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When The Saints Go Marching In...

In a sports fan's life, this is why you give your heart and soul to a team.

Today, when you wake up and get ready for work...or when you go to your first class today...or get online to check and see what's going on in Twitter-land...you will be glowing like Bruce LeRoy.

If you are a Saints fan, that is.

Its not easy being a fan of a team like the Saints, or any other team that has the history of losing, hard luck, and other foolishness that might be associated with your squad. See, its easy to be a fan of the Yankees, Lakers, Steelers/Cowboys, Red Wings because you can vividly remember your team winning...recently. (Yes, even Cowboys fans...you can remember the 90's.)

But a Saints fan? Some folks lived their entire lives and never saw the Saints achieve what they did on Sunday night, and many thought they would NEVER see what the Saints achieved on Sunday night...and THAT more than any other storyline you might hear about, is what makes their championship special.

I am not going to get on my soapbox and talk about Peyton Manning's performance on Sunday, or how this might've cost him his legacy. I already did that about #18 last week. However, the realization is that Peyton Manning didn't play his best game...but it didn't matter. The Saints were just better, and Drew Brees has now elevated himself into upper crust of QB's in history.

Did we realize that the Saints outscored the Colts 31-7 after the first quarter?

Did we realize that the Saints FG kicker Garrett Hartley stepped up for all field goal kickers across the world and make clutch kicks?

Did we realize that the Colts got no pressure on Brees after the cortisone/cream & clear/novocaine/8-in-1 African Oil worn off on Dwight Freeney's ankle?

Let me make one point right now, for all of the sports pundits saying that the Peyton Manning interception was Reggie Wayne's fault because he chopped his steps in a route is the dumbest thing I've ever heard. Stop being an offensive lineman and trying to protect Peyton Manning. Try running full speed for 10 yards and make an in cut on one step...its extremely difficult to do. Wayne can do it 9 times out of 10, but don't sit there and say he gave the route away. It was a bad throw by Manning, and it was A GREAT READ by Tracy Porter, period. Give all the love to Porter, because he made the play.

I don't have a ton else to say, except I've never been so happy to be wrong. I truly believe that a lot of people picked the Colts because it was the smart pick, however in all of our hearts (except for Colts fans) we wanted the Saints to win. It was so hard to believe in the Saints for their entire existence, and they went out and defied all expectations.

Now they are Super Bowl Champions. All hell will be breaking loose on Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. Awesome.



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