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Let Ed Diagnose Your NBA Team's First Round Chances (Part 2)

If you missed yesterday's post, Part 1 of Ed's Diagnosis on your favorite team's playoff chances, then check it out to see if what I told you was correct.

Of course I was correct, I'm a freaking genius.

Milwaukee won at home, because Atlanta doesn't have any heart outside Phillips Arena, Orlando won because Jordan didn't suit up, and Phoenix won because Channing Frye became possessed like he was an illegitimate love child of Diana Taurasi and Shawn Kemp. (As soon as I typed that I died laughing) Now with that being said, the games on tap for tonight will be a bit more difficult. We've expected much more out of one team, and for another team their journey is truly just beginning.

San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks - Dallas, you are down 3-1. When the blockbuster trade came across that brought Caron Butler, Brendan Haywood, and DeShawn "I Hate LeBron" Stevenson to the Lone Star State to play for Mark Cuban, this seemed to cause a shift in power towards the Mavericks. Dallas won 13 in a row (I think) with the new personnel, and seemed to be on their way. However, they've lined up with San Antonio. A San Antonio team that strategically lined themselves up to play against these Mavs on purpose. Why? Because San Antonio realized that the Mavericks don't have any heart. I'll admit I was totally wrong on this, Dallas was going to run these old dudes off the court and take it to round 2 with no problems. But you know what I realized? Dallas is just as old as San Antonio. In fact, I'd argue that the Spurs have more young boys that matter than the Mavs do. George Hill, Tony Parker, and DeJuan Blair have put in work, and Dallas can't consistently give secondary support to Dirk who should've never been a #1 banana in the first place.

What Can Dallas Do To Win? Unless they can find the Tin Man and get a heart to give out to their team...someone's going to have to give a monster effort to help Dirk, be it Jet Terry, Caron, or even Jason Kidd. Do you see it happening? I don't. I mean, the Spurs got Manu basically wearing a maxi-pad on his nose so he can stay on the court. Every time Dirk gets hit he looks like got shot.

Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Los Angeles Lakers - Trust me when I say the following statement with no disregard whatsoever...the Thunder vs. Lakers series is the only series that truly matters in the NBA Playoffs. It has consumed all of the conversation by the hardcore fans, the casual fans, and your momma and 'nem. Yes, my mother was calling me excited saying, "Babe that twig of a man Durant! He's balling!"

Sigh...yes Mom, he is definitely balling. Haha.

Game 5 is the reason for the season, the Thunder have all the momentum right now. Yet, they have the insurmountable task of going into La-La land and stealing a victory from the Lake Show. You can't be an underdog without taking one on the road. The Lakers just have to defend their homecourt, they've got two 7-footers who are getting thoroughly dominated by big men who are about 6'8". They should be ashamed of themselves. Kobe looked like he was, "trying to prove a point" in game 4. Literally passing the ball on almost every possession, as to say, "Oh you think I shoot too much? Ok, I'll let you chumps handle it." End result, Kobe got 12 points and the Thunder annihilated the Lakers. Russell Westbrook looks like he's playing NBA Jam vs. a 3rd grader while his player is continually "On Fire" and your opponent doesn't know what the turbo button is. Game 5 is worth staying up all night for (10:30pm ET start) and could change the course of history.

What Can Oklahoma City Do To Win? Continue to be an average of 21 years old, be so young and dumb that you don't know any better. Only a fool would think they could actually beat the almighty Lakers in a playoff series.

What Can Los Angeles Do To Win? Nothing. The real question is...

What Can Kobe Do To Win? Be a stone cold killer. That's the only way they beat Oklahoma City, the frontcourt can't do it. Its Kobe or nothing.



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