago Bears. What was their calling card? An elite defensive unit. It won those teams championships in a way that was ultimately befuddling to some of the greatest teams of their generation. More importantly, I think they were the most memorable and truly entertaining. We can recall a recent team that invokes a similar memory to the 1985 Bears, who was just as feared and similarly built...the 2000 Baltimore Ravens.

An elite linebacker core (Peter Boulware, Ray Lewis, Jamie Sharper), an elite secondary (Chris McAlister, Duane Starks, Rod Woodson, Kim Herring), and a very very good defensive line (Sam Adams, Rob Burnett, Michael McCrary, Tony Siragusa plus a rookie Adalius Thomas) led the way for domination in the AFC. They have multiple all-pros (not pro-bowlers, all-pros mean best at that position) at each level of the defense. Look at this listing of players again, are you kidding me? Do you remember how live the Ravens were in Madden? Folks used to do all-out blitzes and destroy folks in Madden.

The offense was formerly led by all-talent no brains QB in Tony Banks, who was then replaced by marginally talented but possessed adequate brains in QB Trent Dilfer. (Who by the way, is probably one of the best football analysts ESPN has. He deserves WAY more credit) A strong runningback duo in rookie RB Jamal Lewis and RB Priest Holmes, and newly acquired TE Shannon Sharpe was a lynchpin in bailing out Dilfer on many plays. Jonathan Ogden anchored an awesome offense line as well.

Brian Billick coached the unit, who's coaching tree has now employed SIX head coaches in the NFL...five of them still are coaching as of now. Jack Del Rio, Mike Singletary, Marvin Lewis, Mike Nolan, Mike Smith and......

Rex Ryan.

Yep, the same guy who coaches the 2009 New York Jets.

Look at the Jets roster. Aren't they almost EXACTLY the same as the Ravens?
I mean Sanchez is currently executing in a similar fashion to Trent Dilfer. Not a lot of throws, but when called upon can make the throw. A runningback duo in rookie Shonn Greene (Jamal Lewis) and Thomas Jones (Priest Holmes) have been running wind sprints up and down the field. Braylon Edwards, Jerricho Cotchery, and Brad Smith are possibly better than Jermaine Lewis, Brandon Stokley, and "The Missle" Qadry Ismail. Dustin Keller is in a similar athletically to Shannon Sharpe as well. Offensive Lineman on the Jets are extremely stout, hell D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Alan Faneca, and Nick Mangold are as strong of a left side of an offensive line as any team in the NFL. The Ravens line was quite similar back in 2000.

Defensively...the secondary looks pretty equal. Chris McAlister was arguably the best defensive back in 2000. Darrelle Revis in 2009? Yep. Rod Woodson at age 35 was still an elite pro-bowl safety, and Kerry Rhodes does his thing in centerfield. Linebackers Bart Scott (former Raven) and David Harris anchor the middle, and their combined talent equal to Ray Lewis lol. Ok, the linebacker core isn't as good as the Ravens. They run a 3-4, Ravens ran a 4-3. However the Jets OLB's (Calvin Pace, Bryan Thomas, and Vernon Gholston) all are quick and can get to the QB.

On Sunday afternoon, they'll be put up to the ultimate test. The Indianapolis Colts. We do remember that the Jets beat the Colts back in week 16 of the NFL season...also known as the Painter Bowl. Don't forget that the Colts were only up 15-10 into the 3rd quarter, and Colts Head Coach Jim Caldwell decided to take Peyton Manning out because he was getting hit. Why risk it? We saw what happened when Curtis Painter went in the game, yep...sack fest.

So I say all that to say this...can the Jets beat the Colts? I would never bet on it, but I wish all of my hopes, dreams, and ambitions that this would happen.






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