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Ladies and Gentlemen, The New York Jets....

Rex Ryan might be a certified loon and genius simultaneously, however if Ryan can somehow manifest a way to make this trade between the Jets and the Steelers, in bringing former Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes to the Gang Green...

The NFL, you've been put on notice.

You don't amass this much talent on one squad and not truly believe that a team isn't ready to ascend on a run for the ages. Think about it. They already had a strong runningback duo in Shonn Greene & Leon Washington, what do they do? Add LaDainian. They already had a strong cornerback group, what do they do? Add Antonio Cromartie. Now, they had an emerging wide receiver core in Jericho Cotchery and Braylon Edwards, what do they do?

They go an acquire a former Super Bowl MVP, a receiver who's stats have gradually improved in each of his first four seasons in the league, and emerged as a legitimate top-15 wideout in the game. Santonio Holmes gives the Jets arguably one of the top 3 wide receiver triple threats in the game.

What does all of this mean for J-E-T-S nation? It means that if Rex Ryan's defense continues to develop into the elite unit in pro football, and if "The Sanchize" aka Mark Sanchez can continue to matriculate his career into becoming an all-pro quarterback, then we're going to have a real problem on our hands coming out of the AFC East. What more do the Jets truly lack? Aside from the epic fail that is Vernon Gholston's career (thus the need to acquire a young pass rush defensive end/linebacker for their 3-4), and their lacking of talent at safety, where are they weak? Both of these issues can be cleaned up in the draft, (imagine if the Jets were to get Everson Griffen from USC with the #29 pick, then maybe Major Wright from Florida at pick #61...wow) and now that Ryan's in year number two in teaching his system, this team could be something very special.

(side note: Its interesting that the team that could've used Holmes the most, the Dolphins, didn't make a move to try and acquire him. Also, its interesting that the Steelers were willing to trade him to an AFC conference contender. I know you were willing to release him, but damn...)

Let's not get it confused however, this is still a volatile mix of coaches and players. If Mark Sanchez regresses in his second season (they call it a sophomore slump for a reason) then the Jets will be hamstrung in passing the ball. If Antonio Cromartie comes over and starts getting exposed like bad dating rumors on TMZ, then that will cause issues in their defensive scheme. Moreover, there are new veterans that are used to getting touches like Santonio, LaDainian, and Braylon Edwards, while young guns Shonn Greene, Leon Washington, Dustin Keller, and David Clowney have shown that they are capable of stepping up.

Rex Ryan has a load on his hands, yet when the end of the season comes around in 2011...he might have us all green with envy.



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