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A Wall of Pride Leaves Tar Heel Nation Feeling "Blue"

Feeling Blue (idiom) - Feeling unwell, mainly associated with depression or unhappiness.

Depends on what type of Blue you prefer.
If you are a fan of Tar Heel Blue, then yes, the definition applies. If you feeling Kentucky Blue...then you're feeling pretty darn good.

Moreover, if you are a fan of Tar Heel Blue, then I truly believe you should be seeing Red after some of the decisions your head coach Roy Williams made prior to the 2009-10 NCAA Men's Basketball season.

Roy Williams: John Wall 'just didn't fit' with UNC program.


(From the Durham Herald-Sun)
North Carolina coach Roy Williams said Friday he's not surprised how quickly Kentucky freshman John Wall has established himself as one of the top players in nation. After all, Wall is the best point guard Williams has seen out of high school since nine-time NBA All-Star Jason Kidd in 1991. "There's not a lot that you couldn't like [about him]," Williams said.

So you're saying you could've recruited the next Jason Kidd, plus you KNEW that you were losing All-American point guard Ty Lawson and shooting guard Wayne Ellington and you passed on him? Wait...you never even OFFERED him a scholarship?

After Kentucky beat North Carolina 68-66 in December, you could definitely say that the win provided a redemption of sorts for Wall, who oh by the way is BORN AND RAISED in Raleigh, North Carolina. His dream growing up as a child was, wait for it...to play for the Tar Heels. UNC pursued him throughout high school, the Tar Heels never offered him a scholarship.

To his credit, John Wall has come out and said publicly he's over it. However his roommate and backcourt mate Eric Bledsoe came out and told the truth. “That’s all he talked about when we’d go back to the room,” Bledsoe said of the days leading up to the game. “John wanted this game (versus UNC) real bad.”

So now we reassess the situation, North Carolina is 3-9 in the ACC...yes, you read that correctly. Their record is 14-13 on the season. They have lost their best frontcourt player in Ed Davis for the remainder of the season, but still have an elite frontcourt. Yet, they have no shooters...no one to penetrate...and really no one to even bring the ball up. Essentially, they are without a leader and a playmaker. When in the hell can you ever remember UNC not having either one of those?

We all know the deal about Kentucky, 26-1 overall record and 11-1 in the SEC. Coached by the loquacious John Calipari, he would never let something as trivial as a player being "overly cocky" stop him from recruiting him. In truth, Calipari is setting the precedent that every great point guard in America should come thru Calipari-land. When your last 3 great PGs are now Derrick Rose, Tyreke Evans, and John Wall. You're gonna win. (Think about this...Calipari stole Rose from Chicago, which is Big 10 country. Evans out of Chester, PA. Hello? Villanova, Pitt? Then they got John Wall out of North Carolina! HELLO! Duke? UNC? NC State? Wake Forest? Calipari's a genius with wads of cash in his pockets calculated recruiting chess moves.)

Here's my thing, the blame for all of this has to go squarely on Roy Williams...and his friends/coaching staff. As a friend, you'd never let your best friend totally stiff-arm a woman who is a certified 10 and who ACTUALLY likes your friend, right? Well, not only should Roy be scorned for his decision, but his assistant coaches need to walk the plank. Shame on them for not speaking up in the coaches meetings, Roy you need new friends.

Doesn't it make perfect sense? You already have an elite frontcourt...put John Wall on North Carolina RIGHT NOW and tell me UNC doesn't have AT LEAST 25 wins and is definitely fighting for a #1 seed. You see, having that great player in the college game makes all of the players around you better. (See the effect Blake Griffin leaving has had on Willie Warren...oh wait, you forgot who Willie Warren was? My point exactly.) Larry Drew would know his role, so would Will Graves. Harrison Barnes doesn't get there until 2010-11 so no help from him. The frontcourt players would go even harder (pause) for Wall because they'd know they're getting the ball and they would play even harder as a unit.

That opportunity could've happened, but it didn't. You know what opportunity UNC does have?



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