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Talentless in Seattle...

My Uncle Bill has been living in the Seattle-Tacoma area for more than 30 years and was there when the Seahawks first touched down in Seattle. The Seahawks found a way to captivate the Pacific Northwest fanbase in a way that the Mariners nor the SuperSonics could not. However in all those years he told me that there has never been a player since Steve Largent (Tulsa, Oklahoma stand up) that struck fear in opposing teams. That's why my Uncle Bill's never been really confident in the Seahawks chances to bring a Super Bowl to the Great Northwest.

So what makes us think that by hiring USC's field general Pete Carroll and his goons coaching staff from L.A. is going to make this task any different?

First lets look at how USC got back to its national prominence. Pete Carroll took the USC job after a lukewarm 33-31 performance in the NFL. Trust me, you could do a lot worse than 33-31 in the NFL and be employed for 4-5 years in the league. Clearly when Carroll stepped into the gig in USC he improved the football philosophy that was being implemented, in the previous regime...there wasn't one. The team sucked, and for such a talent-laden pool of players just in California alone, its tough to imagine how the Trojans couldn't field a quality college team.

Carroll tapped into the hopes and dreams of every player who laced them up at USC, the ability to make the NFL a legit opportunity. How did he do that, running a pro-style offense and a pro-style 4-3 defense. By doing so, he made opposing teams conform to his style and he got players to come play in the Coliseum to perform like warriors. The result? 2 national titles and a legit claim for college football team of the decade. 3 Heisman winners in the decade (Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Reggie Bush) and so many 1st-round draft picks that Da U started to get nervous. Job well done by Coach Carroll and his crew.

However, does that success translate to Seattle? First off, he can't cherry pick talent in recruiting like he did in L.A. He was King in L.A., in Sea-Tac he gets the same 1st-round pick that every other team in the NFL has an opportunity of using.

Moreover, have you SEEN the Seahawks roster lately?

Let me put it another way...name 5 Seattle Seahawks players right now?



(Still waiting...)

Right. My point exactly. (Ok, for those of you who are super-obsessed fantasy football fans then your knowledge doesn't count) But seriously, who do YOU care about on the Seahawks? Matt Hasselbeck? He's a very good QB in my opinion, but the man is about to be 36 years old and has NO OFFENSIVE LINE whatsoever in front of him, especially now that Walter Jones is hanging 'em up. After the "legend" of Shaun Alexander went away, they have no legitimate tailback, they signed T.J. "Who's Ya Momma" Houshmandzadeh to be their #1 WR but we all know that T.J.'s NEVER been a #1 WR. He's clearly a #2.

From a defensive perspective, they signed Aaron Curry as the #4 pick in the 2009 draft and I would definitely say he hasn't set the world on fire, but he's a rookie so let him grow a bit. However...they have no secondary, no pass rush, and a scheme that looked raggedy in my personal opinion.

Fact is, Jim Mora had assembled a decent coaching staff up there and they blew it up to shreds after Holmgren got there and then knowing that they had a chance at Carroll. But what is Pete Carroll really gonna do? Will the ownership decide to spend some money on players? Oh wait, they gave $35M over 5 years to Pete. So do they have a young QB to take over for Hasselbeck who can lead Seattle back to glory? Oh, they have Seneca Wallace. Right.

Here's the one positive for Carroll, if I was a college coach then Seattle looks mighty attractive. Away from the big media, in an easier conference to win in with the NFC West, and that HEY! I'm Pete Carroll and I can get Will Ferrell to run out in his boxer shorts to fire my team up when need be...

Too bad the rich 25-year old football players already all know Will Ferrell as good as you do and don't get awestruck like poor 19-year old football players would. I sincerely think given time and a roster overhaul that Pete has a chance to make this thing right, but he's going to need some prayers answered at the same time.



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