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Let Ed Diagnose Your Team's First Round Chances (Part 1)

Its Monday morning and I'm feeling good. Its about 6:15am right now and I'm up typing this post in good spirits. Why? I have no idea (ok, I'm still juiced in hearing that Season 3 of the Boondocks will be here very soon, but I digress...) but I do this for the people.

So, as I sit here and watch SportsCenter for the 23792375th time, I realized that your favorite NBA team's situation might not be as dire as it might seem. Ok, I'm lying...some of your team's are done. Speaking of done...

Charlotte Bobcats vs. Orlando Magic - Charlotte, you're down 3-0, on Saturday you had the opportunity to win a game on your home court as Dwight Howard fouled out with time to spare in the 4th quarter. Your inept defense somehow allowed Jameer Nelson to feel like he was back at St. Joseph's with Delonte "Desperado" West. In short, a truly disappointing effort that now leads you to the brink of elimination in the NBA Playoffs.

What Can Charlotte Do To Win? Suit up Michael Jordan and have him offer his new sidepiece up to the starting lineup of the Orlando Magic. Then you've got a chance.

Milwaukee Bucks vs. Atlanta Hawks - Atlanta went through their usual road trip malaise as they got annihilated by the "Fear The Deer" movement in Milwaukee. At this point, Milwaukee's playing like they have nothing to lose, and they don't. No Andrew Bogut, and they are now just a bunch of swingmen driving the lane and shooting jump shots. Atlanta is the better team, trumping them at every single position on the court besides point guard. Yet, Milwaukee's going to make a game of it, so all we can hope for is maybe Atlanta will show they actually have a pulse and put the Bucks out of their misery.

What Can Milwaukee Do To Win? They should try and trick the Hawks and wear their road uniforms when they play in Atlanta for Game 5. Hell, people already boo the Hawks in their own arena, encourage some Bucks fans to head down to the A and see if they can make Atlanta feel like the road team. This could work...

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Phoenix Suns - At the beginning of the playoffs, this was one of the few series that I truly wasn't that excited about. Not really a rivalry in place, Portland's down to LaMarcus Aldridge, Marcus Camby, and 3 cats off the street from Tualitan...(Portland suburb) Phoenix was supposed to ROLL the Blazers, yet we once again believed in the hype that is the Suns, and we totally disregarded the coaching ability of Nate McMillian and the players on that squad. With Phoenix being up 2-1, we saw Willis Reed Brandon Roy emerge from a torn meniscus surgery to stepping on the court leading his team to glory. This was not supposed to happen, period. Truly amazing.The series is now 2-2 and its totally up for grabs.

What Can Phoenix Do To Win? Since Amare Stoudemire and every other big man Phoenix has refuses to play defense, they're going to have to take Portland's few remaining bigs outside and let Nash, Barbosa, Hill, Richardson and Co. get into the lane, get to the line, and dishing out for open 3's. Its their only hope.

What Can Portland Do To Win? Brandon Roy back in the lineup, this might confuse some folks, but LaMarcus Aldridge (I can't believe I'm typing this) has to continue to be a force in this series. Look, Amare's guarding him, and if LA's supposed to be the marquee big man that they want him to be, then he has to abuse Amare, period. Camby's got your back LA, go in there and try to take Amare's manhood in front of national television. 30 & 15 should be the average for you Mr. Aldrige, and you can do it. You will win this series if you and only you continue to play big. Everyone will feed off of this, I guarantee it.




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