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No celebration for an old man...

I'm not sure when it happened, probably after the 2nd or 3rd time Adrian Peterson thought he was dribbling and playing basketball for the Timberwolves, or seeing Brett Favre get DDT'd to the ground that something came over me like a rush.

I wanted the Vikings to win.

More importantly, I saw a man who at 40 years old was pulling a Paul Crewe (The Longest Yard, the original one...go watch it sometime you youngsters) and was seemingly trying to will his team to victory, no matter how much destruction his body took on in the process. It was in this particular moment when #4 got high-low'd by an oncoming linebacker moving like a locomotive and a defensive tackle who was roughly the size of Rhode Island that I truly realized what had happened to me.

Brett Favre had won me back.

I can't be the only one who felt this way, right? The Saints were playing the game not to lose, as the Vikings were seemingly playing to win...except for the fact that they had an affinity on putting the ball on the Saints' field turf. Over, and over, and over again. Isn't that cruel and unusual punishment? Especially for #4? I don't think I've ever really seen anything like that in my lifetime.

It reminded me of the final years of Jordan being in Washington, diving for loose balls trying to show the young boys how to play the game. It reminded me of a washed up Kirk Gibson literally hobbling up to the batter's box, swinging with one leg, and trying to literally hit a homerun with every swing. Thank God he hit that homer, or the images of him gimping around the base paths would have never happened. That's what makes sports such a spectacle. The moments. I remember watching the game with Jeremy and we both realized that Brett's body was hanging on by chicken wire, floss, and a fan belt, and also that there was no way in hell #4 was coming out of the game. It was awe-inspiring.

Minnesota outplayed New Orleans in every facet of the game, except for the almighty turnover. Drew Brees played okay, Reggie Bush might've earned himself another contract, and the Saints defense can definitely ballhawk. Take no credit away from them, Tracy Porter just got him a 4-5 year deal off of that game alone. Vilma and Sharper were laying the wood (pause) on Peterson and the Viking receivers. Yet, I feel bad because I don't think we're seeing the best team representing the NFC in the Super Bowl in Miami, and I think Peyton Manning's going to luck himself into a 2nd Super Bowl. Yeah, I said it.

Okay...I take that back, slightly. Indianapolis beating New Orleans wouldn't be a layup for Indy, not in the slightest. However, I do believe that they aren't seeing the best team in Miami. Nor do I believe that Indianapolis has really beaten a great team all year. Go look at their schedule for the season, you notice how many close games they had against teams that were average at best this season? Then realize the fact that they essentially played the #5 and #6 seeds in the playoffs to get to the Super Bowl. Didn't have to face San Diego or New England in the playoffs, and now they get the team that got the NFC Championship handed to them. The Saints.

I really hope the NFL gods recognize what's happening here. The Saints must win on February 7th...and not because of Katrina either, that was a long time ago. That storyline is going to be crammed down our throats (pause) and I might not watch ESPN for 2 weeks. The real reason the Saints must win is twofold, number one because it will be a crowning achievement for a team who's legacy is about as bad as the LA Clippers. Second reason is because if they don't win...then were going to have a QB in Peyton Manning who will be crowned as the best QB of all-time and I'm going to fight to the grave against that crowning, I truly believe he is a great QB but he's not the greatest of all-time, and he's credentials clearly state that fact.

And for all we've dealt with for the last two years of Brett Favre, are we at his homegoing so to speak? #4 made me forget about the media hype that we dealt with for months on end. Fact is I think Brett is like a tragic figure in some of those greek epic novels, as he was loved, hated, and now loved again. We're going to have a QB in Brett Favre who literally almost died last night, who played with supreme moxie, and made me believe in him again. How did I get here?

The football Gods owe me on this one, the Saints must win. It just has to happen.




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