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The Resurrection Of The Mac...

I've been pondering the words to put together for what happened around 7:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Resurrection Day. The day that Donovan McNabb was traded to the Washington Redskins for basically a 3-piece and a biscuit from Rudy's. (Ok, the #37 pick in the draft and a 2011 3rd or 4th round pick) Supposedly, the Eagles' brass was nice enough to not trade him to the equivalent of NFL Siberia of Oakland and Buffalo.


However, to trade a man (which I sincerely thought would never happen) who probably deserves a statue outside of the Linc (yet this should never happen as I could imagine half of Eagles fans would PLAN to take a piss on it) and is the greatest QB in franchise history, its appalling to see someone being traded to their mortal enemy. For Donovan though...I'm just glad this day is here.

Its interesting to read some of the things that has come up immediately after hearing of the McNabb trade. Like hearing that as soon as Donovan knew that he'd be headed to D.C., he immediately got in contact with Jason Campbell to give him the heads up and talk things out. This is the same man that called Campbell when he was mercilessly booed and subsequently benched for the 'Skins. McNabb called him up and basically said he was going to be a good QB in the league, he didn't have to do that. This is Campbell's day to get the one thing he desperately needed in this league, the same thing McNabb's received...a chance to re-invent himself with a different team.

So for a player who's never been in trouble, and carried a franchise to the heights that Philadelphia has risen to...he is now a Washington Redskin. This is the same Redskin team that it seems like every year will make a free-agent signing, blockbuster trade, or infuse their team with draft picks to seemingly create some type of hope for folks who are Washington fans. Remember the Bruce Smith/Deion Sanders signings? Remember the Jason Taylor signing? How about the Clinton Portis trade? Even Big Albert Haynesworth, created a supreme amount of hype and for what? One failed season after another? I mean do you see this Washington logo they created with the Redskin's hand over his face? What type of team do you have to have to have the inspiration to create a logo like that? Goodness gracious.

So McNabb is now fused with Mike Shanahan, the same Mike Shanahan that seemingly resurrected John Elway's career in the mid-90's as it seemed that #7 was about to be done in Denver. As Adam Schefter said last night, when Mike Shanahan became John Elway's head coach, Elway was 34 with a reputation for not winning the big game. Donovan McNabb is now 33 with seemingly the same reputation. Am I saying this is going to happen? I don't know, just like I didn't know McNabb was going to be traded. At some point though, Mike Shanahan is going to create this franchise into his vision. He now has a QB that can do all the things he asked them to do. Moreover, I would say that McNabb will not be asked to quite as much as Andy Reid asked him to do, as Shanahan infused a running game into the Broncos. The birth of Terrell Davis happened. Now, I might not agree on how Washington has amassed a collection of running backs that are a combined 238 years old. (Portis, Larry Johnson, Willie Parker) I guarantee you this, McNabb won't be throwing the ball 45 times a game unless it is necessary. Plus, give Washington credit...they've actually got a dearth of receiving talent that has been going to waste in D.C. with Santana Moss and Chris Cooley, moreover they've got some really good young talent in receivers Devin Thomas, Malcolm Kelly, and tight end Fred Davis. If Shanahan can just build that offensive line...

At the end of the day, this is a trade that has shaken up the landscape of the NFL on so many levels. The #4 pick in the draft will now definitely NOT be a quarterback. Jason Campbell will be moved, Claussen and Bradford now must consider other locations, and the Eagles are 100% sold into the Kevin Kolb movement. McNabb's getting traded to Washington is like seeing a couple (McNabb/Eagles) being together for 11 years and having all of its ups and downs, then seeing the relationship blow up with a young girl (Kevin Kolb) stealing the guy away (Eagles) and then witnessing the estranged spouse (McNabb) going to the guys mortal enemy (Redskins). Yes I know this doesn't make any sense, but this is a tragic story.

I am now rooting for the...Redskins. (Note: I am still a Jacksonville die-hard fan, but I pull for whoever McNabb is with.) This means I'll be playing Madden with...Washington. I have a new team to really dislike now in Philadelphia, which by the way, you all are cut off from any love (pause) I gave you all in the past. Between you ditching Brian Dawkins for a double-cheeseburger off the dollar menu and now you trading McNabb...you all are a bunch of cut-throat savages. I hope all of the bad things in the world happen to you and only you. My dream is that McNabb goes for 400 yards and 3 TDs and does the moonwalk and any other MJ dances he tends to do in your endzone. I hope Washington beats the brakes off of everyone in the NFC East. 6-0.

I wish Kevin Kolb the best, he doesn't deserve any negativity he's going to receive in the next couple of years. Just like Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, he's patiently waited his time. Philadelphia should've never put him in that situation (as in he shouldn't have been drafted that high or by that team) but I do hope he succeeds, I really do.

Except when he plays against Washington.

Good luck Mac-Five, looking forward to seeing you in D.C. soon. Maybe you can throw some passes with Barack on the White House lawn. Maybe you can skate it up with Alex Ovechkin. Maybe you can be a mentor to Gilbert, and share a laugh or two.

And maybe you can be the winner that Washington's been looking for since Theismann, Williams, and Rypien. Already looking forward to it.





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