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The NBA Trade Deadline Should be a National Holiday

Trades, expiring contracts, players moving (some being moved multiple times), and future draft picks galore. Admittedly, the NBA trade deadline is something that’s always given attention around these parts, but it’s hard to remember one that was as busy as this one. For me, it started last weekend, while I was on my way to my 7:30 AM Saturday morning American Community College class (yes, school on an early Saturday; it’s the devil), and the Wizards and Mavericks made moves to swap players, with the main pieces being Josh Howard, Brendan Haywood, and Caron Butler. Butler has always been my dude, so it was a thrill to know he was coming to Dallas. To be honest, if that was the highlight of the trade deadline, there would have been no complaints from me, but things were just getting started.

Another thing that made this one crazier was how it was being covered. This was the first time my participation in the trade deadline was done via Twitter (hell, was Twitter even around last year?), so when things were happening, it was coming through by the second. When T-Mac was rumored to head to Sacramento, I found out through Twitter, courtesy of StilettoJill and ShirleyHuangESQ around Thursday at midnight. When other trades were coming through, the news came, once again, via Twitter, courtesy of thetillshow, AngryBlkManDC, and other folks I follow and interact with every single day. As a matter of fact, today was the first time that I didn’t have to turn on ESPN, ESPN News, or any sports show to keep up with everything. It was all on Twitter. Shoot, the excitement was reminiscent of the first two days of March Madness, which I’ve been screaming for years should be a national holiday. Hell, no one does any work on those first two days anyway, and with the way this trade deadline was poppin’, it wouldn’t be a huge shock if productivity was down all day long.

Recapping every trade would be counter-productive, but there is one worth mentioning, as well as two folks who ended up staying put. T-Mac going to the Knicks had to be done; if nothing else, it was time for McGrady to get out of Houston, but it sucks he’s nothing more than an expiring contract, when, at one time, he was one of the top players in all of basketball. Of course, there was the usual water-cooler “Amare’s gonna go here,” or “Amare’s gonna go there” talk, and it ended up with him not going any damn where. Ray Allen’s name got tossed around like a bad habit as well, just to see him stay put, and put up 24 points against the Lake Show last night.

This year’s trade deadline should get anyone who wasn’t already excited about basketball season in full mode now. There’s no reason to still be on the fence, simply because there was that much excitement from All-Star weekend, up to 3 PM, Eastern Time yesterday. To be honest, all these moves weren’t necessarily done to make everyone better today, or to win a championship, or to make a playoff push, and that’s not even important to me right now. The fact that the NBA had some true action during the trade deadline made it more than worthwhile, and hopefully, the others can be like this, for years to come.

Be easy.
-K. Masenda


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