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Super-Stardom Awaits You Young Man...

The Super Bowl can make or break your career, this is a fact.

In some cases, like Timmy Smith of the Redskins in '87, or Larry Brown of the Cowboys in '96 it took them from nobodies to household names in the span of 3 hours.

In the case of Neil O'Donnell, he went from being a prestigous quarterback to being the loneliest man on the face of the earth.

Here are a couple of guys who could become the guy that even your mom will know by name at the end of Super Bowl 44.

Devery Henderson - Secretly, Devery will probably be the fastest person on the football field. Yes, even faster than Reggie Bush. I swear I only time I see Henderson is when he's making a play 50 yards down the field. Trust that when New Orleans goes 3 and 4 wide, Devery will be getting a look.

Melvin Bullitt - The man who replaced Demond "Bob" Sanders in the starting lineup has been no slouch on the defensive side of the ball, and with the lurking pass rush that the Colts will use to get into Brees' face the ball could be up for grabs. I chose Bullitt because he could be in a position that Dexter Jackson, the MVP from the '02 Bucs was in. Cash the check homie, you could be the next household name of Super Bowl Glory.

Tracy Porter - For the same reason I chose Bullitt will be the reason I chose Porter, yet Porter has found a different way to make an impact in the playoffs. The man has found a way to "Clubber Lang" the ball out of defenders hands and pop that thang loose. The ball that is. The forced fumble might be the biggest play of Super Bowl 44, and if I had money to bet on who would cause it, I'd go Porter with 5 to 1 odds.

(not that I condone gambling or anything)

Joseph Addai - Yes, Addai. Isn't he a household name? I'd say no, and with the expectation of Manning to chuck the rock and find Wayne, Collie, Garcon and Clark on a consistent basis, I can see Tom Moore and Jim Caldwell (yes in that order) making a conscious decision to get Addai the ball. #29 was going off against the Jets, and I could see an encore of his performance on Sunday. He is my pick for MVP if the Colts win. (By the way, I hope the Colts DON'T win. You'll find out why on Friday, I promise.)

Reggie Bush - He's one big play away from being the most overrated famous player in the NFL. What? He already is? Oh well, damn. Ok, he's one big play away from having a shred of legitimate credibility. We all remember what he did against the Bears 4 years ago right?

Who's your breakout player for the Super Bowl? Let us know your thoughts!

SIDENOTE: Listen in tonight @ 10pm ET to Ed The Sports Fan's radio show, Unsportsmanlike Conduct http://is.gd/7AHnn with special guests Rashad Jennings, rookie tailback of the Jacksonville Jaguars & John Thornton, former defensive tackle & 10-year veteran of the Cincinnati Bengals as we prepare for Super Bowl 44!



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