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The 5 Free Agents Moves That SHOULD Happen In The NFL

Today is the big shopping spree day in the NFL, and from what you'll see moving across the bottom line is that teams are trying to do what they can to contend for a championship. Don't always think about what your teams needs immediately, think about what your team can get to be unstoppable. If the need fills that, then cool. Think about Terrell Owens when he went to the Eagles, they needed a wideout and he helped take them next level. However, think about Randy Moss to the Patriots and how that affected an already explosive offense.

Here are 5 free agent moves that should happen and the teams that need to make it happen.

#1. Julius Peppers Should Sign With The New England Patriots - If the Patriots ever want to get back into the elite again, they've got to upgrade that offensive line. Would the Patriots be willing to spend the egregious amount of money it would take to sign him? Maybe. The bigger question is would Peppers be willing to sign with a team that actually has a chance to win a championship? That I question a bunch more. Peppers could play as the down lineman in the 3-4 then also get outside and play the end too. He's 6'7", 280 pounds and runs a 4.6. He can make it happen...if he wants to.

Other teams for Peppers: Bears, Falcons, Jaguars

#2. The Baltimore Ravens NEED Brandon Marshall, Immediately - I'm sure The NFL Chick would love this move, even though I think she would rather have Anquan Boldin or even Terrell Owens. However if you are Ozzie Newsome, GM of the Ravens, you've got to realize a couple of things. For one, your offense is very young. Ray Rice and Joe Flacco are both going into their 3rd year in the league and they have ZERO playmakers at wideout. Brandon Marshall will be 26 at the start of the season and has made every quarterback he's played with look like Joe Namath. Help Joe Cool become a star, and take the offense to the next level. Secondly, that defense is getting long in the tooth, and if you end up spending draft picks trying to find that young wideout then you take away from the future depth in the defense. Make it happen Oz.

Other teams for Mashall: Seahawks, Bengals, Texans

#3. Richard Seymour Would Be A Perfect Fit For The Arizona Cardinals - Arizona is coming off of the final season of God's favorite quarterback, Mr. Kurt Warner, and are preparing to throw the responsibility of the offense onto Matt Leinart. Its a guarantee that the offense will struggle a bit more in 2010, and the defense might be on the field more. Arizona ranked 25th in YPC (4.5) and 17th in rushing defense, and poor Darnell Dockett is the only legitimate defensive line threat on that team. Give the man some help and get Seymour who might as well be the prototype for a 3-4 end lineman. He did yeoman's work in Oakland, and truthfully the Patriots missed him more than we'll ever know. (Even though they did get Oakland's 1st-round pick this year, idiots.) Plus, Seymour would definitely come at a cheaper price than a Peppers and give a similar production.

Other teams for Seymour: Patriots, Chargers, Buccaneers

#4. Please Get Thomas Jones Into a Texans Jersey ASAP - I swear ever since the Texans have been in existence they've never had a running back that could withstand the test of time. I honestly think their tailbacks are made of balsam wood, pixie sticks, velveeta cheese, tissue paper, and fairies wishes. Soft as hell. Thomas Jones has been miraculous in joining new teams and giving them a jolt. He's performed in Chicago and in New York, and he provides a straight-line rushing style that the Texans have had...never in life. Paired up with the scatback in Steve Slaton, they combine to create a much more formidable force in the backfield. Plus, Matt Schaub will love having TJo back there because he can actually block a blitzer.

Other teams for Jones: Chargers, Eagles, Seahawks

#5. The T.O. Show's Second Season Will Be Aired In Cincinnati - Who doesn't want to see OchoCinco and T.O. do some of the livest touchdown celebrations of all-time? Who doesn't want to see this? Plus, they are the perfect yin and yang for each other on the field. One is a quintessential deep threat, with crisp route-running, and an ability to break away from defenders (Ochocinco). The other is physically dominant, able to outmuscle folks for the ball and able to get YAC yards with the ability to break tackles (Owens). With the release of Laveranues Coles just recently, the money has been freed up to make the move, and for selfish reasons I'll be able to see Ocho and T.O. get off in the Queen City.

Other teams for Owens: Ravens, Patriots, Panthers


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