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I aint mad at cha, Lane Kiffin

Is there a bigger pariah in college football right now than Lane Kiffin? It seems like everyone is taking their shots at the man, which I can understand. If you’re a Tennessee Volunteer fan, you may feel betrayed by what he did. Hell, if you’re a fan of “right from wrong,” then you may even be upset. To be honest though, I don’t have anything against Lane Kiffin for what he did, and I’m led to believe there are even more people who feel the same, but their voices are being drowned out by the sounds of mattresses being burned to the ground, folks making signs to curse the man into damnation, as well as anything else that shows understanding for him making this move.

Let’s get some things straight here. If Pete Carroll doesn’t leave USC, then Lane Kiffin doesn’t leave Tennessee. I don’t see Kiffin doing this for any other job in college football. When he stood at the podium in Knoxville, and talked all that trash about wanting to sing Rocky Top all night long after beating Florida, I believed him. Some people are saying he left, because he couldn’t handle the competition of the SEC. Man (or woman), please. I certainly don’t take Kiffin for being a punk. He left, because his heart never left USC, and when the opportunity presented itself to go back to Southern Cal, he bounced.

When I think of Tennessee these days, I think of RC Cola. RC Cola is a good soda, a nice one to satisfy your taste buds, and I would know, from having my fair share of RC Cola while I travel across the state, shocking the world at various high school football games for the past two years. Hell, RC Cola may even be considered great, depending on who you ask.

On the other hand, Coca-Cola is USC. When it comes to coke, Coca-Cola is the number one soda in the soda land, and as much as I love RC Cola, I drink RC Cola at football games, only because Coca-Cola isn’t available. I’ve never gone to an event, saw RC Cola and Coca-Cola being offered simultaneously, and told the person behind the counter “lemme get an RC Cola.” That’s because one is infinitely better than the other. That’s the best way for me to sum up Tennessee and USC.

For people saying Kiffin can’t coach, look at the timeline. He was at Oakland, and who on God’s green earth has succeeded in Oakland recently? Look at the show Al Davis put on when he fired Kiffin, and for people who want to use this as Exhibit A, then that’s reaching at its highest level. Oakland is a joke, and it all starts with The Old Man. When Kiffin got to Tennessee, I honestly think he did a better job than people give him credit for. He took all the weight off the players by acting a fool, talking crazy, and I can respect it, and even admire it, because his players didn’t have to do anything, except go out there and play football. As for recruiting violations, get the f--- outta here. I’m not going to grill him on that, especially when you see them happening at other schools, and happening at an extremely rapid clip.

The jury is out, as to whether Lane Kiffin will be a great coach or not. In his defense, when he was in Oakland, his quarterback was bum-ass Jamarcus Russell, and at Tennessee, it was bum-ass Jonathan Crompton. At least he has something to work with at USC, with Matt Barkley.

Monte Kiffin will have the defense live, so I'm not worried about that side of the ball. He’s had opportunities, but they’ve always been abbreviated, and I think this will be the best test to see if he’s a high-caliber head man in charge. I honestly think he is, and that’s why I’ll reserve my venom to see him actually use his time to put something together. Like plenty of people say time-and-time again, don’t hate the player, hate the game. When it comes to matters of the NCAA, there are always two sides to the story. We could talk about how they should do something to change the language in a coach's contract, and maybe we will some day. For now though, the best way for me to sum this up is to wait and see what Kiffin can do, especially since he’s back in familiar surroundings.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda


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