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Great Moments in All-Star History


In growing up as a young little sports fan, I've always had a sincere appreciation for the NBA All-Star game. I honestly believe the NBA All-Star game does it right, it puts together the best weekend and they put on a show. The Slam Dunk Contest, the 3-point Shootout, the Rookie/Sophomore game, the Shooting Stars competition, and the actual All-Star game.

Its sad because my two favorite players growing up were Shawn Kemp and Reggie Miller, and they led me astray. Never being able to win the Slam Dunk contest or the 3-Point shootout or an NBA title but one thing I miss is that all of the stars of the NBA were in these competitions. Nowadays...not so much.

Lets take a look back at some of the livest moments in All-Star weekend history.

1991, Craig Hodges Hits 19 In A Row - OK look, you ask anyone around my age and they know of Larry Bird and his legendary quip to the other competitors in the '86 3-point shootout, "Which one of you all's coming in 2nd?" However...EVERYONE in my generation knows who Craig Hodges is, simply because he was the only dude who was crunk about JUST the 3-point contest and that he was nearly unstoppable on Bulls vs. Blazers on Super Nintendo. Hodges hit 19-straight in the '91 All-Star game and literally put himself on the map.

1994, Isaiah "J.R." Rider Shows How The East Bay Does It - J.R. simply held it down in the '94 Slam Dunk contest in his newly appointed home city in Minneapolis. You see, Rider's from Oakland aka the East Bay and the legend that is Bay Area hoops is a story that I'll have to tell another day. However, when J.R. was ready to close the show he pulled out "The East Bay Funk Dunk" and showed that bringing it between the legs was a real possibility. (Sidebar - You don't understand how live this was back in '94. No one had ever seen it before. Probably the equivalent of going from the free throw line by Dr. J or Vince putting his elbow in the rim, amazing.)

2001, The Eastern All-Stars Finally Claim Victory - I swear I can't remember who's won each of the last 10 All-Star games, yet I can remember who won in 2001. The East had lost something like 13 in a row versus the West and throughout this game it looked like things weren't changing. The West had all the bigger players (Shaq, KG, Tim Duncan, Dirk, etc) and the East was absolutely dreadful in 2001.

Then possibly, the greatest game in the history of Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury's career (slight joke) came to fruition, as Iverson made key steals and tough shots and Starbury was raining 3's like nobody's business. I remember rooting HARD for the East, I just found a way to hate the West in this All-Star game. It was probably Kobe's fault Watch and enjoy the last 3 minutes of this game.

By the way, fail on whoever in the NBA made the decision to get rid of the All-Star uniforms. Glad they brought them back.

Of course I left off TONS of moments, what are some of your favorite moments of All-Star weekend? Let us know your thoughts, and who do you have winning this weekend?

3-Point Shootout: Danilo Galinari, Knicks
Slam Dunk Contest: Shannon Brown, Lakers
Skills Competition: Derrick Rose, Bulls
All-Star Game: Eastern All-Stars (LeBron will win MVP)



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