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The Eyes of Bradford Will Haunt You Texas...

As I sat there watching this monstrosity of a game last night between Texas and Alabama, and I saw what happened to Colt McCoy...all I could think of was what happened to Sam Bradford when they played Texas in the Red River Rivalry. Its a damn shame what happened to Colt, and its not fair to college football fans.

I'm not going to sit here and think that Alabama would have won or lost if Colt McCoy played in that game. Alabama threw out an extremely conservative gameplan against Texas after #12 went out the game, and Garrett Gilbert was wide-eyed and completely unprepared to face a defense in Alabama that Colt would've struggled with.

First off, was that the wackiest sequence of events for Alabama? Muffed kick returns, fake punt passes on 4th and 21, then a fluke hit on McCoy? I've never seen anything like it, but after that? Lets face it, that game was ugly and unappealing. Yes it got exciting at the end but that's because Texas got desperate and had no choice but to put the ball up in the air. (Which maybe they should've done a long time ago) Alabama's defense stopped the 4th quarter surge and secured the victory.

Would Colt have made a difference in the game? Unquestionably. Would Texas have won the game? Who knows, Alabama basically said, we're running the ball every time and will lean on our defense to get us there. Greg McElroy threw the ball exactly 11 times and when there wasn't a play to be made he took the sack or threw the ball away. Heisman winner Mark Ingram got his 116 yards and 2 TDs while ushering the next great Alabama back into the fold in Trent Richardson as he got 109 yards and 2 TDs.

You all watched the game, so I don't need to re-labor the points that have already been made. My question to you all is this...do you feel cheated from this game? I do. I want a redo, a mulligan, something. I know we did back in October as Bradford laid there writhing in pain, (AGAIN) and I know Texas does for last night.

The Eyes of Bradford Will Haunt You....

Thoughts on the game last night? I feel like a just hooked up with a chick who I thought I really liked, to only wake up at 5am to see she left in the middle of the night and left a $20 on the nightstand. LOL wow, yes I did just type that. I'm just saying, where do we go from here?



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