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The NBA All-Star Weekend That Was...

This was supposed to be different.

NBA All-Star weekend came through to Dallas this year, and it was certainly memorable, but for reasons you wouldn’t expect. When I glanced out my window on Thursday morning at 7 AM and saw snow falling out of the sky, I didn’t pay it much attention. However, as it continued to fall, that should have set something set off right there. Mother Nature was trying to warn me that the weekend was gonna be as unconventional as ever, and it certainly was, just from the fact that I’ve never seen so much snow in my entire life. It’s safe to say the tone was set.

Also, I made a decision prior to the weekend that I would do absolutely nothing, in terms of parties, clubs, malls, or anything that would have me being sociable for the festivities. Maybe it was merely it being in my own city, because when it’s out of town, I love to road-trip, and see what’s good, but by doing this, it meant I would have to get total satisfaction from what was on TV. However, if I knew then what I know now, the clubs would’ve gotten all my money, the malls would have all been ran through, females would have been hollered at, and Lord knows what other shenanigans and tomfoolery would have occurred.

He Told Y’all: The Truth wins the three-point contest - People remember KG screaming “anything’s possible” at the top of his lungs, after the Celtics won the championship, but Paul Pierce screaming “I told y’alllllllllll,” after he won the Finals MVP was just as funny to me. Well, after winning the three-point contest on Saturday night, he screamed it again, and I laughed my balls off yet again. One of my boys, Carlos, has been singing the praises of Paul Pierce for years, and admittedly, I didn't fully accept it, until a couple of seasons ago. On top of that, he’s a severely underrated shooter. It's one thing to be able to score, but it's another to be able to shoot, and he can do both extremely well. He’s leading the league in three-point percentage, but I didn’t take him seriously as a three-point contestant on Saturday night. Of course, his victory speech with Cheryl Miller made it better, when he proclaimed himself as one of the greatest shooters in NBA history, but hey; I aint mad at him, even if it one of the more blasphemous statements ever uttered in recent memory.

The Hometown Boys Did Work
Had Dwyane Wade not won the MVP, Chris Bosh could have been the recipient. He had the numbers, and made some memorable plays as well. He also knocked down a couple of key free throws to clinch the game for the East. On the flip side, if the West pulled it out, Dirk would have won the award. Even with that, it was great to see Bosh, Dirk, and Deron Williams do work, and all with Dallas ties.

Wade for All-Star Game MVP - It’s no secret that Wade’s one of my favorite players in the entire league, but I did have my heart set on seeing Dirk or Deron win the MVP, but with Wade going nuts, as well as the East winning, it made perfect sense for him to receive the trophy. It seems like every time there’s a big stage, Wade reminds everyone how monstrous he really is, and since the Heat suck so bad, it’s even more important he uses this stage to give folks that reminder. Whether it’s the Olympics or All-Star games, he finds a way to do his thing, and when you have 28 points, 11 assists, six boards, and five steals, it was pretty much a done deal.

Inside the NBA Special
This was, by far, the highlight of the entire All-Star weekend programming. It came on Friday night, so it could have prevented folks from not being able to see it. There’s not one basketball fan, that I know of, that doesn’t like Inside the NBA, and in this special, they covered it all. From the Kenny Smith Jersey Retirement, to the Barkley-Bavetta footrace, to the endless pranks, the show covered it all. It’s hard to believe it’s already been ten years, but when they took things back in time, you can see how it has been.

The TNT Player of the Decade Voting is a Farce
As a connoisseur of basketball, it pains me to see what happens when something as prestigious as this is put in the hands of the fans. Now this term is being used loosely, because there’s an ardent refusal by me to be associated with the individuals who voted for this garbage. First off, Kobe got the player of the decade, and while I already think that’s a farce, the fact that he received 54% of the vote lets me know some sort of intervention is needed. On top of that, LeBron came in second! He didn't even play in the first three years, so how is that possible??? Now everyone on the Inside the NBA panel, with the exception of Ernie Johnson, had Shaq as the Player of the Decade. My pick is Tim Duncan, and there’s no way in life it should be anyone else but them. The breakdown of the picks was:

1) Kobe at 54% 2) The King at 17% 3) The Big Aristotle at 13% 4) Duncan at 8% 5) Nash at 5% 6) KG at 3%

Personally, my favorite player on this list is KG, and my favorite player of all-time is Iverson, and we see how this turned out, in regards to their standing with the casual fan. Even with that, there’s no gripe from me, in regards to them not being player of the decade. As for the Shaq thing, people need to get something straight. Shaq won three rings as the pit bull, while Kobe was the cocker spaniel of that squad, so how Kobe is above him is beyond me, when they have the same amount of rings, and Shaq has more Finals MVPs. Kobe Bryant is the best player in basketball right now, but he's not the best player of the decade. As a matter of fact, there’s no need to discuss it any further. Just know the TNT version is a crock of spit.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda


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