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Can We Get A Do Over? Lets Re-Draft...

There are certain things that you probably don't want to see when your favorite team is highlighted on ESPN's Bottom Line, you know things like...Player X is suspended for 20 games for trafficking cocaine. Player Y is suspended for playing with guns in the locker room. Player Z has been injured while slipping in the shower. Stuff like that.

However, if you were a fan of the Memphis Grizzlies, I know you weren't expecting to see this when you made your #2 pick in the NBA Draft last summer...

The Memphis Grizzlies are sending No. 2 overall pick Hasheem Thabeet to the D-League's Dakota Wizards, the team announced on Thursday. For even more hilarity, Grizzlies coach Lionel Hollins announced earlier this week that second-year center Hamed Haddadi of Iran would begin receiving Thabeet's minutes behind starting center Marc Gasol.

Yeah, folks in the twitter world would call that an #epicfail.

So lets become delusional for a second and see if we can right some wrongs for the Grizzlies (and the KNICKS for goodness sakes) and lets redraft the top 10 picks in the 2009 NBA Draft. With the 1st pick of the 2009 NBA Re-Draft...the Los Angeles Clippers select...

#1. Blake Griffin, Oklahoma - Los Angeles Clippers: This is still the right pick for the Clippers, of course you know it might've been helpful to let Blake get that surgery early on so that he could've helped the Clippers this season instead of being OUT for the entire season. Again, we would call that an #epicfail.

#2. Ricky Rubio, Spain - Memphis Grizzlies: At 6'5", he would've been an IDEAL selection for the Grizzlies, who already have OJ Mayo, Rudy Gay, and Zach Randolph who can score. Plus, with Marc Gasol on the team the Grizzlies would've had a Spanish influence on the team as well. Rubio is a phenomenal distributor, a true floor leader, and could've taken an already talented squad to new heights. Put it another way, who DOES NOT become a fan of the Grizzlies? Exactly. So in conclusion, #epicfail to the Grizzlies, and #epicfail for Minnesota drafting him AND Johnny Flynn, then not even trying to sign him. I'll get to this later.

#3. James Harden, Arizona State - Oklahoma City Thunder: It would be EXTREMELY tempting to take Tyreke Evans for OKC here at #3, as he's virtually the same size as Harden and a better offensive threat. However, for what OKC needed to fill out their team, Harden fits better. He's a better distributor, he actually plays defense, and he's a better shooter. Plus, his beard automatically makes the Thunder much much tougher.

(Ok...yes, I'm talking myself into this Harden pick. If I could do it over I would definitely take Evans or Curry here at #3. Sue me.)

#4. Tyreke Evans, Memphis - Sacramento Kings: No brainer, this was the right pick then and I think a redraft would keep Evans at #4. Maybe. OKC would have to strongly consider having Evans just play the 2, right? The only question I have is would the Kings have had an opportunity to make a different move dealing with Kevin Martin or maybe coming up with a better gameplan using the two together.

#5. Brandon Jennings, Italy - Minnesota Timberwolves: In the first of their two picks back to back, they originally went with Rubio here. If you're going to get the playmaker PG then you've got to go Jennings here. With Al Jefferson and Kevin Love down low they've got the frontline good to go. They need a playmaker, Jennings gets it done. Now their next pick is what baffles me, Jonny Flynn? Really? Why? Makes no sense. Therefore...with the 6th pick.

#6. Terrance Williams, Louisville - Minnesota Timberwolves: They could still go with Wayne Ellington at the #28 pick in the draft, so they could go a lot of places here. They could've went to Stephen Curry on this pick as well but that is a MINISCULE backcourt and I'd think you've got to go with the player with the most upside. Williams is probably the 2nd best athlete in the draft and with other scoring threats on the team could open up more opportunities on the squad.

#7. Stephen Curry, Davidson - Golden State Warriors: Yeah, lock it up.

#8. Ty Lawson, North Carolina - New York Knicks: This just makes the most sense. To think that the Knicks passed on Brandon Jennings, Ty Lawson, Eric Maynor, Darren Collison, or Jrue Holidy to take Jordan Hill, who has already been traded, kind of speaks for itself. The Knicks cheated their fans on taking hill, and a speedy PG with the mind to distribute in D'Antoni's offense would be a great production.

#9. Omri Casspi, Israel - Toronto Raptors: Just makes much more sense to get a versatile player who can immediately come in and play the 2 or the 3. Plus, with the international flair which is The T-Dot (shoutout to @ReeReePhillips) and Casspi's overseas background would make him a fan favorite up North. Plus, he would actually be playing right now, versus Demar DeRozan who's probably still missing hanging out in Lil Romeo's crew.

#10. Eric Maynor, VCU - Milwaukee Bucks: They still needed a point guard, and now that almost all the great potential floor leaders have already been taken you've got to get the last bonafide killa in the draft. Maynor is pretty much a legend to any hoop head across the nation. We all saw what he did to Duke. The Bucks still win I believe with Maynor versus Jennings.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? How would you draft the top 10? Let us know your thoughts!



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