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Today's Obituaries: Kurt Warner (1971-2010)

Kurt Warner (1971-2010)

Kurt Warner, 38, passed away on January 16th, 2010. He was born on June 22nd, 1971 in Burlington, Iowa. He is the starting quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, and is known for his miraculous story of being a looked over college quarterback at Northern Iowa, to bagging groceries, to being a Super Bowl MVP QB for the St. Louis Rams.

However, all of his past glory. One crackback block from hell ended the old man's career.

In the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, the Saints and the Cardinals squared off in what was supposed to be an immaculate display of offensive firepower. Unfortunately the Cardinals found themselves in a quagmire, already down 28-14 in the 2nd quarter Kurt Warner was being relegated to throwing on every play. Driving down the field, Warner attempted to make a throw over the middle. Unfortunately, defensive end Will Smith was "Johnny on the spot" and intercepted the pass.

Instinctively, Warner attempted to go make a play on the ball carrier. This is where it all went downhill, as he forgot that most of the defenders on that side of the ball are all 290 pounds and have a mean disposition. Especially towards quarterbacks. Bobby McCrary hadn't got to the QB all game, yet he got his chance to get his "Mark McGwire" on #13. He lifted that man into oblivion, and Warner landed all on his neck and shoulder regions. Kurt laid on the ground for roughly 38 minutes. Apparently, Matt Leinart Brenda Warner strapped up her his helmet and went into the game.

A foundation has been created in honor of Kurt Warner, in honor of the graybeard quarterbacks in the league. Please send any donations to the "George Blanda/Brett Favre/Steve DeBerg" Foundation. Evidently, Brett Favre just made a $3 Million donation. Thanks.



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