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He Got The Juice Now (Well...Again)

In the midst of all things March Madness, Michael Jordan became majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. That’s right; while top seeds were going down, and with the Eldrick interview being the biggest waste of an interview ever, Michael Jordan became the HNIC, but make no mistake about it; Charlotte is no Eastside High, and the Bobcats are not in as dire straits as the Ghosts, so there will be no need for Jordan to become a radical and channel his inner-Joe Louis Clark in order to save the day.

Now let there be no mistake here, as it pertains to how I view this thing. The Michael Jordan bias is in full effect, and his past failures as a front office man are viewed by me with justified patience, due to his eerily similar journey as a player. Just take a look at the process of The Jordan:

Cut in high school and being taunted relentlessly by Leroy Smith, made varsity, and helped his team to reach the highest of heights. He has even shown humility by not paying a visit to Leroy Smith, seeing as how he still lets the world know that he is the reason Michael Jordan is even worth a damn. After that, he helped defeat my Georgetown Hoyas in the 1982 NCAA Championship Game.

Now there may be some folks ready to call “bullspit” on me, since those things happened before I was born, and while that is true, other events took place, which plenty of folks were around to remember. Do the Bad Boys ring a bell? He couldn’t get past them for years, but was finally able to conquer that obstacle. There was the time I rode with the old man to Marshall, and watched him lead the Bulls to a Game Six victory in the ’93 Finals, against a Phoenix Suns team that had home-court advantage, and the MVP of the league in Charles Barkley. Where were you when Jordan came back from baseball, and got pick-pocketed by Nick Anderson in the 1995 Eastern Conference Playoffs? Were people ready to write him off then? How about The Flu Game? There are countless tales of The Jordan failing, only to come back and claim his spot to the throne.

The same can be said about his experiences as a front-office executive. Look, we all know Jordan stunk as an executive for the Wizards, and we also know him coming back to play didn’t get them to the playoffs. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that failure translates to the Bobcats. They’re right on the cusp of making the playoffs for the first time in their brief history, and they look to be doing all the right things to get better.

We also know once Jordan experiences failure, he’s more than likely to come back from it stronger than ever, and dominate the competition, and while this form has to be different, there should be an opportunity for him to do what he needs to do, in order to make Charlotte a champion. That’s why Jordan will succeed; he isn’t friends with losing, and even in this new role, he’ll still refuse to be acquainted with the feeling for too long. It’s only a matter of time; just let the man do work, and see what happens…

Be easy.

-K. Masenda


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